Deselect all MPs who vote for war. Let’s have a mass slaughter of the corrupt Satanists who sit in Parliament, and think themselves above it all.

TAP – If MPs don’t fear Russian nuclear weapons and advanced weaponry deployed in Syria sufficient to persuade General Petraeus not to commit US forces there, then let them contemplate the threat of their constituents kicking them out for not listening to the 99% of voters from all parties who don’t want war in Syria. Some MPs seem to be awakening to the insecurity of their position (see below).  Voters have had enough and no longer trust their MPs, as they did in 2003 when Blair lied his way into Iraq.

This time, Cameron’s pathetic attempt to make his name by sending millions to an early demise are being heard in stony silence by the people of Britain.  The Satanists no longer control the airwaves.  Millions of people are taking the streets,  linking together through twitter, email, text and any other devices at their disposal.  We do not want war.  They have to listen.  Or be gone.  It’s their choice.

They assume that once they’ve thrown the world into chaos, they can bring order eventually on their own terms to people in a desperate state.  Don’t let Cameron’s Zionist backers get away with it.  It’s time humanity took back control from the evil cabal that’s used to having it all their own way.


Cameron receives a major last minute blow to his plans for war, from his own party


David Cameron’s plans to launch airstrikes in Syria are already facing a rebellion of around 20% of his party membership, but now the powerful Foreign Affairs Select Committee has voted against the proposed airstrikes.

The Foreign Affairs Select Committee is chaired by Conservative MP Crispin Blunt, and has a majority of Conservative members – yet this evening, the powerful committee has defied the government and expressed their opposition to the planned strikes. A Conservative member of the committee, John Baron MP, has written a piece for The Guardian outlining the reasons for the no vote.

The piece, entitled ‘I’ll defy my party leader, and vote against Syria airstrikes’ argues Mr Cameron has failed to learn the lessons of previously failed interventions in the Middle East, and is doomed to repeat them if he proceeds with the airstrikes. The MP writes:

“Though the government has precipitated another rush into military action, it has not yet constructed a realistic long-term strategy to destroy Daesh/Isis. On a recent visit to Middle Eastern capitals with the foreign affairs select committee, the officials we met were concerned we risk making the same mistakes as we made in our previous military interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan (post-2006) and Libya.”

And as for Cameron’s claim that 70,000 moderate Syrian ground troops are ready to take care of the ‘boots on the ground’ element of the war? John Baron MP confirms that on recent visits, his committee were informed there were precious few ‘moderates’ in Syria, and even the most moderate groups are unaligned and often fighting each other too. The result of placing our hopes on this fractured and incoherent opposition would, argues Baron, be to repeat the mistakes of the past:

“The government has forgotten the lessons of Libya, where the anti-Gaddafi forces splintered into a thousand militias the moment the common enemy was defeated. A fresh civil war has been a result. Syria would be similar, but on a grand scale.”

In short, the sum total of Britain’s planned intervention in Syria, would be to kick start yet another phase of civil war. This would just as likely strengthen ISIS/Daesh, as weaken them – killing yet more civilians in the process.

This last minute call to common sense by the Conservative-led committee should act as a sobering force on Labour and Conservative MPs alike as they head to the debate and vote on Wednesday. The reckless meddling of the Bush/Blair coalition helped create the crisis in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. Let us hope wiser heads prevail this time around.


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  1. beLIEve says:

    khazar Cameron wants the RAF to bomb …….KHAZAR FUNDED ISIL…ISIS…DAESH ?

    Well, when the RAF jets fly out on their bombing missions, they can fly accompanied by ……ESCORT AIRCRAFT…. ….carrying……CAMERON…OSBORNE….jay-SLOB RATs-child….Terrrorista May…and ….A FEW other RANDOMLY CHOSEN MPs & SOME of THEIR CHILDREN.

  2. RabbiT says:

    The only occasions in about the last thirty years I registered to vote were on Scottish Independence and before that the Scottish Parliament and to vote against Blair’s New Labour which I said at the time would be the worst government we’ve ever had and I was right.

