Chinese Lunar Rover Finds No Evidence of American Moon Landings




By SGTreport
the American Media Didn’t Report on This One?! Chinese Lunar Rover Finds No Evidence of American Moon Landings
From World News Daily Report:

Beijing – Top officials of the Chinese Space Program have expressed their feelings that the American moon landings “were a complete hoax” reports the Beijing Daily Express.

200 high-ranking officials from the Chinese Space Program have signed a petition asking explanations from the American government and the release of classified NASA information concerning the American moon landings that would prove to the World that the moon landings were not an elaborately orchestrated hoax to fool the World about America’s space program capabilities.

These allegations have come up through recent analysis of pictures taken from the Chinese moon rover that allegedly found no traces of the American moon landings existing on the moon.

World renowned Russian nuclear engineer Yury Ignatyevich Mukhin has also signed the petition as well as a dozen other top Russian engineers and ex-KGB agents claiming the Russian Government “had always been aware of the situation since the early 1970′s”



Published on Dec 17, 2015

Chinese Lunar Rover Finds NO EVIDENCE of American Moon
Landings & Request US for PROOF.



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  1. Tom74 says:

    Let’s face it – the whole official moon landings story becomes more farcical and disgraceful with every new year that no human being even leaves the earth’s orbit. An American administration with integrity would bring the criminals to justice who perpetuated this fraud on the public – and not simply hope everyone forgets. But sadly we live in a world where integrity costs too much.

    • salty says:

      “Let’s face it – the whole official moon landings story becomes more farcical and disgraceful with every new year… ”

      Let’s face it – the whole official 9/11 story becomes more farcical and disgraceful with every new year.

      These official government stories come from the Land of Fake.

  2. Lynn says:

    So how did the Chinese get up there…this is just more panto.

    • this is just what im thinking Lynn. This sounds like hoax upon hoax.
      Like ive gone off postulating on other comments, I don’t think with conventional Newtonian 20th century type rocket technology, I don’t think we can get past low earth orbit.

      I could be wrong, I could have things wrong, I hold my hands up on that.

      But, I have a feeling, space is like an interdimensional ocean where times non linear. The space we see when we look above.

      Could we be looking up, literally, at the Higher Spiritual Realms Lynn, at night when we look up? And the daytime too of course.

      I also have a feeling TPTB, the Scottish Rite Freemasons, as part of an overarching strategy. Are actually leaking to the AM themselves, clues and evidence, of their own Apollo and Viking etc deceptions. I sense a purposeful element of ‘pulling the plug’

      I could be wrong. Hope youre well

    • Lynn, George Michaels praying for time, not only the song and his voice, but the words. Are very relevant to now, to what you, I, Tapblog, our communities, our country, the world, is going through now. Even though there are differing levels of awareness, we are all in this together.
      He wrote the song in 1990, and its very applicable to now 2015.
      I understand he wrote it in a kind of response the saddam Kuwait war, or I think the US highly vaccinated soldiers, took the song up to symbolise, what they knew in the souls what was going on. How as Kissinger said, the soldier is a stupid animal. if ive got the quote correct
      I have a silver lining here Lynn its this.
      In 1990 GWH Bush Senior delivered his infamous NWO speech, note his psychopath eyes behind the media speech delivery.
      25 yrs later theyre still trying. 25 yrs later George Michaels song is just as applicable. Im sensing Lynn somethings acting as a slowing effect, or obstablcle, to Bushs plans. it might be more than infighting

    • 1.24 China’s People Republic’s faked Moon landing 2013/4

      Regarding the People’s Republic of China’s Moon landing it was apparently remotely controlled NASA/Houston style by these men (and no women) on below funny photo:

    • nck says:

      The Chinese did not send a man on the moon, they sent a “lunar rover” a computerised, motorised, remote controllable mobile vehicle that can send back images and take samples, very much like the rover the US placed on Mars. No human has travelled out of low orbit, into the Van Allen Radiation belt, therefore no human has physically been to the moon.

    • edbutt says:

      This is not a manned mission and my understanding is the Chinese have no intention of getting their Meccano kit back from the moon.
      And of course the two main problem areas are getting humans through the radiation belts and getting hardware back to earth. But as I find the whole topic of ‘space’ boring (the clue is in the name, there’s nothing there) I don’t really care. Just thought this story was amusing in view of all the excitement about our guy going into ‘space’ (he hasn’t really, the thermosphere in which the Space Station orbits, is not even the outermost layer of the atmosphere.

