Chester anti-frackers dig underground labyrinth to resist bailiffs. Upton camp.


The bailiffs will arrive early one morning accompanied by hundreds of Police.  The environmental protectors will hold out as long as they can.  They’ve learned their tactics from people resisting fracking in various places around the globe, including the Battle Of Bentley in NSW, Australia, where thousands of locals held off a thousand Police for months, forcing the fracking company to withdraw.  The people of Chester  are awakening to the threat they face.  They are lucky to have some highly motivated environmental protectors occupying the proposed drill site.  Chester will never be the same should they lose this battle.  Hence the determination to go underground, and into the air, with others sleeping high up on gantries built from scaffolding poles.

to Upton Community Protection Camp

The TAU of the GMP are the pigs.  The Tactical Aid Unit, otherwise known as Thugs Are Us, from the Greater Manchester Police, tend to use a violent approach to protesters, and have been known to manufacture false evidence to bring charges.  Protesters use video cameras to ensure the truth is told in court.  The government as usual are the law-breakers, not the protesters.


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  1. ian says:

    I just posted a picture of someone setting fire to gas bubbling through a river in Australia on my FB page, I know, I’m a sucker for punishment, but not a like nor a comment since yesterday. Most still won’t have it that the media isn’t your friend. They’ll only believe TV.

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