The Virus of Islam


by John Kaminski


Jews manipulate one arch enemy to attack another and destroy both


Foolish humans spend all their time fighting and killing each over the names of imaginary beings they have invented to convince themselves that they don’t die.

World history is the trampling by the clever and conscienceless over the thoughtful and the principled.

When countries are destroyed, they are destroyed from within by people who pretend to be faithful and trustworthy, but are not. There has never been a shortage of people who will betray their own kind and sell their souls to foreign powers.

How many times are we going to continue to be tricked into taking the word of liars and watching our world ravaged because of it?

It seems we cannot keep ourselves from succumbing to proposals which exploit our compassion and repay our sincerity with tragedy and betrayal.

The technique goes back a long way, when a clever Jew named Saul changed his name to Paul and invented a messiah who guaranteed eternal life if you would just abandon your family and believe what he said.

The scam was so successful that other Jews invented a mighty wraith they named Allah who convinced all his followers to kill everyone who didn’t believe he was real.

These two Jewish maneuvers ruined human society in perpetuity by setting up a situation of permanent war that now is in the process of turning the world into a pile of rubble where no one is safe and no one can be trusted.

It all came about because no one had the courage to admit that we die, and we were willing to sacrifice everything for a false promise of eternal life.

Those who peddled this nonsense got rich, while the dimwits who believed it got robbed and murdered, and were told this was their holy duty, to suffer on the cross for telling the truth, or to reach heaven by dying for a god that preached endless killing of infidels.

A little further down the line . . .

The Jews rushed into America in the early 1900s, bought all the politicians, faked a few bank panics, and created a system in which they gained control of all our money in perpetuity. We wouldn’t have believed them except the newspapers we trusted insisted it was a good deal, and the so-called leaders of our country agreed that it was the right thing to do. It wasn’t.

It enabled a small group of Jews to create constant inflation, depressions and wars, and to turn our finest women into whores after it denatured all the men. Their neatest trick was to get us to pay them for the right to use our own money.

Nearly every leader we’ve had since that time has gone along with the deception, gotten very rich in the process, and slowly killed a nation . . . a number of nations.

After a half century of war in the Middle East, the cynical invasion of Syria by the Jewish-controlled United States has produced a new form of warfare. Not unlike the institution of slavery that was imposed on the U.S. during the 19th century, this influx of refugees that today is sweeping across Europe and disrupting everyone and everything in its path is the ultimate weapon in the sociological arsenal of the Jewish destabilization template.

If you flood the world with senseless savages, representative government becomes impossible and public debate dissolves into a rampaging babble of incomprehensible gibberish. More importantly it requires a repressive police presence to regulate the unruly masses, something our Jewish controllers desperately want to implement everywhere.

With treasonous leaders paid off by Jews in key positions throughout the Western world, official government policies welcoming the so-called refugees are the ultimate betrayal of citizen populations who were not sufficiently alert to realize their governments had been taken over by agents of a foreign power, namely Israel. The process was made possible by the Jewish international banking complex which had, through the complicity of mass media, which is also dominated by Jews, completely hoodwinked poorly educated populations deceived by Jewish school systems and educational apparatuses.

One need only observe the rape epidemic in Sweden or the expropriation of large parts of France by radical Muslims to realize that a deliberate invasion of Europe and the West has been facilitated by Jew politicians aiming to undermine the white democratic dominance of existing societies and replace that process with undereducated sycophants from less civilized nations in the Third World that give the relatively more sophisticated and deceitful Jews a better chance to steal control of these Western nations through the imposition of martial law, increased scrutiny of everyone and the loss of individual freedom — goals which already have been largely accomplished.

The unprecedented and radical idea of flooding the West with people appearing to be victims of war torn countries seems to augur a rapid shift in the governing of these nations, and already Muslim strongholds in the United States are demanding radical changes to the educational and social systems that are already way overtaxed in cities and towns that had no say in the importation of these Third World escapees.


Some might say this is a consequence of having a Third World president who cannot prove his own citizenship seeking to import people like himself to plunder the perceived vast riches of the West in the same way that he has enriched himself and his family by surpassing the bounds of decency with his frequent vacations and corrupt financial shenanigans with his friends and associates, not to mention his continuing demolition of Constitutional protections that have been in place for centuries.

Never has America been so ripped off by the wanton behavior of its supposed leader.

As someone who was awarded a Nobel Peace prize for one simple speech promising a better deal in the world for Muslims, Barack Obama has betrayed his oath of office simply by abetting Islamic immigration into the United States — because of one simple fact.

Muslims do not believe in freedom of religion. In fact, their religion commands them to kill all infidels, much in the same way as Jews are commanded by their holy book to kill or enslave everyone in the world, and to regard non Jews as nothing more than animals to be exploited and abused.

