The Occult Definition of Convict and the Hidden Role of Judges



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The word convict is often used in the legal system to identify people who have been found “guilty” of a crime and is serving a sentence in prison. What most people do not know about the word convict is that there is a deeper meaning to this word. Its deeper meaning is used by the Dark Forces and their minions to mock people who were in prison or are serving a sentence in prison. After reading this article, you will know the occult definition of convict and why the legal system likes to use this word to mock convicts.

The overt definition of convict is “a person proved or declared guilty of an offense.” This definition only defines the word convict at the surface level. To find the deeper meaning of the word convict, you need to split the word into two words “con-vict” and switch them around. When you do this, the words become “vict-con”.

The Occult Definition of Convict

The prefix “vict” comes from the Latin root word vict, meaning “conquer.” It is related to the root word vinc. This is where we get the word victim from. The definition of victim is “a person who is deceived or cheated, as by his or her own emotions or ignorance, by the dishonesty of others, or by some impersonal agency” or “a person or animal sacrificed or regarded as sacrificed”.

To connect the dots, a “con-vict” or “vict-con” is a victim of a con who has been conquered and deceived due to his or her ignorance. This is the covert or occult definition of convict. So, what is the con? The con is the legal system. Convicts are victims of the con known as the legal system.

The legal system is a fraud because it is based on presumption and is run by a bunch of criminals that are using it to con people to pay them money, and therefore it is a con system. Most people who are in prison are in prison because they have been conned by the legal system. The legal system mocks them by calling them convicts. Are you starting to see the big picture here?

For proof of that the legal system is a big fat fraud, read these three articles titled Federal Tax Case Shows Evidence the U.S. Legal System is a Fraud, 32 Shocking Facts About the Legal System that They Don’t Want You to Know, and Proof that the USA is Controlled by Foreign Corporations.

The Hidden Role of Judges

Judges are Jesuit priests. Their hidden role is to charge you with something, so that you can be used as a battery to charge the corporations (corpses or dead entities) of the Dark Forces (groups of demons) and their New World Order. For strong evidence of this, read my empowering article titled The Esoteric Definition of Battery.

Did you know the word corporation (corp-o-ration) has the word corpse in it, and therefore its hidden definition is “a dead body“. The word corporation can also be written as corp. Phonetically, the root word corp sounds similar to the word corpse, which is defined as “a dead body, usually of a human being.” Do you still need more evidence? According to Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Edition, a corporation is “an artificial person or legal entity created by or under the authority of the laws of a state.” An artificial person is considered a dead entity, because it does not exist in the real world.

Have you ever wondered why judges wear black robes? The black robe uniform is the symbol representing a Jesuit priest that worships the god Saturn. During the ancient times, Saturn was associated with the god of law and justice. Today, many secret societies still worship Saturn as the god of law and justice.

According to Jordan Maxwell, the symbol that was used in the religious context for Saturn was the square and its symbolic color was black. This is why judges wear a black robe. It is their way of showing respect to Saturn, the god of law and justice. Whether judges realize it or not, they are religious priests who have been brainwashed by the Dark Forces to cast dark magic spells on people when they are in court.

The legal system is saturated with dark magic. This is why the letter that the court used to notify you to appear in court is called a summons letter. What do witches do when they need to call spirits to appear in front of them? They summon them! They did not call it a summons letter by accident. A lot of court documents also have seals on them. These seals are sigils that are used for real magic rituals. Be aware that magic can be used for good or evil purposes.

Did You Know Bar Attorneys are Templar Agents?

As for attorneys, especially Bar attorneys, they are Templar agents. These agents are committing crimes in the USA, Canada, Australia, and other certain countries under the guise and color of law. Bar attorneys work for the same secret organizations (the Crown of England and the Crown Temple) that tried to enslave the American people in the 1700s.

These two secret organizations were heavily involved in the killing of Americans during the American War of Independence. Today, the Crown of England and the Crown Temple still have the same dark agendas. Unfortunately, they have already taken over the court and political system of the USA over 100 years ago. These two secret organizations are controlled by the Vatican, which is the religious center for the Dark Forces.

People who work for the legal system are unknowingly or knowingly abetting FRAUD. This system is run by a bunch of CRIMINALS working for the CROWN OF ENGLAND, the CROWN TEMPLE, and the VATICAN. Because of this, nearly all judges and Bar attorneys are traitors to the human race. However, there are some judges and attorneys who are working for the legal system, because they want to learn how it really works, so that they can expose the corruption in the legal system and teach others how to prevent it from enslaving the human race. To find good solutions to a problem, you need to be aware of it and know how it works.



5 Responses to “The Occult Definition of Convict and the Hidden Role of Judges”

  1. beLIEve says:

    HOORAY…..the big SCAM is being exposed.
    The “legal” system is ……UNLAWFUL.

    • This is amazing
      So does this mean I wonder, all judges. For them to be promoted into the post. All secretly join the Jesuit order, and during evenings and weekends they all worship Saturn. Therefore Cherie blair must be a Jesuit agent.
      Attorneys barristers are Templar agents? I wonder if they are all aware and conscious of this? if they ALL attend secret rituals and have occult knowledge. This surely cant be the case. Perhaps most are unwitting Templar agents

      And about the Templars. I am unsure if they are good or bad. Some sources say good, against the evil of Rome. Perhaps theres 2 knights Templar factions? And one is the one referred to above, the satanic one

      And so….actual magic, and spiritual forces, are being used and manipulated inside the courtroom? And this is to do what? Drain the Qi energy of the defendant, for the battery?

