Are you registering your protest?

Look back to May.  Ian Crane catches the moment, and explains so many aspects of what is happening to us all.  Are you registering your protest?  If not, you’re complying with the agenda.  See the fake Sheik upsetting David Cameron at the Witney count.  And many more….


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  1. I could have made a mistake about Steven Greer. Though i know hes connected to Rockefellers. His latest on how the secret government works. Whenever i expect a project bluebeam deception, he doesnt deliver
    He goes in depth how its all secret government stuff, ET abductions are the secret government. Id like to think, some real truths are coming out here. But im sure a Rockefeller lie will be in Greers presentation somewhere. I will investigate more and post under the greer article. It is compelling, and perplexing. I cannot work out what is happening yet.
    Id like to know Greers thoughts on the size, shape, of our earth
    And what the sun and moon are really about. And whats at Antarctica
    Id then compare that with our Tapblog investigations. That should flush Greer out, and expose if a red flag exists

  2. ian says:

    An excellent video, not so much I felt for the Sheikh, if you’ll pardon the expression, giving David Camoron the finger. You have to be careful, but more for Ken O’keefe’s contribution. Well worth the watch.

  3. Lynn says:

    They are deliberately killing us…when will people realise this contempt for us. Broken and destitute is their plan for us all.
    The whole of our lives are in peril. Changed forever from what we are supposed to be.
    Are they going to pull this off…I don’t even want to think about what is coming.
    Only we can change this evil around on them.
    It is becoming so obvious now that we are under attack.

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