Syrian government makes progress securing Southern supply route into Aleppo

Regime forces were able to retake large swathes of Aleppo’s southern countryside from the opposition, whose weaponry is insufficient in the face of Iranian and Russian ground and air support.
Author Mohammed al-Khatieb  Posted October 30, 2015

Translator  Pascale Menassa

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Free Syrian Army fighters fire rockets toward forces loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in the countryside of Quneitra, Syria, June 17, 2015. (photo by REUTERS/Alaa Al-Faqir)

After Iranian, Russian military advances Syrian opposition suffers setback in Aleppo

ALEPPO, Syria — Russian and Iranian support of Syrian government forces proved to be pivotal in recent fighting in Aleppo’s southern countryside. Syrian opposition forces lost several important towns and strategic locations in a large-scale offensive the Bashar al-Assad regime and its allies launched Oct. 16. The opposition brigades declared a full public mobilization Oct. 17 to try to counter the attack.

Summary⎙ Print Regime forces were able to retake large swathes of Aleppo’s southern countryside from the opposition, whose weaponry is insufficient in the face of Iranian and Russian ground and air support.

Author Mohammed al-KhatiebPosted October 30, 2015

TranslatorPascale Menassa

On Oct. 13, Iranian officials had announced that Iranian troops numbering in the thousands had arrived in Syria to prepare, along with Lebanese Hezbollah forces, for the offensive outside Aleppo. While Iran backed regime forces on the ground, Russia handled air support, having launchedmilitary operations Sept. 30. The government forces would not have been able to make progress in the countryside without the Iranian and Russia efforts. The opposition forces had long maintained their grip on the largest part of the region by deterring regime attacks, the last of which occurred in June 2014 on towns close to Jabal Azan.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United States have not provided the opposition forces they support with new or qualitatively better arms since the Russian intervention, despite reports in the media that Saudi Arabia was supplying the Free Syrian Army (FSA) with more lethal arms, including surface-to-air missiles, in response to Russia’s involvement. “I did not see or receive any new weapons,” Col. Ahmad Othman, commander-in-chief of the Sultan Murad Brigade, an FSA affiliate, told Al-Monitor. “We received more supplies, but they are all ordinary weapons like we received months ago. We have TOW missiles that played a vital role in the battles against the regime.”

FSA brigades — which include the Thuwar al-Sham Battalions, the 13th Division, the 101st Division, Suqour al-Jabal and others — destroyed dozens of tanks and armored vehicles during the regime attack on Aleppo’s southern countryside. Othman shared videos showing that the Sultan Murad Brigade alone had destroyed eight tanks and nine other vehicles during Oct. 16-23.

Despite these losses in equipment, the regime forces gradually advanced with allied support. Since the launch of the attack, the regime regained 15 towns, among them Abtin, Blas, Kfar Abid, al-Sabiqiya and al-Wedihi, some 80 square kilometers (31 square miles), between Oct. 16 and Oct. 26.

It does not seem that the extra supplies of anti-tank missiles the opposition fighters received are alone capable of restoring the military balance that shifted with the Aleppo attacks. “We retreated from our positions due to the firing intensity that the regime benefitted from, thanks to the Iranian and Russian support,” said Othman. “The battles have definitely gotten more challenging following Russia’s air force intervention and the unlimited Iranian support. Therefore, we need more developed weapons, especially anti-aircraft missiles.”

The desert and mountainous terrain of the Aleppan southern countryside has aided the regime forces. The battles there require heavy weapons, rather than individual armaments. The regime forces are therefore able to hold their ground on hills and in highlands due to their superior fire power. As a result, they can control wide areas and track opposition movements. All this makes it easier for the regime to advance in the area, compared to in other regions.

The opposition groups in Aleppo are also weaker than the other groups in the country because of the war of attrition there against the Islamic State (IS). That part of the war caused the opposition to lose wide swathes of Aleppo’s northern countryside to IS on Oct. 9, starting at Tall Qarah, Fafin, Kulliyat al-Mushat and Tall Suwsein.

Aleppo’s southern countryside is of strategic importance to the regime. It contains the supply line between the areas under its control in Aleppo — among them the western neighborhoods, the Nairab military airport and the downtown area — and the other regions it dominates. Its military operations are aimed at expanding its supply route to protect it from attacks that might block it.

The regime has focused on Aleppo’s southern countryside because it is an easy front on which to outduel the opposition. It made remarkable progress that will allow it to ensure its supply line to Aleppo. Without new weapons to restore the military balance altered by the regime’s Russian and Iranian allies, the opposition forces retreated.

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2 Responses to “Syrian government makes progress securing Southern supply route into Aleppo”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    The Plan Fails

    This week it was learned that Saudi Arabia, working with Jordan, Israel and the CIA and aided by rogue Palestinian factions, planned a lighting strike against Syria’s capitol of Damascus. Saudi Arabia had was supplying money, mercenaries, American built M1A tanks by the shipload while Israel was to fly air cover with the air force America gave it.

    They were waiting for the stifling heat to break while an Israeli force of 800 set up command and control facilities for the terrorist groups that were to bear the brunt of the fighting, led by the CIA’s al Qaeda partners inside Syria, Jabat al Nusra and the so called Free Syrian Army.

    A combined ISIS and al Nusra drive on Aleppo, aided by the Turkish Army, cutting off Latakia, was to draw off the Syrian Arab Army, leaving the capitol exposed. Recent American attacks on the Aleppo power stations were to signal the beginning of the drive on that city of 2.5 million, what was scheduled to be the “beginning of the end” for Syria.

    Then came Russia. Secret Russian air attacks across Southern Syria that never show up on the maps from groups like the Institute for the Study of War annihilated the units in place needed to provide support for this strike. One Israeli general is dead, another captured in Iraq, Turks, Saudi’s and Chechens killed and captured. Conversely, four Iranian generals have died in the defense of Syria.
    First appeared:

  2. Aldous says:

    ‘Regime forces’ this piece starts off, then I lost count of how many times ‘regime’ was used after that. The US and UK – ALL NATO countries in fact – are governed by tyrannical regimes, Zionist occupied or bought-off bloodthirsty regimes paid for with Rothschild western central bank funny money created out of nothing and issued at interest to western taxpayers. Western ‘democracies’ (what a sick joke) – the lands of the fee and homes of the slave.

    Don’t these scumbags just love the word ‘democracy’?
    “The new U.S. -backed Democratic(sic) Forces of Syria claims to be fighting Islamic State but we suspect that’s just a PR feint. Its main objective will still be the ousting of President Assad, just like the Free Syrian Army before it and Islamic State today.”

    The fact that President Assad is the ‘UN’ recognised democratically elected leader (by a huge margin at the last elections) of Syria, doesn’t seem to concern these paedophiles and all manner of perverts and criminal entities that infest western ZOG’s.
    ZOG’s who casually kill their own citizens in despicable false flag attacks and lie to them whenever they open their filthy mouth-traps supported by a complicit mainstream media.

    They may all (attempt to) delay their day of reckoning and judgement but make no mistake, it’s in the post and won’t ever be lost or delayed indefinitely. Millions – many millions of times more than the Zionist Jews’ ridiculous and fictitious 6 million Talmud fable – of good Gentile citizens of all ages have paid for that postage in blood and lots of it.

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