US veterans regret their service and publicly throw back their medals – in good numbers

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The awakening is gathering pace.  Soldiers who were sold on the fable that they were fighting for freedom and democracy realise too late that what they were doing was wrong.  Better late than never.  The message is getting out there, far and wide.



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  1. freebornman says:

    This is the up side. The down side is veteran suicide. When they realise that they haven’t defended the homeland and freedom and the constitution, but rather, gone and killed brown people, and smashed their stuff, as mercenaries for israel.

  2. freebornman says:

    This sort of thing had to be subdued.
    Country Joe and the Fish at woodstock. It doesn’t have the ‘gimme an F’ intro, but good audio.
    In a lame attempt to compensate, Mojo Nixon calls for an entirely different consonant

  3. Truth will prevail says:

    How could they possibly have thought to “defend the homeland, freedom and the constitution” – by destroying Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and right now Syria… bombing them into ruins as they did with Germany in WW II ? Their homeland, constitution and freedom has never been attacked in the first place. The Zionists are the destroyers of all they cherish.

    There have been Zionist wars for Zionist goals since WW I (the creation of a state of Israel; Greater Israel; “New World Order” /Zionist Jewish world domination)

    Allied soldiers have always been mercenaries serving Zionist objectives (Henry Kissinger: “Military men are dumb animals used as pawns in foreign policy”)

    Zionists are behind the wars – Soldiers better stop assisting them and stop being self-destructive!

    Zionist “think tank” STRATFOR Chicago Council on Global Affairs
    They plan for more war in the Middle East, and in Europe again
    COMPLETE IDIOTS they must be!!!

  4. Lynn says:

    They knew this was coming at some point. Remember they are years ahead. NATO and the UN are the new faces. Armies are no longer needed. Mercenaries are brought in made up of criminals murderer’s and rapists. All paid for by the taxpayers. This is the future .. There are no laws or borders left. It is a grand theft auto nightmare.

  5. Truth will prevail says:

    American Soldiers,
    don’t fight any more Zionist wars. WE NEED PEACE. Europe and the whole world want to live in peace. Our dream is a Europe of free, souvereign nation states not a tyrannical European “superstate” run by psychopaths – freemasons, Zionists, satanists.

    Don’t fight for their insane, destructive plans of world domination. Don’t fight for their “New World Order”, the enslavement of humanity under Zionist Jewish rule.

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