Who ever heard of the “Eagles of Death Metal” before the Paris Massacre???

I don’t think they played at the Hollywood Bowl!
This renewed clash of civilizations has significant spiritual and religious overtones!
Russia the new defender of Christian values as the West is submerged in a secular nonsense of depravities, such as the devil worship that was in progress at Paris concert!Europe’s moral and spiritual  vacuum invites acts of terrorism.
TAP – It’s not Europe’s devil worship.  It’s the devil worship of the Satanic Cult that’s been ruling the world for thousands of years, spilling out into the public eye.  With no religious resistance from established churches (They’re a part of it anyway), the Satanists have control and can flaunt their religion in front of all.  Europeans hate their works (warfare, false flag terror and stirring up conflict), but as most have no idea they even exist, they get away with it.  Just look at a Madonna, Beyonce, Rhianna or Miley Cyrus concert to see the Satanists are in full control of the media.

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