    • salty says:

      Men from the Land of Fake claim to have WALKED ON THE MOON.

      Nobody else from Earth has made such a claim.

  3. Lynn says:

    I’m well Adam thank you.. Just so much bull is being put out there now…best stick to the intuition now…we can be so easily misled if we don’t think about things logically.

    • Gut Feelings ive read, count for a lot. 6th sense. Ive read somewhere, it can be either, our Higher Selves whispering talking to us. Or Positive Benevolent entities, Angelic beings perhaps, in this interdimensional ocean thats all around, where for them time is non linear. Talking to us.
      Imagine Lynn, the infinite abilities these entities might have, to nanosecond by nanosecond, try to influence and engineer, and pull the timeline towards the good outcome. By whispering to us in this realm now.
      Again I could have this all wrong, im no well read expert. I think Lynn a tug of war is going on, with the exact same mechanism described above, but negative demonic entities too, trying to pull the Timeline of us all towards the satanic end.
      I think theres an interdimensional tug of war going on, and just like Syria, its a proxy war down here being fought out. I think spiritual battles are happening in the Higher Realms too.

      So gut feelings about an issue, or situation, can be more valuable perhaps, than reading up and chasing and analysing every article in this sea of disinformation, designed to swamp us.

      On the talk of tug of war pulling the Timeline this way or that. Im not sure if Timelines, ….mean parallel universes branch off anyway. Whether, depending on the words I type to you now and make you think about. maybe in another nanosecond from now, a parallel universe branches off where a different adam and lynn are chatting.

      I think this might be adaft hypothesis but , I thought id mention it.

      Dublinmick said there are 12 dimensions

    • The human immune system doesn’t just protect from bacteria, virus, fungus infections, and balancing the body chemistry. I didn’t realise this, but the human immune system also, stops demonic entity attachment, entering the skull. Apparently this is very real. Apparently, hanging out in bars, weakening the body with alcohol, entities love to hang around there. They want the Qi energy from the host, to draw off, they like making mischief too. Some are more than that, upto no good or even evil. I don’t know the details. But I understand, theyre still hanging around here, because they don’t realise they have died, or it was too young or not their time. But they have refused to move on. I could have all this wrong. But the immune system parts right, i feel that makes sense

  4. Chris B says:

    If you want to seek the truth – and even more so, if you feel qualified to post comments purportedly enlightening others – then at least make some effort to investigate the facts. To put it as simply as possible, there has never been any doubt of lunar landings. There are even clearly identifiable man made objects up there. It’s really not that hard to shoot off a rocket and land it on the moon. The big problem is getting it back home again. That’s why the question has always been whether any HUMAN ever landed on the moon. That’s the hoax. The technology involved in landing a module, getting it to take off again and reconnect with the Apollo ‘mother ship’ then turning around and heading safely back to earth would be truly remarkable today let alone in the 1960s. It’s even more astonishing that can’t repeat it with all today’s technology. The main issue has always been the massive radiation humans would be exposed to outside of earth’s atmosphere. NASA has admitted that even today they’re still years away from achieving this feat. No manned space craft has ever exceeded 800km from the earth – the outer limit of our atmosphere. The Apollo missions remarkably sent humans 384 MILLION km into space – and back again. All without a single glitch. Amazing stuff. No wonder everyone wants to turn back time to 1960s America when life in the West was perfect and miracle really did happen.

