Evil People in High Places? Or Just Coincidence?

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Former Vice President Cheney speaks on National Security Policy in WashingtonDick Cheney is best know for being the head of Halliburton who then became Vice President who moved his office directly in the White House and ran the government as the “shadow president” because Bush, Jr. couldn’t even figure out he was holding a book upside down. Cheney started the Iraq War and then made sure Haliburton ran the show. When Congress was going to investigate the conflict of interest, Halliburtonresigned its American citizenship and moved to Dubai to end any investigation.

Howard S. Jonas (b 1956) graduated from Harvard in  1978. He understands the game and is founder of the Newark, New Jersey-based oil and gas group Genie Oil & Gas which owns leaseholds both in the USA and Israel for shale oil deposits. He is estimated to sit atop 10 billion barrels of oil equivalent in the U.S. and 40 billion barrels in Israel. Added together, these shale oil reserves actually make Saudi Arabia’s proven reserves.look minuscule.

Jonas has brought in to his Strategic Advisory Board to secure influence Dick Cheney “shadow president” of the USA, James Woolsey a neo-con former CIA Director under Bill Clinton, Bill Richardson is a former US Secretary of Energy, Jacob Lord Rothschild who is also a major investor in energy, Rupert Murdock who also is a major financier of the neo-conservative Weekly Standard of Bill Kristol, Larry Summers, who was US Treasury Secretary and helped Rubin draft the laws that deregulated US banks overturning Glass-Steagall, and Michael Steinhardt who is a major hedge fund manager and a serious philanthropic friend of Israel. Genie Energy was granted in 2013 the exclusive oil and gas exploration rights to a 153-square mile radius in the southern part of the Golan Heights by the Netanyahu government. The players are all in the game of a company most people have never heard of no less from Newark, New Jersey.


Genie Energy, confirmed that it has discovered oil and gas in this occupied territory held by Israel on the Golan Heights, which is formally the territory of guess who – Syria. So while the pipeline issue we reported was the real reason behind Obama wanting to invade Syria, we now have to also add to this mix Israel. Genie Energy needed a very influential Strategic Advisory Board because this is occupied territory becoming to Syria. The announcement of the discovery took place October 11th, 2015. We also have Russia starting to bomb US trained forced destined to overthrow Syria. This was the announcement of Genie.

“Preliminary evidence from the exploratory wells drilled by its Afek subsidiary in Northern Israel confirms the existence of significant quantities of oil and gas within its exploratory license area,” Genie said in a statement, but added that it does not yet have sufficient evidence to determine whether this or any part of the resource can be “technically or economically produced.”

CRUDE-Y 12-24-2015

This entire cauldron in the Middle East is shaping up to be World War III but it is over energy. It all began right to the day of the Economic Confidence Model on September 30th, 2015. The public announcement of Genie was October 11th. That means the results were already known Behind the Curtain going into September 30th. These people need a war in their mind to get oil prices back up. If oil closes in the States above $35, then we are NOT getting that long-term bear market signal. We need a closing BELOW $32.20 to negate a bull market. A closing for 2015 ABOVE. 

This is not a Christmas message I cared to write. Oil will be VERY CRITICAL as a signal for 2016 because we also have the War Cycle moving higher into 2017.


Source: http://thedailycoin.org/?p=56499


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