The Strange Life and Death of Aaron Swartz

[This is a strange video from ‘Anonymous’. The lovers, friends and family of Aaron Swartz can’t stop smiling, despite his violent death at his own hand? His life seems incredibly well documented, always a camera to hand to catch his brilliance. Quite Trumanesue. Was he for real, or did his life and death serve the internet-world-wide-web-of-control? Throw in Stanford, MIT……… That’s if he did really die of course ….. – J]

And from
Get off Facebook NOW, and NEVER hit anyone elses profile or click a like again, EVER, Facebook is now BANNED for anyone with an ounce of awareness
Via a bug Facebook installs when you visit their web site or click a like, even if you have no account with facebook Facebook can keep on monitoring visitors permanently forever after, including all phone numbers, PASSWORDS TO OTHER WEB SITES, every site you ever visit ever again, and more.
There has been a new development with Facebook. Facebook now plants a bug on your computer that hands them your phone numbers, browsing history, and tracks all future history as well as all photos and anything else you do on your computer if you ever hit the web site or ever click a like, even if you have no facebook account. Facebook has gone full hostile, AVOID FACEBOOK LIKE THE PLAGUE.

How do I know this? Easy, Belgium ordered them to stop doing it, and published the court case.

A court in Belgium has ordered Facebook to stop tracking the country’s Internet users who are not members of the US-based social networking website.

“Today the judge… ordered the social network Facebook to stop tracking and registering Internet usage by people who surf the Internet in Belgium within the 48 hours which follow this statement,” the court said on Monday.

The ruling follows a case lodged in June by the Belgian Privacy Commission, which said Facebook indiscriminately tracks Internet users when they click “like” or “share” on the website, or when they visit Facebook pages even if they do not have accounts with the website, according to the court.

“If Facebook ignores this order it must pay a fine of 250,000 euros (269,000 dollars) a day to the Belgian Privacy Commission,” the court noted.

It also said the networking site uses a special cookie called “datr” that lodges on Internet users’ device to track their activities.

Datr provides Facebook with access to an amazing amount of user’s personal information, such as the Internet protocol (IP) address of the computer, browsing data, outside login information, phone numbers, AND MORE. What can be defined as “more?” Well, More than IP address, browsing data, login information to other web sites, and phone numbers has GOT TO mean your photos, anything you type, EVERYTHING because that is the only way it could be more than log-ins to other web sites and your phone numbers! FACEPLANT IS MALWARE ON STEROIDS, AND YOU DON’T EVEN NEED TO SIGN UP OR INSTALL ANYTHING, ONE HIT TO FACEPLANT GETS YOU NAILED.

The Belgian court also said “this is personal data, which according to Belgian law, Facebook can only use if the Internet user expressly gives their consent, as Belgian privacy law dictates.”

In response, Facebook said it would appeal against the decision, emphasizing that the cookie was safe.

“We’ve used the datr cookie for more than five years to keep Facebook secure for 1.5 billion people around the world,” the website’s spokesman said in a statement emailed to AFP.

Despite Paypal log ins being encrypted, all it takes is a keylogger to hand over the data, outside the encryption stream. If Faceplant is so invasive they deserve your Yahoo, Gmail, and other “outside” log in data, what is stopping them from logging everything, and I MEAN EVERYTHING?

Yeah, the cookie (which is malware by a different name if it can do all of that) is “safe” for the Jewish community, which can then obviously use it as a gateway to rape everything on your computer and anything you have on the web wholesale. That is the only way “more” than “outside log ins and phone numbers” can possibly be “more”. Got a skydrive? Faceplant is IN! Got an online bank account? Faceplant is IN! Got a web site you administer? Faceplant is in there too, they have gone five steps over the line and off the cliff, DITCH THEM OR IT WILL BE DOOM, FACEPLANT IS THE NSA WITH NO CHECK AND BALANCE WHATSOEVER.

I hate to say it, but Facebook could probably even censor other web sites via that “cookie!” If they are that invasive, Facebook could do it ALL if they have THAT MUCH access to your computer.

And this court case in Belgium is very real, it happened, this is not a guess, an uncle story, or any sort of fiction. Most likely the only way to make sure Facebook is gone for good is to wipe your hard drive and start over, and NEVER hit that site again or ever even click a “like” EVER AGAIN. I am confident Faceplant is way too filthy to get rid of just by “deleting cookies”,
If they set something up that can get your phone numbers and log in data to other web sites and more just because you visited their site with no account at all, well, that is a hell of a lot more than just a cookie, that is the most virulent auto-installing malware on the planet and if they can install that type of program on your computer automatically without you knowing it, they can plant any “evidence” they want on your computer as well, NO IFS OR BUTS.

And guess what? Google is a percentage of that evil. You see, if you get an android phone, Google continuously tracks your location and keeps the record permanently. And Google does hand the information over when asked. And Google has a fine habit of keeping track of android phone after android phone and linking the history as you change phones, and always has, as it turns out, everything since 2009 (the beginning of Android) has been permanently stored at Google, every phone number dialed, every place you ever went, everything you bought or scanned, ALL OF IT. Who needs the NSA? Google and Faceplant have done the job for them!


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  1. Andreena says:

    The reason that Aaron’s family can’t stop smiling as they are talking about him is that they obviously loved and adored him with all their hearts. If you look closely you can see that his brother is overwhelmed. They are smiling because they know he will always be with them and they will see and think of him as they continue through life and know what he is saying forever. Aaron seemed to be a amazing and very special human and he’s gone too soon.

    • Jennifer says:

      I hope you are right.
      I’ve known two families whose sons have hanged themselves. And they are completely haunted and in pain, years after the event. And they both had nothing to recriminate themselves for. They could not have smiled through a film.
      If the suggestion was that Aaron Swartz was murdered – where was the anger, the accusations? Yes, his father did suggest this, but it really wasn’t fully addressed. Who stands accused, where is the investigation?
      To my cynical old self, Aaron Swarz appeared to be a useful tool of those constructing the internet-world-wide-web-of-control, maybe even from childhood, and then curtesy of MIT, and Stanford., and maybe constructed as the internet’s own martyred boy – or maybe not.
      Alas I also think that file sharing and various ‘Commons’ are a very convenient way for the commercially minded to rape the ideas of the creatively minded – ’twas ever thus!
      Co-incidentally, Aangirfan also posted this video, and there are some very interesting comments there.

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