France’s Former Foreign Minister: UK Government Prepared War in Syria Two Years Before 2011 Protests

Published on Jun 15, 2013 (Note the date)

France’s Former Foreign Minister, Roland Dumas, has stated in a televised program on LCP that UK government officials had told him about preparations for war in Syria two years prior to the start of the 2011 protests and conflict. The reason given for this war is the Syrian government’s anti-Israel stance that made Syria a target for Western-backed regime change.

TAP – If this is true, then why are Russia and Israel apparently cooperating in Syria?


24 Responses to “France’s Former Foreign Minister: UK Government Prepared War in Syria Two Years Before 2011 Protests”

  1. beLIEve says:

    The …UNLAWFUL….UK khazar “government”….. need regime change in Syria, in order to ….ASSET STRIP…the country.

    Assad’s presence is hindering this agenda.

  2. Lynn says:

    That is the agenda…they have to topple the existing power structure..then they enslave it and rape it by installing their own kind…monopoly at play.

  3. Tapestry says:

    The emergence of Isis has obviously scared Israel into accepting Russia’s entry into the fray. France has sided with Putin as has the Free Syrian Army. It seems like Syria won;t be the next Iraq after all. The war this time has got too hot for the asset strippers.

    • ian says:

      What do you mean Tap? “The emergence of Isis has obviously scared Israel into accepting Russia’s entry into the fray.” Surely Israel Turkey the US, UK, and France Germany etc are training, funding, equipping, supplying backup and advice to ISIS. Don’t you think that the combined forces of the West could take out ISIS in a couple of days if need be. Something has happened to this site, have you had pressure put on you from TPTB.

      • beLIEve says:

        Surely, western funded ISIS can be stopped in its tracks simply by withdrawing funding ?

        The only issue I can see with this is ….DUPLICITOUS FUNDING.

        Meaning, there are dark forces; darker than the rest, at play, who are funding ISIS surreptitiously.

        So, the original creators/funders of ISIS; khazar Israel and “western” khazar “governments”…..have lost control ? ?

        Some group…RKM….maintain funding but, western khazar “governments” would prefer to withdraw ?

        Why would western khazar “governments” prefer to stop funding ISIS ?

        There are 2 reasons I can think of

        1) The FAKE refugee crisis is making western governments vulnerable to the whims of the masses, in terms of being voted out of office.
        Politicians are keen to keep their “stolen” benefits.

        2) People have been forced to wake up as a result of the turmoil created by khazar….CHAOS.
        The people are starting to see more and more of the …FAKE REALITY…of life.

        An awakening population would place the ….KHAZAR….STATUS QUO….of …THEFT….in ….JEOPARDY.

        Tap has said the war has got too hot.
        Is that a reference to Russian intervention ?

        For the first time in history the khazars are facing a ……SUPERIOR PHYSICAL FORCE….at the same time as the sheeple are waking up to ……2,000 years of khazar nihilism ?

        AND some elements are….SO SCARED…of the …..POTENTIAL RESULT…….i.e. …the end of ……KHAZAR BANKING/BANKSTER THEFT……etc….that….TOTAL ANNIHILATION… preferable to…….the sheeple regaining ….NATURAL….control of the world.

        If we the khazars can’t dominate, no one will ?

      • beLIEve says:

        The ‘Grey Wolves’

        The ‘Grey Wolves’ appear to belong to the “string-pullers” above the nation state, sheltered under the NATO….Narcotics Arms Terrorism Oppression…….umbrella.

        Their presence can often be found in the geostrategically important disputes that are ….CREATED….on the Planes of Earth.
        The organization has “legal” branches in Germany and the Netherlands.
        The ‘Grey Wolves’ are thought to harbour big plans and, it is said will stop at nothing to achieve them.

