TTIP will destroy democracy and lock in corporate power permanently. Video explains.

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TTP,  TTIP and TISA.  Governments are excluded.  Corporations are privy.  The world is being taken over by the corporations and national governments bypassed.  Companies will be able to sue states over anything which affects their profits.  Money is being installed as the only supreme value for the whole world.  Humanity is no longer a priority, if we ever were.  It’s all about corporations and their power.




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  1. beLIEve says:

    Crickhowell in Wales, is/has moved offshore in order to “match” the paltry tax remittances of the Corporations.

  2. beLIEve says:

    An “angle” that people appear to have missed in reference to TTIP etc is……..

    The US stock market is said by some to be around 70% …OVERVALUED and, is close to a …COLOSSAL COLLAPSE.

    The ..TRUE…financial circumstances of many Companies are not fully reflected in the figures available, because the corporations have been loading up on …interest free QE finance/debt … order to buy back their own shares.
    This SCAM enhances the financial image of a Company.

    It is my suspicion that many Corporations are…TECHNICALLY INSOLVENT…and ….TTIP is an …UNLAWFUL… TAX PAYER FUNDED BAILOUT.

    Obviously people are “homing in” on the attempt to …UNLAWFULLY…sequestrate sovereignty ….at the same time ….. MISSING……the financial solvency …ISSUE.

    The following link illustrates the …FINANCIAL CATASTROPHE…that is the energy market however, it is ….HIGHLY PROBABLE …that…..A RANCID FINANCIAL PONZI SCAM….is ….PROPPING UP MUCH of the CORPORATE SECTOR.

    Imho, the….. RATS-child khazar MAFIA….currently unlawfully oppressing Planet Earth, intends using TTIP TTP etc to save the Corporate world from financial annihilation…..CAUSED by RATs-child & Co: ? ?

    RATs-childs….FINANCIAL INADEQUACY …..will avoid the glare of the spotlight and, the worlds …TAXPAYERS…will be “MILKED”.

    Taxpayers, once again will be paying for khazar zionist “EXCREMENTALISM” i.e…… RAT-*hit…. whilst the …CORPORATIONS will live “high on the hog” courtesy of the taxpayer. !

    • beLIEve says:

      One aspect of “Corporatocracy” I failed to mention in the tract above, is ……CUSTOMER BASE.

      “Apparently” corporate sales are falling. This obviously means, a Company in a perilous financial position, with a dwindling customer base is…..HEADED for the SCRAPHEAP.

      The “fall off” in corporate sales can be seen in the latest ‘Baltic Dry Index’ stats.
      The index is a record of container shipping moving around the world, which in itself is a reflection of world trade.
      The Baltic Dry has “fallen off a cliff”; it is at an unprecedented low level, meaning people are not spending money and corporations are not selling.

      The jobs figures are also, supposed to reflect corporate activity however, there is speculation that they are “rigged”.

      OVERALL, it is my beLIEf, that many of the worlds corporations are on their knees.

      If, the khazar zionist “stooge” politicians/congressmen….FAIL to….UNLAWFULLY IMPOSE TTIP TTP…. etc, on the worlds taxpayers, the Corporate world may collapse.

    • beLIEve says:

      Apologies ……..REPETITION…..

      The……”soupcon” should have been the Goldman Sachs statement…….

      ‘Corporate America Deep In Debt’ – Goldman Sachs

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