Child of rage

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Facebook moves so quickly…..

In brief, the idea that there might be a D-Notice on Hampstead was discussed. David Shurter is talking to Brian Gerrish. We are planning to send a few “billets doux” (not) into social media over Christmas to remind certain people that Hampstead has not been forgotten.

1) Wow. This is absolutely a must watch documentary. Demonstrates completely how a tiny abused child can grow into an abusing monster. Beth’s behaviour almost mirrors A and G’s before they disclosed.However, the end is full of hope and inspiration. I was immensely struck by just how different Beth looked from her six year old self to her after-therapy self. You can actually see how her soul has changed, just from the changes in her eyes and facial expression. Highly recommend this to everyone.

2) Cult cocky:

Does anyone else feel there has been a shift? That there has been a leap in confidence by those accused and those who protect them? They seem to be getting much cockier recently. But still I think this can be to our benefit, but we need to ramp it up quickly whilst we can.

3) From David Shurter:

Just had an amazing conversation with Brian Gerrish. We are going to start talking and he happily agreed to start hammering away at this case. He was amazing, has a great energy, and I really enjoyed speaking with him.

4) Ring exposed in mainstream Oz media:

5) Sabine assaulted at bus stop:

This afternoon I was waiting at the bus stop in Finchley Road when a youngish man with a cigarette in his left hand stepped before me VERY CLOSE-UP, stepping on my foot and his face only some 10 cm distant at times. I was more afraid of his cigarette than of him hitting me in front of quite a few people.

‘Out of the blue’ letting off a tirade of abuse and swear words, threatening me with ‘Christmas Day’ and provoking me. I tried to say DON’T TOUCH ME but was silent all through. When the bus came, I walked more or less past him, but he had let off his steam.

He claimed that I had put his children at risk and that I am a paedo plus all sorts of other things.

All only because Barnet Police closed the investigation 12 days after having been told about the scandal with ‘crimes not confirmed’, i.e. the ABSENCE of a proper investigation!

6) Hampstead: just a little Cameron and Sam Cam connection, which may be nothing to do with the cult…….

Hampstead Community Centre has some kind of self-funding set up. Its bus service runs, or used to run, children around from abusive school to abusive school and it deals with the elderly and generally vulnerable.

Christ Church School Trustee (coven member) John Herdman Goldsmith is a Director and Trustee of the Community Centre (he is a screen writer….who lost his first son). But he has only been involved since 2012. So this could be an example of recent cult infiltration.…/HAMPSTEA…/directors-secretaries

Another recent arrival to the Community Centre is Guy Wingate.

Amongst other, Guy is co-creator of radio Station Kiss FM. His wife Sarah is a DJ. A bit of a druggy DJ, apparently. Who DJed at Sam Cam’s ravey birthday party last year.…/SEBASTIAN-SHAKESPEARE-Dave-thr…

Dave and Sam also lost their first son.

Sarah also DJs and is a member of the Groucho Club. And we know what goes on there.


Hampstead: industrialised child prostitution?

I’m sure you all remember what A and G said about the parents (and others) who abused them and the other children paying the teachers money for them – something like that.

Well, take a look at the New End School Association Twitter page:

Look at the donors! (from 2014)

(Abuse took places at Starbucks)….

Thank you @StarbucksUK ‪#‎SouthEndGreen‬ for coffee donation for our fair yesterday you have helped us raise over £7,000

(Alisa’s “boyfriend” was supposed to work at Tesco)….

Thank you @Tesco @TescoExpressUK ‪#‎Hampstead‬ for donating to our school fair we have raised over £7,000 so far

(Alleged abuser “Katie” works at Waitrose Finchley Road)….

Thank you @waitrose ‪#‎FinchleyRaod‬ for donating to our school fair yesterday you helped us raise over £7,000

(The children repeatedly referred to “all the shopkeepers” who were abusing them and a hair salon)….

Thank you to ‪#‎HampsteadShops‬ Happy Returns and Hampstead Barbers for donating to our school fair yesterday we raised over £7,000

(Estate Agent Benham Reeves is one of the sponsors of Christchurch School)….

Over £7,000 raised from yesterday’s fair sponsored by @BenhamReeves still few matched funding pledges to come in hope to make £8,000 total




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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Shurter who is Jooish talking to Gerrish who is controlled by Jooo…

    You could not make it up. Still believe it. just don’t believe the commentators until Real Men step forward and mostly they are still asleep.

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