These attitudes directly invalidate the priceless treasure of American freedom, that incredibly valuable promise of freedom of religion throughout the land. Muslim immigration is a clear violation of this promise.

Though Jews and Muslims appear to be enemies, the rules governing their conduct in the real world are frighteningly similar. And even though Muslims appear to be the arch enemy of the Jews — and vice versa — this massive and calculated invasion of Europe by Islamic refugees perfectly serves the overarching Jewish purpose of destabilizing countries prior to their enslavement and exploitation that has been the stated Jewish goal for at least hundreds of years in their warped drive to control the whole world.

In this way are Muslims, some unknowingly, serving Jewish objectives. Muslims are all nice and polite when they are in the minority, but let them get the upper hand, as they have in many European countries, and nothing but chaotic tyranny is the result. Mass rape, random robbery and unchecked rioting.

Not unlike what happens in American ghettoes populated by descendants of Africans and other Third World denizens.

France today has been fragmented by Muslim areas into which the police will not go because it’s simply too dangerous. This leaves the traditional French citizenry imprisoned by Islam in their own country.

Letting Muslims into the United States was as stupid and treasonous a move as NAFTA, the NDAA, or the TransPacific Partnership, all of which were moves to deliberately destroy America pushed through by elected officials who were clearly committing treason and working for that ugly foreign power that seeks to suck all things into its venomous vortex.

Then there is the not-so-small matter of the burqa, a draconian relic of the Middle Ages which indicates all Muslim men are rapists, at least given the graphic demonstrations witnessed recently in Sweden and England, where uncovered women are automatically considered eligible to be raped, behavior that is approved by the Holy Qu’ran. <>

In Denmark they are offering classes to immigrants, trying to teach them it’s not OK to rape women on the streets. <>

Already in Germany European schoolgirls have been urged to dress more modestly lest the libidos of recent immigrants be inflamed and sex crime statistics further inflated. This is just more proof that Islamic immigration permanently changes the character and quality of the countries targeted for Qu’ranic invasion. <>

In Britain scandalous stories about Pakistani rape gangs “grooming” preteens for a life of prostitution are overwhelming an inept legal system that hands out shockingly brief sentences to serial gang rapists. <>

The showdown now unfolding before the insatiable appetites of these same escapees from the Third World are likely to leave Europe and the Western world in ruins while simultaneously establishing Muslim belief as the religion of rapists. Only the Jews will be left to pick up the pieces as the world prison scenario they have planned for centuries will finally come to pass.

Actually, it has come to pass.

It was not that long ago when I sympathized with the plight of Muslims trying to establish a foothold in countries that regarded them as pariahs. The Muslims I met in the U.S. were cordial and sincere public spirited citizens, respectful of the traditions of others since they were spiritual visitors to an alien culture.

But the behavior of Muslims throughout Europe during this suspicious and sinister refugee odyssey has changed my mind. Unable to cope with conditions in their own country, they have become a scourge in countries they have decided should support them.

Due to the wars that have been brought down on their heads by the criminal New World Order, you could blame the Jewish controlled Western powers for their need to migrate in the first place. But the fact remains that Muslim refugees from Africa and the near East demand services and conditions in their new countries that they never actually had in their old ones, triggering suspicions that this forced migration is a deliberate, well constructed plan to destabilize the nations the migrants are invading.

Although the Muslim invasion of Europe is getting all the ink these days, the same problem exists in the United States and has for the past few years, particularly in Minnesota <> and in Lewiston, Maine <>

This demolition of Western society by the left-leaning leaders of these countries is ironclad evidence of Jewish controlled treason motivating the behavior of all those leaders like Cameron, Merkel and Obama who are sabotaging their own countries.

This virus of Islam now infecting all the world’s continents is leading us toward a new Dark Age, a world in which we can no longer think but only obey the politically correct orders which inevitably lead to our doom as thinking, responsible, creative individuals.

This new Dark Age in which we can no longer think but only obey is, in case you haven’t noticed, already here.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



3 Responses to “The Virus of Islam”

  1. Lynn says:

    This is just stating the obvious now.. They have been organised to come here for the sole purpose of spreading unrest. Told they will get all they need from a system paid for by the hard working indigenous people. A system that is destroying us. We are getting a kicking whilst they can collect all that they need. We have been stupid to let this happen. There will be trouble ahead.

  2. Nicky says:

    The machinations of the darkness of ignorance Gordon.
    Just exiting a period of apathy due to it. I hope you find the peace inside somehow and find your way.

  3. driver47a says:

    I live in China where the government is seeing more and more muslim restaurants opening so they passed a new law stating that: all restaurants have to sell beer and cigarettes and all must sell pork dishes for the non muslim people who wish to eat there. I will certainly go back to England if an uprising begins. The time for banner waving and peaceful demonstration is over. Force is now the only way to stop this scourge.

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