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  1. salty says:

    Ancient Babylonian Astronomy Text Changes History

    January 29, 2016.

    This Babylonian tablet, written in cuneiform script, contains geometric calculations used to track the motions of Jupiter.

    A newly-translated tablet has revealed that ancient Babylonian astronomers were using methods far more advanced than imagined for that era.

    The ancient Babylonians were calculating planetary displacement arcs over 1,000 years before the method’s ‘invention’.

    Analysis of the tablets reveals that the Babylonian star gazers were able to calculate the position of Jupiter using geometric techniques previously believed to have been first used some 1,400 years later in 14th century Europe.

    The tablets, housed at the British Museum, are believed to have been unearthed from an archaeological dig in Mesopotamia, the present day Iraq, sometime in the 1800s.

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