    The local authority is harassing me at length with visits to my door even to get me to register with the usual threats of fines. Clearly they want their data bases in order for the NWO. I’ve filled in the forms and posted such this evening and for sure will turn out to vote against my MP if he supports this action.

    Problem as I see it Tap is that yes, we must take this stance and vote out (rigging aside) anyone supporting blatant NWO agenda policies but the problem remains that their replacement (who will instead be enjoying the hefty pay and expenses) will immediately sign up to the Satanic agenda either through ignorance (naivety) or because they are expected to so, the solution being short lived.

    I know the Bible to be the authoritative source of truth and am satisfied we are in the time of the sixth trumpet which is “bound at the great River Euphrates!” (Rev.9.14) this being geographically Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

    In verse 16 John shares he was told the number of “troops” was “two hundred million” and by verse 18 we read that “A third of mankind was killed”. It would appear to me inevitable this is how they are going to terrify the nations into accepting a world government having seemingly already unleashed the nihilists albeit “political Zionists” in the context of the so called letter to Mazzini would appear to refer to countries under Zionist occupation i.e. the E.U. and let’s see what occurs in the U.S. over time.

    Do I think this is all about to happen? No, but I do believe this is the beginning but will as yet take some years before all hell lets loose with an end date for the destruction of the NWO itself within 2068 or 2087 at the latest in that their new order will not be long lived.

    • It interesting that here is a guy that not even his enemies can find a good reason to accuse him. He is entirely just and sincere, and humble, in the Bible, yet for some unknown reason, what he said is absolutely true, we will be hated for his name’s sake. This hate has to come from a third party, the illuminati perverts the Bible to make you think that religion is equal with Jesus so that you will reject Him. I submit to all of you that Jesus was the most anti-religious person that ever walked the face of the earth. He had nothing but compassion for sinners of even the worst kind…the only harsh things he ever said was to the clergy of his day…oh and the bankers.

    • beLIEve says:


      You filled in the “electoral” roll forms ? ?

      It has been said that …MORE THAN 10% ….of the UK population….CHOOSE …NOT…. to ….complete the forms.

      That 10% may well be a conservative estimate.

      It has also been said, that anyone who …CONSENTS….to ……REGISTRATION……… ASSUMED… the …..ILLEGAL ALIEN khazars…….UNLAWFULLY OCCUPYING the UK…….to have ….SURRENDERED…… their …..UNALIENABLE SOVEREIGN RIGHTS… the….. khazar…..SCUM.

      Consequently the ……SCUM……..beLIEve…….THEY….can make any decisions they like on behalf of those who …….REGISTERED.

      TWO CAVEATS….to my statement above.

      1) ILLEGAL ALIENS….. & their stooges …..LACK the LAWFUL AUTHORITY….to sequestrate…….ANYTHING…….from the Indigenous Sovereigns of the UK.,7340,L-3302296,00.html

      2) A CON-TRACT… which one side is ….DENIED FULL DISCLOSURE….. is an……INVALID CONTRACT.

      N.B. note the similarity in meaning between INVALID as in CONTRACTUALLY INVALID and, a person who is ….UNWELL…. an invalid.
      Both are inherently compromised !
      I beLIEve, it is known as “wurd-magik” ?

      The assumption (assuming the assumption exists) on the part of the ….SCUM-BAG khazars in the FORM of COUNCIL OFFICIALS………that people have volunteered ….THEIR UNALIENABLE SOVEREIGN RIGHTS….to ….the so-called council/go-burn-ment……..through the completion of registration forms is…..LAWFULLY……WITHOUT MERIT.

      So, if the ….SCUM….khazars/”council”/”government”…….are labouring under this ….DELUSION…..they are …..LAWFULLY OBLIGED….to….DISABUSE THEMS-ELVES…..of it.

      Just to be on the safe side, I would not like any ……..FAKE “joo” khazar … ….beLIEve….he/she ….HOLDS….. any ….AUTHORITY OVER ME or MY OWN…..or…..WEILDS ANY LAWFUL AUTHORITY…. in the…..SOVEREIGN LANDS I OCCUPY.

