Candlelit Peace Vigil in Shrewsbury The Square 6-7pm tonight focuses on the stupidity of local MPs

Carrying on the momentum from last week, Shrewsbury peace activists are holding another vigil in The Square tonight at 6pm til 7pm.  One target of the demonstration is Lucy Allen, the local Conservative MP for Telford  & Wrekin who falsified a claim that a peace activist had made a death threat or wish against her.  She doctored the email herself.  None too bright.

Not far behind that is the notion that Cameron has lied, saying he’s bombing ISIS when in fact he’s bombing the Syrian government’s infrastructure, killing Syrian people and soldiers, assisting ISIS to gain more ground, the exact opposite pf what he’s been claiming.

The lives of British airmen are being put at risk for a lie.  They were told that their mission is to bomb ISIS, not to help them.  Russian anti-aircraft missiles could be deployed by the Syrian government.  Cameron hopes they are, so he can escalate the war and threaten Russia with an all-out war with NATO.  Not even one MP seems to be aware of the situation.

Last week’s peace vigil report –

In pictures: Protesters rally in Shrewsbury over Syria bombing

More than 150 people gathered in Shrewsbury as part of a peaceful demonstration against the proposed bombing of Syria.

Organised by 39-year-old Anna Morris, last night’s protest saw the town’s historic Squapacked with placard and flag-waving demonstrators who were voicing their concerns prior to the Government vote today.



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