Boris Johnson: ‘Set aside Cold War mindset, join Putin & Assad to defeat ISIS’

 Only one problem, Boris.  Assad doesn’t trust us and hasn’t invited us to join the game.  Cameron is attacking Assad and supporting ISIS ground offensives.  UK is ISIS.  UK is ISRAEL.

London's Mayor Boris Johnson. © Phil Noble
Britain must join forces with Syrian President Bashar Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin to defeat Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL), London Mayor Boris Johnson wrote in his weekly newspaper column.

Johnson has also said the government’s claim there are 70,000 moderate rebel ground troops willing to work with British armed forces may be “exaggerated.” These troops, he wrote, may include jihadists who are ideologically aligned with al-Qaeda.

Last week, Prime Minister David Cameron told MPs: “We believe there are around 70,000 Syrian opposition fighters, principally of the Free Syrian Army, who do not belong to extremist groups, and with whom we can coordinate attacks on ISIL.”

Saying it would be impossible to defeat Islamic State without the presence of ground troops, Johnson urged the UK government, which has vowed not to put British boots on the ground, to team up with Assad’s forces.

“This is the time to set aside our Cold War mindset,” Johnson wrote in The Telegraph. “It is just not true that whatever is good for Putin must automatically be bad for the West.”

“The best hope of getting rid of ISIL is an agreement between all the powers – America, Russia, France, Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the rest – to take them out, together with a timetable for Assad to step down and a plan for a new Syrian government.”

On Monday morning, however, the reality of working together seemed a long way off, as US-led coalition war planes bombed a Syrian army camp in the Deir ez Zor province, killing three soldiers. The attack was condemned by the Syrian Foreign Ministry as an “act of heinous aggression.”

Over the weekend, the UK carried out a second round of airstrikes in eastern and northern Syria after a majority of MPs in the House of Commons voted to approve extending sorties from Iraq into Syria last Wednesday. The attacks targeted oil fields controlled by Islamic State militants.


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  1. ian says:

    Not everybody will be in the need to know group. He’s obviously not as he’s talking sense. He’ll be put into line. Looks like my latest hair brained idea about the war kicking off on the seventh was just that too. Oh well nobody panic, I get these feelings, and I suppose if I get enough of them, I’ll be right sometimes. I live near Carlisle. They’ve got it bad again. Sorry I’m wandering again.

  2. Lynn says:

    Yes they ordered rain Ian…to back up the Climate Control BS. That is being trotted out now. As for Bozo do you believe a word. He knows the country is livid he is saving his skin. Haha no chance Boris.

  3. Aldous says:

    “The best hope of getting rid of ISIL is an agreement between all the powers – America, Russia, France, Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the rest – to take them out, together with a timetable for Assad to step down and a plan for a new Syrian government.

    There be the fly in the ointment; the nigger in the woodpile; the devil in the detail.
    Do you think the NATO Cameron/Netanyahu/Obama/Hollande/Merkel/Gollum Axis of Evil along with the House of Saud will be equally prepared to accept a timetable to step down allowing plans for ZOG free western governments and a Wahabbi/Zionist-free Middle East?

    The hypocrisy and duplicity from these bought and paid for scumbags is breathtaking by even their usual suspect standards.
    I reckon they must be getting nervous about images of an endless (as many as the stars) number of body bags/closed coffins being brought home in containers on ships.

    You don’t want most of these countries as your allies as you are far safer and better off with them as your bitter enemy so you can face up to them and not get stabbed in the back. Anyway, going to war without most of them is akin to going deer hunting without your accordion.

    • I agree with Aldous. You are far safer, knowing your enemy
      I say this on the micro level, and im sure it applies on the macor level equally too
      Youre right. This has been my instinct since a boy and why ive fallen short, realising the world operates differently. The micro social level.
      Im a brave person and will more than face up to anyone, whos a t**t or c**t .
      But ive realised the snakes in society. Sail very close to the wind, have a veneer of respectability, yet under the surface theyre t**ts and will stab you in the back. This Is a fact. They operate under different rules than me
      Im talking about inlaws, as well as others. Its a can of worms.
      Im glad im out of it living a clear, pure, innocent life , talking on Tapblog

      Youre so right Aldous. Seeing youre bitter enemy is a piece of cake. For those of us with steel, and Jesus Christ (not Justin welby Vatican type organised religion) in our hearts.

      The problem is the real enemy in society today. Has so infiltrated, so enveloped. Like a virus taking over the host cells DNA machinery in a very secretive manner.

      This is whats going on, spiritually, in this world around us, I feel, I sense

      Bad peopleive noticed, unpleasant people for whatever reason. Enjoy the under the radar. under the veneer pf respectability. Using sarcasm, workplace politics, crap, to stab someone in the back and make them feel bad

      Im happy in my current job and would be relucrant to leave.

      I do have perhaps quite burning reasons to be self employed with minimal overheads doing alternative medicince stuff. As well as other things, But ive had a major awakening.
      I lived in central London in 1990 to 1992. It shaped and forged my brain unfortunately . I walked the Mayfair streets in awe, everyday
      I assumed at 15, tis was my only route to self esteem , and happiness. living in Mayfair. And there are some beautiful high class streets, homes. Cars. Women. etc

      Tapblogs helped me open my eyes . Today in 2015,, id not be bothered to visit, not want to, go back to mayfair W1 ever again. After learning what I know now

  4. Lynn says:

    We were already regime changed Aldous. They did us all in Europe 1st. Neocons took the vote rigging to a new high. Infiltrated by the filth. They have stolen everything. And now the system is rotten. All our hard work has paid them billions. No NHS No pensions. No benefits. No roads no housing. No borders. We are being destroyed from the top down.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Aldous, why should Assad step down? Are you a Syrian?

    • Aldous says:

      Hi Henry. I never suggested President Assad should step down but exactly the opposite. My writing’s a bit shaky these days but if the Assad legitimate (UN recognised) government dies then we die – end of.
      Life as we know it won’t be worth living.

      We all know who the out and out bastards are and who need taking out. Israel has no legitimacy and anyone who has made their disgusting bed there is going to lie in it – 6 feet under where they deserve to be.

      • Tapestry says:

        That’s pretty clear. It’s concerning that the RAF are bombing Syrian government troops in support of ISIS offensives. Putin has to respond by shooting down British jets. Note how Michael Fallon is salivating at the thought, telling our pilots that ‘war can get messy’. He should fly along with them.

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