        Alparslan Celik, the so-called “Turkmen commander” who boasted that he killed the pilot of the Russian Su-24 downed over Syria by the Turkish Air Farce last month, is allegedly a Turkish national and, a member of the ‘Grey Wolves’.–to-crimea.html

      • ian says:

        Once again I seem to be making a fool of myself. I’m sorry if I appear aggressive, it’s mostly frustration. I don’t seem to fit in anywhere I’m like a political teenager. I get shouted at by the numties on FB because they’re clueless, and I feel unsure if I belong here as I seem to keep putting my foot in it. Oh well as the saying goes it could be making me stronger. Thanks beLIEve and Tap, as I said to Adam, don’t hesitate to tell me where I’m wrong if I appear cheeky. I’m an emotional person and am finding things hard going at the moment.

      • No
        I enjoy your thoughts and comments, they make me laugh sometimes as well

      • Duplicitous funding, as believe kingel says below. This is the situation. It all comes down to factions
        Whether theyre all bad scum factions fighting amongst each other could be one thing.
        or maybe dare I say this mystical unseen thing spoken in whispers. White hats? People who aren’t Satanists, who care about people and life and the world. Maybe certain people exist like this in Israel?
        The fake jews Khazars running Israel. Arent there supposed to be some genuine jews too there? The types in hats that goto Tehran and are ashamed of what israels doing. The types that hold signs saying theyre ashamed of palestinaian treatment. These , I hope, aren’t khazars and don’t read the kabala type Talmud texts.
        But I felt the same reading Taps comment. How can Israel be scared about Isis when we know Israel and its mates have set the whole Isis show up in the first place

        Safe House, with denzel Washington and ryan Reynolds, that opened my eyes to the idea of factions, organisations a law unto themselves operating within an agency. Very good film. We see an alphabet face, and assume its one entity, but im sure it isn’t, im sure its a tapestry mosaic and very byzantine and macchiavellian.

      • dkblue says:

        Hello ian,
        I suspect a few of us on here often don’t feel we fit in anywhere really. Personally, I can empathise with feeling somehow ‘on the outside’ of practically anywhere. But when I ask myself if I would swap positions, the answer is ‘NO’! Vive la difference.
        Some of us are just very focussed on truth – whatever that is. What else is worth pursuing?
        Anyway, my unsolicited opinion is that in contrast to many people, you express humility which is an exceptional quality! 🙂

      • Jennifer says:

        Ian, your comments are very observant and insightful. You are clearly a very instinctive person. We should trust and use our instincts and listen to that little voice inside to make judgements because they rarely let us down.

      • beLIEve says:


        If, you hadn’t commented, I would not have posted my……two penneth worth !

        Our “contributions” stem from the ebb and flow of, others comments.

        It is what makes this blog enlightening AND interesting.

        We are obviously, up against “entities” who have ….NIHILISTICALLY & UNLAWFULLY…..dominated mankind for two centuries or, more.
        Our only chance of success Imho is, if we all …..STICK TOGETHER ….WORK TOGETHER……THINK TOGETHER….bouncing our thoughts and ideas off each other.

        I too thought ISIS could be defeated simply by removing western, “saudi”, “turkish” RATs-child funding.
        It was only when I read yours and taps comments that I began to think a little deeper.

        It now seems to me, the …LOW…. life scum who created ISIS, have created a monster that is beyond their control, a monster that has now been ….HIJACKED……. SCUM….HIGHER…. up ….THE PYRAMID of FILTH.

        The SCUM at the TOP get their bought corrupt “politicians” to do the menial tasks, stepping in to take over once the ….FARCE…..has grown sufficiently to merit ….THEIR SUPERIOR LEVELS of CONTROL.

    • ‘Friendly Fire’ incidents in Iraq and elsewhere, ‘blue on blue’ that the MSM report on. Saying its an accident.
      I read somewhere , these actually aren’t accidents, but are cabal mercenaries perhaps, being attacked by…..the good guys? Dare I say good guys? I hope they exist
      Safe House helped me , I wonder if that was what the filmmakers intended, to let people know how agencies really work

      • beLIEve says:

        Interesting what you say about “friendly” fire Adam.
        I read somewhere that “friendly” fire has been used as …COVER….to assassinate members of the Armed Forces, who are awakening and questioning their….”mission”.

        An informed military man can wreak havoc in the “cohesiveness” of a unit, on active service.

