2 Responses to “We don’t have capitalism in the West”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hearing this, this morning, actually made me cheer loudly – and it was actually broadcast on that scumbag BBC R4 ‘Today’ programme.
    This whistleblower Paul Moore names the guilty men in banking, auditing, and financial authorities, and calls for a new moral rectitude throughout this country. Very inspiring. You could listen to him on iplayer from around 06.15 am R4 Today 19th November.


    • NPP says:

      “It’s no joke to say that I nearly commited suicide… ”

      “They’re not here to defend themselves…”

      “I wish they were here…”

      Every now and again something seeps out onto BBCR4 and the presenter squirms… well done Jennifer. You caught one.

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