Why I REALLY am quitting social media | The Truth.

Published on Nov 2, 2015

I had everything I ever wanted. Now I’m here and I see how contrived, fake and forced consistently proving to the world ‘how amazing my life/body/self is”. I spent everyday looking at a screen, viewing and comparing myself to others. It’s easier to look at shiny and pretty things that appear happy than stopping and just getting real with yourself. Social media only became great for me because of the amount of effort I put in trying to portray this ‘perfect’ person, being born into the flesh I have and sharing emotional parts of my life. Being social media famous is a very unattainable thing for majority of people viewing this. I was attracted to the idea of being liked and of value. I put my value in numbers, not real life people, moments or my natural passions of art, writing… Posting on instagram consumed me. I can’t you how beautiful life is without a phone, without social media, without comparing, or likes or followers. We are not followers, we are beings of individuality and love. I have never felt so free. I will be making a lot more videos talking more about what happened ‘behind’ the image for a lot of these ‘perfect’ photos. www.letsbegamechangers.com/videos

This is the last video on YouTube. I don’t want to support a social sharing sight that makes billions off advertisements I don’t agree with, plus the major point of focus being views and subscribers, not the message or ideas for positive global change. I spent hours watching perfect girls online, wishing I was them. Then when I was ‘one of them’ I still wasn’t happy, content or at peace with myself. Stripping away distractions made me question everything I did online. I want you to do the same.

Of the videos I have left, only still here to make a statement and for vegan inspiration.


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  1. ian says:

    Faced a very similar dilemma. Not that I’m a girl or very concerned about my appearance, as my mother always said, you can only piss with the cock you’ve got. I can however identify with the feeling of contrived falseness that FB encourages. Regardless of how sure you are of a subject, you can also become anxious to get “likes”, which logically is absurd considering that the vast majority are clueless to what’s happening in the world, but it just shows the potential to encourage conformity. I am not a conforming person and have suffered at the hands of employers because of my rebelliousness, but FB still causes me anxiety for not conforming.
    To an degree, I have calmed the issue of conforming by posting humorous posts mixed in with the information I pass on, and though no one likes my info posts, they must see them as they like my funny posts.
    I do still find it stressful being called names and being insulted though, even when I try to ignore it.
    On re-reading this before posting, it occurred to me that the conformity thing might far outweigh the negative aspects of information sharing from the PTB’s point of view, and FB is probably more forceful conforming pressure than even TV.

  2. Nicky says:

    Thank you for your efforts Gordon.
    Wish you every success in finding lasting happiness. Nicky (Male)

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