Scaremongering about growth of Europe’s Moslem population

My experience of Moslem people is that the vast majority don’t give a monkeys about their religion like the majority of so-called ‘Christians’.  People go about their lives, whatever their religion, having kids, getting married, buying a house, a car, finding jobs and so on.  It’s only a tiny minority who are horrific in their behaviour, whether that be Catholic priests raping children, or Inquisitions torturing or massacring opponents.  The vast majority of human beings of whatever religion have no aggressive agenda.  The few who do however are incredibly dangerous – the ones who believe in massacring anyone who doesn’t believe the same nonsense that they do.  Asking people to hate or fear Moslems by virtue of their numbers, as does this video, misses the target.  It’s the minority that are a danger to the rest of humanity, not the majority.

It’s just like the Germans and the NAZIs.   Elements within the NAZI war machine were torturing and mass murdering away and millions died.  Yet the vast majority of the German people were simply caught up in the horrors of WW2 and had no interest in the destruction of millions of fellow human beings.  Hitler was funded by the Bushes, and was inserted and controlled by the cabal.

The bankers need to create wars to maintain their position of control over humanity, so they create agencies of horror such as the Nazis, and, more recently, the Islamists to foment trouble.  ISIS are the new NAZIs.  Very dangerous, yet they are not representative of all Moslems.   That religion, like Catholicism, runs on fear, and the majority are sufficiently afraid to keep quite while the few kill and torture the victims.  All we need Moslems to do is to have an Enlightenment, to renounce the ‘flog ’em, kill’em, control ’em’ philosophy’ espoused in the Koran.  Just as the Christian religion finally softened its stance and ceased massacring opponents such as Protestants apart from during WW2 when the Catholics/Jesuit SS reverted to massacring opposing religions – (Serbs, Ukrainian Russians and Jews inter alia), Islam must become a human-based religion which permits life without fear,  or it too will have to be defeated as were the Catholics.

The difference with the Christians is that their holy book didn’t advocate the mass killing of ‘heretics’.  That was the decision of Popes who became overly powerful.  The Koran, however, does frequently make it clear that kaffirs must be killed.   At what stage will Moslems, like the Christians, decide that making a living is actually more important than adhering to texts written to promote wars and seizure of property from others in ancient times?  Will the eventual military defeat of ISIS bring about a new vision of the future, as defeat in battle changed Catholicism after The Battle Of The Boyne.

Here are today’s scary demographics of Moslems within Europe.  The video reminds me of the scary Malthusian population growth figures put around fifty years ago to justify population control, except the scare here is of a falling population across Europe.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Well said Tap “My experience of Moslem people is that the vast majority don’t give a monkeys about their religion like the majority of so-called ‘Christians’.”

    Having been out on the piss on occasion with good “muslims” I agree. Also counter to the stereotype as purveyed by our mass media whores and their controllers is the tolerance of Muslim run balti houses / restaurants ie we wont sell you alcohol “as its against our religion” but you are welcome to bring your own and would you like a glass and a bottle opener.

    Be your own judge and dont be led by those that would manipulate stereotypes in order to create and manipulate conflict usually to their own financial advantage.

  2. Lynn says:

    True Sov. We have had the same conversations. If they were out to get us they could poison the Ruby Murray we all eat.

    They are here because they were brought here. They are westernised now. However some have shops and businesses that are money laundering and trafficking. The law just looks the other way. Also they vacate for 3 months every year back to the homeland and that loophole allows them a tax free existence. Also they won’t pay any interest on finance etc. Against their religion. They are becoming successful middle class now. All planned. Whilst the white man slides into liquidation. Hmm.

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