Catholics and Christmas Eve child sacrifice.

Catholics and Christmas.

Midnight Christmas Eve, children are killed in a ritualistic manner.

Tenth month December.  Ten children are killed.

Saturnalia is the Roman name for what we call Christmas.

The children are usually immigrants in Europe, or aboriginals in North America.

Often children from Portugal are sacrificed.  There’s a pipeline from Portugal to Holland.  They come from North Africa.

War torn areas see many children disappearing.

They also come from youth detention centres, young juvenile offenders, from social workers and others.

Jimmy Savile alleged to be a member of the Ninth Circle.

Jesuit-inspired cult from 1774.

Child rape and trafficking.  Everyone is sworn to secrecy.



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  1. Lynn says:

    Well its no secret anymore..we are well informed of this Cabal and how it has been operating so far. Degenerate and Demonic.
    Good people will not tolerate any of this evil empire for much longer. It is beyond human comprehension how this has been accomp!ished. Now forearmed is forewarned. We are watching them now, Reporting the truth was never allowed, well they can’t stop it now. It will grow and it will catch up with these devil worshiping scum.

    • Excellent choice of photo Tap

      Its just whats needed. The BBC for example, all the time sanitise and play down their use of words, and images that arise in the mind as a result of words. By using benign terms like ‘sexual abuse, and ‘child sexual abuse’, and ‘exploitation’. ‘Historics’ another favourite word. On occasion on radio 4 it might come up, ‘satanic ritual abuse’ when theyre doing a red herring half hour show on the topic.

      None of these terms jolt the public out of their slumber. If it was spelled out in clear plain English, what exactly is happening. Images like your choice of photo will arise in the mind. And the black magicians spell on the public minds will be in the process of getting broken

  2. Tapestry says:

    What interests me reading Ralph Ellis on the pyramids is the date of around 14,000 years ago for the time of building. There had to be advanced intelligence above the human level at the time, as they had technologies even beyond what we have today. Those godlike entities were leaving earth and knew it as they were creating time capsules to communicate to mankind at a future date. Ellis couldn’t complete the quest of finding the full message, but from his analysis, you do wonder if the Satanic influence was not so strong then. It came in later.

    • Mindblowing all over again
      Godlike entities leaving earth. They cant have been the ones that created earth surely, and all the planets and stars. The Supreme Creator did that surely. But they were leaving earth, I wonder how.
      – either with advanced free energy powerful crafts
      – or knowledge of the use of stargates
      – I wonder why they had to leave earth, or decided to leave?
      – could this be the cabal inserting fake archaeological time capsule evidence, to fit a satanic agenda today? Probably wrong I know
      – Again, it would be very interesting to determine if earth is the centre of the universe, and put your Ellis comments in context with that.
      – I have a feeling though Tap the eqyptian high priests didn’t want to share certain secret knowledge, I don’t think it was a caring, sharing society based on truth for all. Though perhaps better than today in that respect
      – Courtney brown of the farsight institute , remote viewers. In 2014 I think, released a video, of him remote viewing, the pyramids being built. he said he was watching some aristocratic non human type, who suddenly became aware of him watching, and didn’t like it. This could all be a Rockefeller disclosure hoax though to fit the Disclosure agenda. But interesting

      ” The Precession of the Equinoxes is a 25,920 year cycle the Earth goes through and corresponds with the twelve signs of the zodiac. Each sign or “age” spans 2160 years. We are currently in the Piscean age, transitioning into the Aquarian. The fact that knowledge of a 25,920 year astrological precession was known to ancient peoples spanning from South America to India suggests both advanced civilization and worldwide travel/communication in prehistoric times. The fact that this knowledge is written into our religions, but suppressed and kept from public view, shows how the Brotherhood continues to conceal information from the masses, and reserves it for only a chosen few, just like in ancient Egypt. ”

  3. freebornman says:

    Hi all, Saturnalia Sacrifice, the theory put forth here (H/T to Dublinmick) about the formation of our solar system, the evolution of the nasty evil schitz that are trying to make our lives a misery today, explains prehistoric mega-flora and -fauna, it’s a massive puzzle we have been set.
    This solution set out in the above link kind of made me buzz and tingle as I read. Thinking about it, it would also explain giant human skeletons. Oh and it covers The Great Flood too. Topical @mo. 🙂

    • Hello Freebornman, very interesting link thanks, Saturn used to be our sun? Amazing

      ” church hierarchy employed their own astrologers; and signs of the zodiac appeared all over Church furnishings, tiles, doorways, manuscripts and baptismal fonts. The ‘Church’ was sure that the study of astrology would undermine its religion if people thought that the sun, the moon, the stars, the signs of the zodiac and the planets, hold life and death at their own pleasure … and that they rule and govern both the bodies and souls of man. In this scenario the planets and stars should be adored and worshiped as gods, which they are of course. Astrology survives in our western culture because Christianity embraced it with one hand, while condemning it as a devilish art on the other.” -Michael Tsarion, “Astrotheology and Sidereal Mythology” ”

      ” The word Vatican comes from Vaticinia which means “place of divinations” or “place of the sorcerers.” The Vatican actually funds and controls every astronomical telescope and observatory in the world and all findings run through the Vatican before both the public and the scientific communities ”

      “What has happened to the ubiquitous celestial mythos? How is it that this information, so widely known in ancient times, is almost completely hidden from the masses today? The answer is that it has been deliberately suppressed, so that the masses would never realize the connection between their cherished gods and the celestial bodies. As demonstrated by Paine, the Masons have known very well the true meaning and importance of astrology, which was considered a sacred science … Astrology and astrotheology were not only known in the ancient world but have constituted an enormous portion of human civilization. Time and again, massive edifices around the globe have been built that are encapsulations of the heavenly story, serving as stellar ‘computers.’ But this astrotheological Masonry was corrupted, as the power mongering historicizers drove its true meaning and religion underground in a vicious quest to subjugate the world and acquire its wealth.”

      “Imagine the power you would have to advance an Agenda and manipulate the human race if you knew the cycles of energy from the Sun and other planets and how they were likely to affect human consciousness. You would know when people would be more prone to anger, aggression, fear, doubt and guilt, and therefore when to have your wars, economic collapses and so on. The Brotherhood have always had this knowledge and they use it to great effect today as I shall document.” -David Icke, “The Biggest Secret” (56)

    • This is quite disturbing FBM. I wonder how accurate all this is. Earth was really like this 60000 yrs ago?

      ” At that time there was no Sun as we know it today. There was no way to tell day from night. No stars could be seen through the dense atmospheric purple haze and there was no moon from which to tell the passing of time by its phases or from which the Earth’s oceans could be influenced in great tidal movements. Man lived in a perpetual state of dusky darkness. The warm and bountiful purple hue permeated all existence and the nocturnal thrived. ”

      ” How the Earth may have looked during the age known as the Purple Dawn (circa 60,000 BC). Saturn can be seen as a pale stationary disk situated at Earth’s celestial north. Its rings had not yet formed at this time.

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