Terror threat to UK will increase if Cameron bombs Syria

Isis threat to UK ‘will only increase’ if UK starts air strikes in Syria

As MPs debate the issue in the Commons, David Cameron says Isis presents a ‘direct threat’ to the UK – but experts on the conflict in the region say air strikes are not the answer
  • Adam Withnall
Isis threatens the UK in a new video inviting more countries to join the international coalition against it

David Cameron has set out his case for Britain to wage war in Syria, saying that the Isis militant group is “not a threat that can be negotiated away”.

If the RAF begins air strikes against Isis in Syria, it will become the fourth country in the region where Britain has intervened militarily since the turn of the century, following the campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

None of those conflicts receive a mention in the Prime Minister’s response, published today, to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee’s criticism of his “incoherent” strategy so far on Syria.

And it raises concerns that Britain may not have learnt the lessons that those forays into foreign wars could provide.

What can Britain offer in Syria?

The Prime Minister says British jets offer targeted strikes, including the Brimstone missile, with a level of capability that “even the US does not possess”.


TAP – It’s just an anti-yank missile.  Do you think the US don’t have those, cameron?  Grow up.  The rebels are using TOW to destroy Syrian regime tanks with ease as it is.  Perhaps his wife’s got shares in them, same as Murdoch and Blair. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/11/26/tony-blair-backs-cameron-_n_8656328.html


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  1. Gordon Logan says:

    Rupert Murdoch bugged Cameron’s phone in early 2009 and got a recording of him discussing the murder of his handicapped son, Ivan. The child’s behaviour was placing a strain on his marriage and the banking collapse had ruined Brown’s chances of re-election. Life in the upstairs flat in Downing Street would have been difficult with the child’s tantrums. Murdoch passed the recording on to Mossad, so Cameron now submits to Netanyahu’s every wish. Murdoch used the recording to evade prosecution during the News of the World scandal. Cameron uses the child’s death to suggest to the public than he isn’t a psychopath, which he undoubtedly is.

  2. Gordon Logan says:

    There are thousands of ISIS sympathisers in Britain, so the probability of a backlash is the first thing that our benighted MPs should have discussed. By the way, I’ve met my MPs a few times. They typically understand trivial issues but not vital ones. I met my current MP a few months ago who told me that the national debt wasn’t a problem because the government simply took money out of one pocket and put it in the other. He hadn’t got a clue.

    • ian says:

      The ability to think is different from the ability to regurgitate what you’ve been told. School and universities only expect regurgitation of what you’ve been told. Deviation from that will get you nowhere. Teachers MPs and the vast majority of everyday punters still believe what TV tells them. We think, and we are rebels, we are as dangerous as ISIS so Cameron says.

  3. beLIEve says:

    As ISIS is a western/ Saudi/IS RA EL construct and, funded by these “entities”……..UK WILL BE AT NO RISK of ATTACK…… unless IS RA EL/Saudi/RATs-childs……….GIVE the ORDER to ATTACK BRITAIN.

    There have been “mutterings” over the years that the …IRA….was an….MI5/MI6/RATs-child ……OPERATION.
    It has been said that, whilst at the outset, an “authentic” IRA existed, it was very soon replaced by …..PLAYERS….orchestrated from within the so-called UK “state”.
    Indicating that the IRA was a “bogeyman” construct, intended to….KEEP the PEOPLE in FEAR.

    With reference to “khazar Cameron’s” …..MURDER of IVAN……..others have alluded to this scenario, on a number of occasions.

    One other suggestion has been that Ivan was not Cameron’s !
    Droit de seigneur, would allow another ……”first dibs” !

  4. Gordon Logan says:

    Lord James admitted in 2010 to managing IRA accounts at the Bank of England to the value of over a billion [sic]. The IRA nutting squad (responsible for kneecapping and executions) was controlled by the British. The names Martin McGuiness and Freddie Scapaticci spring to mind.

  5. Lynn says:

    The British Establishment is mired in evil. This illusion is breaking down now…the wheels are coming off. We have a chance of ending this reign of UK terror once and for all. The jigsaw is almost complete.

  6. Lynn says:

    Didn’t Murderous Rupert call the child (Ivan) a retard on TV whilst on trial in the Chilcott enquiry. He had to apologise for that remark. Scum that he is. Hey Rupert we are on to your Zionist Supremacy.

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