  4. pete fairhurst says:

    Ian. You are not making a fool of yourself. You make lots of erudite and relevant comments. Chill and keep going.
    Best wishes. Pete

  5. Dee says:

    Yes Ian, I enjoy and appreciate your comments. I’m sorry you are having a hard time atm, it comes with the territory I think. Maybe get outside for a bit if you can, it always helps me, if i can ignore the chemtrails! Take care of yourself.

  6. Lynn says:

    Ian we all bring something to the table here. You are very awake to this multi faceted rabbit hole. None of us have the answers, we are all in this together mate…your voice is important and welcome on here. Keep doing and saying what you feel, we are reading your contributions.. We all have a right to our are one of us.

  7. ian says:

    Thanks everyone for your words of support, even kind words. I thank you all and am grateful to be accepted. My brother even described me as complicated and interesting with a wink emoticon attached, to someone on FB recently. Not exactly charismatic or gregarious. As Jennifer correctly says, I do rely on my instincts a lot as I am not very well educated. Thank you all. A lot of the time I get angry at myself as I can show the same intolerance that annoys me in others, when confronted with the dreaded cognitive dissonance, I react angrily or petulantly to others. When others challenge me I do the same. I read somewhere, a comment by the Dali Lama where he said that how we treat our enemies says more about us than how we treat our friends. I feel it should also apply to those we disagree with as opposed to those we agree with. Thanks again folks, I’ll come through this, my life’s always been like a roller coaster ride.

    • Ian, I read all your comments, unless im away from the Tap for a while and miss things generally
      Your comments provide tremendous, unfettered, unshackled analysis. You have a free mind I can sense that.
      Times I have been uncertain on issues, and asked you, ian can you clarify. What does this mean? Whats your take on that. Your replies are always more than illuminating
      Even if we disagree on certain basic daft things such is the earth and moon round or square or whatever, is the sky being run by behind the scenes string pullers etc. That’s besides the point. These are huge paradigm life altering, perception altering, soul altering, turning to God, issues at stake.
      it would be wrong and I don’t expect you or anyone to embrace them. In fact healthy stress testing of eric dubays claims are needed and welcomed. Ill just have to delve down and come back with equally good responses, to what I feel in my bones, could be true.
      I hope you are feeling ok and do not let yourself get down.
      You have spiritual help always, are supported, and also have friends on here.
      I would not be surprised Ian if the 5 eyes are taking an interest in Tapblog. But what can they do? We fall outside any of their daft legal definitions of a ‘threat’.

      I know how it is, I can get hyped up or depressed or let things get to me. I occasionally drink too much then swear and leave bad comments

      I think Ian, like myself and like Men Scryfa and many others on here…..we are slightly before our time . That’s why we don’t quite fit into society perfectly. That’s why were not glued to xfactor tonight or the sports. We have to wonder Ian could there actually be a spiritual interdimensional, extradimensional, stan monteith, aspect to this incredible 3D or 4D or even 5D tapestry that seems to be going on

      • ian says:

        Thanks Adam i think….. I’m trying hard to be better than I am at dealing with people. You are a decent person I feel that, but we have different views. We’ll get along I’m sure, we won’t agree, I’m sure, and if we can get along without agreeing, then that’ll make me more at ease with myself. yo, bro., or some similar remark. I feel like the guy off the Big bang theory. take care.

    • Of course we can, and do. Disagreeing on issues is beside the point. its sensing who someone is and are they a decent good person, and I know you are. Discussing the khazarian Satanists and their evildoing in this world, and lies, comes second

  8. emm jay says:

    Hi Ian, for what it’s worth, can I just say that I enjoy reading everyone’s comments on here including yours. You strike me as a savvy guy with a real good sense of humour to boot. As for your brothers remarks re being ‘complicated’, I had to laugh, jeez, who isn’t?! And another thing, you say it as you see it Ian …… now that’s being honest …… what’s not to like about that. Warm wishes to you and take care x

    • ian says:

      Thanks emm jay, it means a lot to me to the extent that I’ve kept copies of good wishes for times when I’m low. You kind words are welcome. Thanks x

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