Coca Cola brought us the modern Christmas. The early Americans were fined for celebrating. PLUS – Forget CO2 – The actual way to regulate the earth’s climate.

Those Pilgrims and Puritans we think so highly of
thought celebrating Christmas was sin!

The Christmas we know and love today? Thank
Coca Cola and 19th Century NYC department stores.


TAP –  Year end celebrations started in Egypt, where the solar year calendar was based on the number 360, with an equal number of days in each month, 30 X 12, leaving over 5 or so spare days, which were allocated to a national holiday and festivities at the year end, before the normal calendar resumed.  The Romans inherited the notion of a year end party where it became the Saturnalia – the celebration of Saturn/Satan.

The winter solstice comes on December the 22nd, and the sun rises on the same spot on the horizon for three days in a row.  On the 25th December, the sun starts its visual journey back again and the earth begins tilting back the other way.  Just before the sun appears over the horizon on the 25th December, the last three stars to emerge are the three stars from Orion’s Belt neatly lined in a vertical row.  Many religious stories and myths have an astrological origin and explanation.

Ice and Snow are the drivers of the earth’s climate patterns, not CO2

The earth’s climate veers between ice ages and interglacial periods, writes Ralph Ellis in his latest academic paper, which came out this week.  The ice records show that the critical factor in the switch between cooling and warming periods is not CO2.  The ice and snow in the northern hemisphere reflect back into space 95% of the heat of the sun, which locks in the cold period for tens of thousands of years, until the oceans stop giving out CO2, the planet becomes extremely dry, and plants die off.  This results in vast dust storms which last hundreds of years and these eventually cover the ice with dust.  This reduces the albedo of the ice, and the heat of the sun starts to get reabsorbed, until the ice is finally melted and an interglacial period emerges.  This goes on until the earth becomes moist and CO2 and plants are again abundant, when the ice re-establishes with no dust on its surface.  The heat of the sun again becomes reflected back out to space.

The best way to regulate the temperature of the planet would be not to reduce CO2, but to limit the reflectivity of the ice by adding small amounts of soot to maintain a  more constant temperature.  The tendency for the earth to cool and heat is also affected by the earth’s precession, or wobble, which cycles every 25,000 years (approximately).   Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids , which were built at the same time about 14,000 years ago, are, inter alia, devices able to measure the earth’s precession.   See Ellis’ book, Thoth Architect Of The Universe for the details.  It’s on Kindle.  That will give anyone’s holiday reading list something worth the bother of reading – only £5.  The mathematics aren’t complex.  You only need a basic understanding of Pythagoras and Pi, and the initial explanation or understanding of these ancient devices comes into reach.  The deeper meaning of the pyramids is even more fascinating, explained in Ellis’ K2 – Quest Of The Gods.


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  1. Lynn says:

    The American dream…became a Nightmare for all of us…they hijacked everything and turned it into a commercial gain for the stocks and shares epidemic. Just one big plantation. We are enslaved in a very corrupted system. Giving them our labour and our hard earned wages plus the taxation for the pleasure. All rigged and it worked for them. It’s time to call time on this scam.

  2. salty says:

    You might find these links helpful:

    WEATHER IS WHAT HAPPENS TODAY; climate is the average of

    Precession of the Earth’s Rotation Axis

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