      I think taxes and debt drain Qi too. It is amazing that all this is going on.

      And btw I haven’t any desire , really, to attend any rituals. I don’t think its what I want to get into at all. But from a physiucs point of view, with regard Summons. Does this mean witches and others, can actually make spirits/demons visually appear in the room? Maybe within the pentagram on the floor itself? That would be f*cking insane to see.

      And if its true. The one thing that could help this world a lot I feel. is if a large theatre or even concert stadium. Demonstrated a summons by a witch. of course this would be explained away as special effects.

      But what im trying to get at is, it does seem that most or all the problems in this world stem from the fact the Occult is hidden. It should be openly taught and discussed as an aspect of physics. How our world works.

      Perhaps even making it more sterile and clinical, so it can be objectively appreciated more and understood. A Summons in a physics lab for example?

      Which im sure has gone on over many decades in the secret governments

  2. Dogman says:

    (i) In 1185, following the successful Pisan campaign to capture major Greek Island from the Byzantines using Basque, Sicilian, Gascon and English mercenaries, the Pisans agreed to establish a branch of their banking empire known as the Ordo Pauperes Templum or “Order of the Poor of the (Money) Temple” in London. King Henry II Plantagenet (1154-1189) of England granted the “Knights Templar” the former grounds of Southampton House and surrounds west from Arundel St and the boundaries of the Thames and Fleet St east to the boundary of Bouverie St and Temple Ave; and

    (ii) Similar to all banking compounds of the Pisan banking order, the Knights Templar commissioned significant and imposing stone defenses and walls to be erected around its London land holding, completed by 1194, with two (2) minor entrances to the east and west, one (1) major entrance from the docks and area onto the Thames (now known as the Middle Temple Gatehouse) and the primary land gate located at the beginning of Fleet st near St Clement Danes known as Bar Gate, or simply the Bar; and

    (iii) Within the walled compound known collectively as “The Temple”, the Pisan banking order created a massive wall following the path of Essex St dividing the western compound and the “Bar Gate” from the eastern remainder of the compound. This became known as the Outer Temple and was the walled compound in which banking, money changing, conveyances, loans and credit were conducted via entrance from the north or “Bar Gate”. By tradition, a merchant or trader had to be “admitted to the Bar” in order to engage in commerce within the walled compound known as the “Outer Temple”; and

    (iv) A second internal wall was also constructed dividing the Outer Temple to the west from the north eastern part of the Temple compound following the Middle Temple Lane. This internal divide separated the Outer Temple from the Middle Temple area and the “Inner Temple” to the north east corner. The Middle Temple area then housed warehouses, markets were erected connected from the south gate (Middle Temple Gate) and the warehouses and docks for merchants. The Middle Temple was therefore for wholesale trade and business between merchants of the sea and the bank; and

    (v) The Inner Temple to the North East corner was only accessible by an internal gate from the Middle Temple and the East Gate and was the main treasure vaults, chancery of documents and accommodation for banking staff, mercenaries and visiting Pisan nobles.

    Source –

    • All interesting stuff Dogman
      So therefore, I take it, the knights Templar are just as evil as the rest? Babylonian money magic, and being secretive and part of the problem of whats going on in the world around us today? I was hoping theres a good faction of Templars that want openness, practice white magic, possibly even invoke the power of Jesus Christ. A faction who aren’t Satanists, who might be fighting for us behind the scenes. I think ic ould be wrong in this hope though

      BTW look at this. This could have Templar/freemason links

      Massive Network of Stone Age Tunnels Found from Scotland to Turkey
      Posted: 19 Nov 2015 01:41 PM PST

      A massive network of ancient 12,000 year old underground tunnels has been discovered going across Europe from Scotland to Turkey. There are said to be literally thousands of these secret tunnels that are located north in Scotland, all the way down to the Mediterranean.

      German archaeologist, Dr Heinrich Kusch had written a book that details these ancient underground stone age superhighway, published in German and called “Secrets Of The Underground Door To An Ancient World.”

  3. Dogman says:

    The Jesuit Order has its origins back as the Knights Templar. There were many Knights Templars but the Pope only spared a small amount of Templars. These Templars were allowed to go to the powerful Kingdom of Aragon and become the Order of the Calatrava since they were not allowed to be called Knights Templar. These then were connected with the later Order of the Montessa. Both of these orders exist today and are now controlled by the Jesuit trained King Juan Carlos of Spain. The same King Juan Carlos who carries the most powerful Templar title called the ‘King of Jerusalem‘ known as the ‘Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem‘. A title which gives him complete power over the Middle East and North Africa, do a study of his powerful Union for the Mediterranean headed in Barcelona Spain and also based in Malta. King Juan Carlos heads the powerful Bourbon bloodline which is the second oldest monarchy behind only the Japanese Emperor. King Juan Carlos dominates the Commonwealth Crown and second layer of the Papal Tiara.

    Source –

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