The Friday 13th Attacks In Paris

TAP – Why do people always talk about Friday the 13th with trepidation?  On Friday the 13th October in 1307, the Catholic Church arrested, tortured and massacred the Knights Templar. Founded about two hundred years previously, the Knights Templar had captured Edessa in Syria (today in Turkey), where they found out a very different version of the history of Jesus, or rather King Jesus from local historians, and they realised immediately that they would have to keep this knowledge silent when they returned home, or they would have been treated to a roasting over hot coals.  So they formed a secret association and became a closed society, which was able to prosper using the knowledge gained.  They preferred to remain ‘poor’ as individuals but allow their fraternity to become supremely rich.  Finally the Catholic Church caught up with them, fearing the release of the secrets to a wider audience, and jealous of the success of the Knights Templar.  The secret knowledge was that Jesus fought a war of liberation against Rome, which he lost.  He was the King Of Edessa, with very different beliefs to those being imposed  on the world by the Catholic Church, which was suppressing liberty and free thought at least until the Enlightenment.  Jesus wanted the world to develop and to be free of the power of the Roman Empire, and would have hated the way his name has been misused for the last two thousand years.  The modern world, and the age of reason eventually emerged once the Catholic Church had been finally defeated in battle at The Boyne in Ireland.  Due to the escape of Mary Magdalene to France around AD70, and due to the influence of the Knights Templar who drove Moslems out of Europe,  the Orange Order finally achieved control of first Holland then England, and the free world we know today became possible.


The reactionary forces who hate the release of general liberty to the whole human population, and who wish the world to be cast back into its former slavery, are using the Islamists to create the situation in which totalitarian power can be politically justified once more.  France is now closed and under martial law.  Friday 13th is the day these forces have struck against our freedom yet once more.  Evil is trying to reduce us all to slaves.  Good must once more fight back.  The secrets of the Knights Templar, and the way religions are concocted to produce the subjection of humanity must become known to more people.  Humanity must stop expecting the thinking to be delivered on a plate by the institutions of the powerful, as we will only ever receive a corrupted message.  Our own hearts and minds know what is right and wrong.  We’ve been blinded by the subtlest of deceptions for thousands of years.  We have to start afresh.

by kenneth

Paris has been attacked for the second time this year. Cui bono?…
…The globalists’ “anti-establishment” controlled opposition figures, that’s who. (Image source: The Guardian)

As we ponder the attacks, let’s take stock of two things we know…

1) The globalists are the ones forcibly holding the door open for immigrant invasions of the US and Europe.

2) The globalist intelligence agencies are the ones recruiting, training, arming, funding and transporting “Muslim terrorists” throughout the world.

So why are they doing these things? To create increasing public tension over the disruptive presence of the immigrants, then unleash that tension with immigrant-linked false flag attacks. The released tension will then be channeled through the controlled opposition figures to create movement towards New World Order goals. I wrote about this in The Illuminati strategy of tension and release.

And here is something I wrote after the last round of Paris attacks in January (from The Paris Attacks, Marine Le Pen and Ron Paul)…


It didn’t take long for the propaganda exploitation to flow after the false-flag attacks onJanuary 7. On the 8th, Slate posted this article on Marine Le Pen


6 Responses to “The Friday 13th Attacks In Paris”

  1. Jennifer says:

    The feeling in some quarters of t’internet is that Marine Le Pen’s party arguement about open borders will now be very conveniently closed in all senses – thus thwarting a very popular political opposition party. Plus the bonus of trying out Martial Law techniques with slaps on the back to the armed gendarmerie a la Boston.
    Where do migrant refugees obtain their assault rifles and bombs?
    I do believe that the defeat at the Battle of the Boyne ushered in the completely corrupt takeover by the Freemasons, liberty, equality, fraternity, is only for them, Jaques de Molay did not fry in vain (if he ever did!).

  2. beLIEve says:

    False Flag “orchestrated” by the “Loonati” aka RKM ….”RATs-child khazar MAFIA” assisted by khazar Hollande ?

  3. Lynn says:

    All eyes left..that gives them cover of the Syrian conflict. Russian plane and Bibi’s 50 billion from unle Sam.

  4. Lynn says:

    Lockdown now for the climate summit. They don’t want the summit broken up. Hey presto they can stop any riots from disturbing the game changer. They have planned this .

  5. nick says:

    Migrants get their guns and bombs illigally via trafficking from the open borders of europe. Where there is money to be made there is corruption. After all, don’t robbery gangs manage to get weapons? Do the people selling them care what the weapons are used for, I bet they don’t ask.
    These attacks are good news for the recruitment of Le Pens party, I think there may even be a call to expel all muslims.
    The same teams who carried out the attacks could have shot and killed armed police who were guarding before they started their massacre, so I doubt if heavily armed police on the streets would make a difference. It would lead to even more weapons being available!

    According to what I have read, the Battle of the Boyne wasn’t a real battle, no lead bullets have ever been found in the field where it was supposed to have taken place. It was a symbolic hand over of power, all agreed by the main players.
    The Freemasons and Catholic church are 2 sides of the same coin.

  6. Lynn says:

    We can’t get through any borders. We are locked down. Not the terrorists. Security is for us only.

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