    • With all the articles I read through, I didn’t think to differentiate between human missions and non human missions. Things ive read and youtube things, have said nothing gets above low earth orbit
      But then going back to this man I can see now you’ve pointed it out, he differentiates and I don’t see him say a simple rocket isn’t possible, without humans. I didn’t realise its just the re-entry, carrying humans , is the impossible part.
      Well I suppose, this is a relief. ive read so many things lately, saying, the moon isn’t possible to land on. Totally turning upside down everything I thought I knew, and ive tried to rethink things. Its a relief the moon is a physical place one can walk on. And man made objects one way traffic, are visible on there.
      I still think the moon, and sun, aren’t like they’ve told us though. Ive read the moon emits its own light source, and reflected sunlight, it certainly isn’t. Unless this is more disinfo.I do realise now, eric dubays a disinformationist. But truths are woven in. And things he says about the moon trouble me. It is ridiculous to think its 400 times smaller than the sun, but 400 times closer.
      However its a relief to know the moon is a solid place. I think humans however, have been there. But secret space programme humans. The T Townsedn Brown crafts, and im sure other even more exotic technology developed since. Will have no problem with leaving and re-entry of earths atmosphere

      This has confused me
      The Moon Is An Illusion & No One Goes Above Low Earth Orbit

      • Chris B says:

        The whole moon mission is the classic riddle wrapped in an enigma. Believing in faked (manned) lunar landings puts you at the extreme loony end of tin foil hatters, earning the ire of even the most gullible conspiracy theorists. And yet the facts just don’t add up. Despite trying to keep to the ‘evidence’ based side of research, I just can’t believe in the space race lunar landing fantasy we’ve been spoon fed for almost 50 years. But research is hard. II suggest you try to google some of Dave McGowan (who also has written extensively on the paedocracy, MK Ultra and manufactured serial killers) research on the lunar landing hoax. Plenty of interesting observations, but then again it could all be crap. We’re now living in the age of mass bullshit. Truth seekers were getting a bit too much truth so TPTB have now flooded the internet with rubbish conspiracy crap to throw us all of the case. It’s hard work now sorting through the mountains of nonsense to find grains of truth. But as you seem to be all too aware, it’s the spiritual realm where this battle will be won and lost. Keep on seeking!

    • Hi. Im not sure if you are who I think you are. But I have a good gut feeling you are.

      Im messaging tonight to ask you something on a very important matter. I realise all the emailings stopped. I did my best in 2015, forus all, however I could way I knew how to. Helping people wake up. I made some mistakes and some errors in my claims and thinking – this is the path a truthseeker walks, in this Age of Deception.

      Anyway, there is one compelling subject, last subject, I need to make contact with you about. It would save me making a new gmail account, sending a one off Smartmeter email, and being a general nuisance to all at the organisation with that one last email.

      if you could reply on here, saying you will look into it, I would be overjoyed and let it rest, knowing its in your hands, and youre doing your best. I sense you are in the right place and the right time, and a good person too. That’s why I emailed so much in 2015.

      Anyway my point.

      I ask you in the most sincere powerful way I can. Please look at the links below. And please consider, and Ban, all Smartmeters from everywhere across the company premises. For the health and safety of everyone involved.

      This would send out a powerful message, your/our organisation has taken such a stand. Think of the illnesses and cancers you would be preventing by your decision making and actions. You are now in February 2016 in a tremendous position to change the course of many employees, as well as customers lives, their health, for the better.

      Please ban smartmeters from everywhere. Please make it your mission in 2016 before you leave. Please reply with a short acknowledgement if you can, this will save me the gmail hassle. On other matters, we are still furiously on the trail of Truth and trying to help humanity via decentralisation and self empowerment via Knowledge. For example the earth isn’t flat. We think its either Supermassive or part spherical. Maths curvature leads us to this breakthrough. Adam
      PS apologies if youre not who I think you are, its good advice all the same


      – The utility companies, with their glossy ads and leaflets, the salespeople/installers will be on commission incentive, so don’t be taken in. Not only this, its very unlikely they themselves know of the dangers, being indoctrinated by their employers

      – The supposed benefit, of being able to ‘monitor’ your electricity usage, to therefore save money, is ridiculous. Simple prudence round the home will work. However if someone really wants to monitor their usage, a cheap device with digital display can be bought from currys or wherever, you wrap it round a cable in your home, and it will safely let you see how much £ and pence per kwh is being used.

      – These cause harm to human health acting as powerful disruptors of human physiology and causing DNA breakages, for starters, causing inflammation, damage to the blood brain barrier, cancers, psychological effects. and are quite simply unsafe. Powerful radio and microwave frequencies being pulsed out thousands of times per day from our own homes, somethings very wrong

      And we cannot rely on Government to protect us, from top down. It must be bottom up. We must protect ourselves, networking and reaching out at grassroots level, like im doing to you now. Please ban all smartmeters from company premises.