      So, I …..CHOOSE…..not to ….REGISTER….and, have not done so,
      in more than 15 years.
      In fact, the ….SCUM…put an……UNSOLICITED CARD……through my door last year saying something along the lines of, those who have been off the …REGISTER…. for more than 15 years will have their properties listed as empty.
      I don’t know if that was supposed to be a scare tactic ?

      I have not filled in the last two…..CEN-SUS…..REGISTERs……either.
      I am not …OBLIGED…to do so.
      I was born a…..FREE WILL SOVEREIGN ENTITY !

      Finally, my partner took out a financial loan of over a thousand pounds the other week.
      The choice was, pay the full amount up front, or secure an interest free loan.
      We chose the loan.
      So, saying people…… NOT….on the…. ….REGISTER….may be unable to acquire loans, seems to be just more ….cra*.


        Abi look at this
        Tuesday, December 1, 2015

        1- DISPLAYS OF THEATRICS: All the world is a stage, world “leaders” are on stage, and targets are being staged. Geopolitical theatrics are playing out in Paris, one of the foremost cities that represents The (golden-haired) Goddess to the Illuminati and one where ritual is continually imprinted (the murder of Princess Diana, for one). The new world order’s attempt to link terrorism with climate is utterly absurd and flies in the face of reason. They underestimate the reasoning abilities of a large contingent of humanity

        That is a mistake within a whole slew of mistakes made this year, and is indicative of the loss of power to take action at the “supernaturally” optimum times. In other words, they are going against the course of nature. In the past, the Illuminati used the cycles of the Sun, Moon, stars, and planets as part of a program of manipulation. This is what helped it work to put humanity into such a deep sleep. But they have lost all spiritual connection and can no longer “read” or even see the code that they used to use. It eludes them. They are one and a half months too late in announcing/implementing global restructuring of currencies, borders, and military enforcement of their Big Idea. The plans will not work as planned.

    • Hello Rabbit
      2068 or 2087
      This is rather a long time away.
      So does this mean we are in for mayhem and turmoil and upset and chaos swirling around us, even if we remain steadfast ourselves…..we have all this crap until 2068?

      I was hoping some kind of decisive resolution, breakthrough. Truth exposure. fracturing of the cabal. Will take place by 2020 at the latest, hopefully before. headway at least.

      Random side thought: I wonder if all the ‘ISS’ shots, including the women with ridiculous hairsprayed hair. The bluescreen shots. The Shots of Earth from orbit, curve resplendent. Shots of Ceres lights, and shots of Pluto. Arent all taken in a huge underground base studio at area 51. It could be. Mars could be the Nevada desert. If this is correct, then this kind of truth exposure would be a lethal hammerblow to the Scottish Rite Freemasons who run Nasa and it seems the world

      Hope youre well

      • beLIEve says:


        I thought all the ISS shots were taken in that….. anti-gravity plane…..that appears to be available for leisure flights ?

  3. ian says:

    I do hope it gets sorted out. I just feel they seem to be getting all the pieces in place for the big kick off. Unlike rabbiT, I have no religious beliefs and think the bible has as much effect on the situation as we do, which is none. Time will tell.

    • Dee says:

      Ian, it does feel like we’re on the edge doesn’t it…? I keep thinking ‘Love is stronger than hate.’ Don’t know why. I am not religious but I do believe in kindness and goodness and love. We have to keep on keeping on until it’s impossible I guess.

      • ian says:

        Yep you’re right Dee. We don’t have much choice. It might still falter, but there seems to be an urgency with them now. The UK will go to war because they’ll either get permission or create an event to achieve it.

      • I sent a comment to Henry yesterday forget where it is, about how feeling, and loving feeling, is everything in prayer. In a sense, this connects into why uri geller said, the spoon bending doesn’t always work. There has to be enough feeling energy from the crown in the room, then it will work. Consciousness energy. if the crowd, or people at the party or whatever, is bad, there are not happy loving feelings. I don’t think the layman can bend a spoon.

        A Buddhist monk told greg durdean I think, meditations/prayers, to be powerful. Are feeling. Which is why the cabal want to f*ck with our feelings at every turn. Armed with this knowledge, we can interverne, and not let them

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