      – And to end ill just say this. Theres even more to Smartmeters than ive explained. They are part of the new ‘Smart’ surveillance grid. And at risk of sounding like a crazy conspiracy theorist, theyre also meant to pacify and subdue an awakening population. But this last point doesn’t matter so much. What matters is the more immediate obvious, relevant issue to everyone, their health.

  5. Chris B says:

    PS: I probably didn’t explain the argument all that well, but to clarify, it’s not the ‘re-entry’ of humans back to earth that’s the issue, it’s leaving the safety of earth’s atmosphere that’s the problem. NASA has talked much about just how much shielding – and the subsequent impracticable weight issues providing such protection would place upon designing outer atmosphere manned space vessels. Apparently, Americans in the 60s were just so damned tough they didn’t need such protection. If we want to get back to the moon, we’ll need to clone a whole crew of John Waynes.

    • In the bigger scheme of things. I think every decision we make, and behaviour in this life. Causes a branching off down a particular timeline. Think gwyneth paltrow in sliding doors. Multiply this by 7 billion souls alive here now. The timelines in constant flux. I believe theres intense competition, in all our own lives, every second, nanosecond. Extradimensional forces exerting their effects all, however they can. An interdimensional spiritual war, being played out here now this second. All competing to cause the parallel universe.branching off down the timeline each side wants. This explains well, what we see around us when we look at the world. And also why im typing this comment now
      How infinitely fierce, and complex, must these Spiritual battles be, being played out all around us?

    • ferryt says:

      Would you point us towards the evidence that man made artifacts are on the moon?


  6. Gordon Logan says:

    The western political culture comprises a mountain of lies and deception. The Russians and the Chinese are sitting on a mountain of counter evidence. If they leak what they know…

    • ferryt says:

      Aren’t they all onside though?

      I’m referring to the ‘leaders’.

      I believe the conspiracy runs much deeper than we might be permitted to think.

  7. Lynn says:

    Leaking is becoming our only friend now Gordon…we all just want the truth, as our existence is nothing without it.
    We cannot live this lie.

  8. nck says:

    A recent Tv program featured a NASA specialist discussing space travel, and explained that we need to develop a means of protecting man against space radiation before we can hope to go beyond low orbit (the so called Van Allen radiation Belt). he was exposing the absence of any manned travel to the moon. I guess they all know it is a fraud, but sometimes forget and the truth slips out.

  9. RabbiT says:

    On the video “Moon Hoax – latest proof July 2015” comparison is made to the alleged Neil Armstrong suit and the alleged lunar footprint.

    Much as I have been long convinced man never walked on the moon I was considering if some sort of protective galoshes were to be worn over the suit.

    In fairness to Kubrick at 1.51 in the video this would appear to be the case.

    Finally the video is debunked as providing absolutely no proof at all:

    Last nail in the coffin:

    • Big unmoderated comment to come, I hope youll find interesting.
      Email to Dad tonight

      The situation we are in now: Judeo Christianity, and churches and organised religion, are mutually exclusive, such has been the infiltration over the last 100 or more years of Christianity. This is a fact. I wont go down the road of explain who and why and what evidence, but just trust me. The only church we need, is in the home, the family, the love between man and woman. And kindness in the community, and to people we interact with. That’s where god and the holy spirit lies. Not in churches or in the Vatican or CofE which im sorry to be the bearer of bad news, are run by Satanists.

      These realisations are all very uplifting, to realise the situation on this earth now. There is hope. Zionist infiltrtration of Christianity, like we see with all the American evangelists, like pat Robertson, and billiy graham, and loads of others, Jim Baker. Is not the same as Judeo Christian 10 commandment values, where wife and family are valued above all else. There are people in the Vatican, and running Israel, professing to be Christians and jews, but are anything but. They are the opposite


      • Nollidge says:

        Adam;There is no such thing as “Judeo-Christianity.This term was devised by Jews to suggest that there’s not much difference between the two.NOTHING could be further from the truth.E.G.,Christians forgive,Jews seek revenge – & often seek revenge for things they IMAGINE to have been done to them.I suggest you try to find a copy of the Soncino Talmud on line.Or try Googling “What the Talmud says about Jesus Christ”.In short,Jewish thinking is NOTHING like Christian thinking or thr thinking of any other religion,come to that.
        Also look to see if you can find the works online of the lat Revilo P. Oliver.Try to find a copy of his “The Jewish Method”.
        Or Henry Ford’s “The International Jew”.

      • RabbiT says:

        A number of my posts have been on the subject of Jewish infiltration of western Christianity. I recently got sight of a so called Christian organisation’s newsletter it’s first article entitled “JEW HATRED” so was curious my having a friend who went to Israel as an evangelist and Jews would kick her in the street.

        Surprise surprise it was the old trick “we always use it” namely “antisemitism”. What was the last article in the newsletter “THE HOLOCAUST REMEMBERED”. Clearly we have a Christian organisation which is not promoting Christianity but Jewish interests. The more I see of church activity the more I see following Jesus replaced by supporting Israel and Jews which is another part of the strong delusion. I likewise agree satanists run the Vatican and no doubt the C of E too it being I who posted “Pope declares Lucifer/Satan as God” so you are not bearing me bad news I have long known these things.

        Adam you talk about what “we need” that being in the flesh. It is deeper than the superficial.

        We are created beings and we are created to spend eternity with God, In short God calls Himself a family in this lifetime. I have posted before that my best friend contacted me from the other side after his death to assure me he was loving his new life.

        What is “the family”? Those whom God has joined let no man separate. Mark 10.9

        As I walked into a Baptist church in 1988 God advised me the woman He was calling to be my wife was inside. I told my friend. Inside God pointed her out by her ponytail so we began courting. Before going to a ball God advised me she would leave with me or with another which was perplexing so when she introduced me to a guy I asked her if it was him “No he’s married” she inadvertently disclosed. I asked her if there was anyone else. “No,” she replied. Having taken her home she confessed there was someone else and abandoned me. I later discovered that the someone else was a close friend of mine. He knew her abandoning me was disobedience to God’s calling yet chose to marry her. I wake up to this daily 27 years on.

        “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.” Luke 9.24

        She looks for a Judas and creates a Judas. I also have it from independent prophesy that these too forfeit their place in God’s family, their names removed from the book of life. Indeed this woman has committed all the sins against the Holy Spirit which her lover chooses to embrace as his own. We move into the area now of unpardonable sin Mat.12.32 and this time Malachi 3.5 their being the adulterers spoken of. They sure don’t see it like that but that is because they cannot see, they are blind, not very enlightened individuals indeed there are very few who are.

        Coming back to the Holy Spirit, He is a person of the Godhead not a spirit of holiness. The Holy Spirit performs certain actions one example being the healing of incurable diseases which is rare but has been done for me.

        Jesus teaching is consistent with what I am saying. He does not reveal that salvation is found in having a nice family and loving wife. And as the lying televangelists continue, a big house, citation jet…

        I have shared this before, Jesus superseded the 10 Commandments with the following:

        “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.The second is this: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12.30-31

        So my wife is playing happy families with the friend who betrayed me but then …”there is no entering in for those who have laughed or scoffed God’s Holy Way…”

        Who “laughed”? He did. Who “scorned”? “she did and I wouldn’t wish to forfeit my salvation for anyone or anything, indeed I’m thankful I’m not in their shoes.

        What we see today is by and large the church of Loadicea Rev.3 and Rev. 2.20 the toleration of the Jezebel spirit in her instance.

        Life is not about getting what you want but where you will spend eternity. On reflection, wanting to know God was more important to me than having a family so it could be said I got what I wanted.

  10. Lynn says:

    These idiots are looking so ridiculous now. Fooling the world with outrageous stories. All proven to be faked. It is truly laughable now and so bloody transparent. We are looking at these goons with new eyes. It’s all failing and they know it. Soon they will be hauled in front of a psychiatrist and certified insane. We all know it is bonkers and they need locking away in a padded cell.

  11. salty says:

    (VIDEO) NASA’s Orion Engineer Admits They Can’t Get Past Van Allen Radiation Belts

    If this does not get the skeptics going wild on the moon debate, we don’t know what will.

    In the video presentation below, NASA engineer Kelly Smith explains about many of the risks and pitfalls surrounding the new Orion Deep Space Mission to the planet Mars.

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