Russian Airbus ‘crash’. The usual culprits.

A False Flag?

It’s also important to note that this doomed flight originated at the beach resort destination ofSharm El-Sheikh in Egypt, which happens to be a well-known Israeli Mossad ‘intelligence playground’ and there was Israeli covert involvement in this incident, it would not be the first time that a deadly Israeli false flag attack was used in order to engineer, deflect attention (away from Israeli plans to partition or relocate Palestinians from East Jerusalem), or stir the international pot with the aim of starting a wider war between the US and another party (see USS Liberty).


Remote Control Hijacking?

Another real possibility is that this Airbus plane was taken control of in mid-flight. Most new Boeing and Airbus airliners are equipped with a technology referred to as ‘Uninteruptable Autopilot’, whereby an external party can take control of the flight functions. When this system is engaged, external cockpit communications are halted while the plane is flown ‘by wire’ to a destination (or crashed?). 21WIRE has also looked into the unprecedented disappearance of MH370, thesubsequent downing of MH17, and the fateful Germanwings Flight which crashed last spring, where details have come to light regarding the history of the remote autopilot function installed within Boeing commercial airliners (a subject which also opens the door to the events of 9/11).

Note today’s Russian Kolavia Flight 7K9268 is an Airbus A321 model – which is the same as the previously downed Germanwings flight. Both have gone down in similar fashion.

For information about the technical features of Boeing and Airbus standard remote control hijacking systems, listen to our SUNDAY WIRE interview with veteran airline pilot Field McConnell.


30 Responses to “Russian Airbus ‘crash’. The usual culprits.”

  1. dkblue says:

    What raised my hackles was initial reports of sounds of voices moaning from the wreckage which was then dismissed and glossed over without explanation. Survivors would need to be silenced in the event of foul play a la Poland.

    • Aldous says:

      Good point dk blue. You’ve reminded me of another anomaly that could well be connected to what you say.
      Initial reports were definite in saying there are NO survivors. How do they know that?
      The wreckage is strewn over 20 square kilometres after latest (Russian) reports state categorically that it broke up in the air.
      Even today they have only recovered 163 of the 224 passengers. Obviously ‘recovery’ of bodies doesn’t mean they haven’t been located but it seems highly unlikely that all of the passengers/victims were located yesterday. Let’s face it, some bodies may never be found if they have departed from the aircraft entirely after its break up. It didn’t break up over the sea but it did break up over a sea of desert, very sparsely populated.
      Israel in the cross hairs again methinks. Murderous usurping swine that they are – whether they are wholly responsible or not.

    • Jennifer says:

      Whaaaaaat? Survivors from a 31000 ft explosion?
      Unreal, at many, many points. Just like kick-offs for 1914, and 1939.
      All sides are now positioning for the total fabrication for the kick-off of the WWiii game. Do you get that symbolism of the Economist 2015 graphic yet? World Cup Rugby final day 31/10/15 = kick off of a much bigger game……

      • Aldous says:

        Jennifer, there have been quite a few miraculous escapes from such altitudes.

        An RAF crew member of a stricken Lancaster bomber survived a fall from 20,000 feet in World War 2. Numerous things were in his favour such as trees and sloping ground which broke his fall and cushioned the impact making it non fatal. Then there’s this example of snatching another shot at life from the near certain jaws of death:

        Over the target area, flack damaged Magee’s plane, and then German fighters shot off a section of the right wing.

        Magee, who was wounded, scrambled back into the cabin, but his parachute was ruined.

        “He saw a gap in the spinning plane and jumped out,” said Jenkins, who explained that in the confusion Magee forgot he wasn’t wearing a chute.

        “He remembered tumbling,” Jenkins said. But at that altitude, Magee quickly lost consciousness.

        Eyewitnesses saw Magee crash through the Nazaire train station’s glass skylight, breaking his fall. When he regained consciousness, Magee said to his captors: “Thank God I’m alive.”

        Magee’s injuries included 28 shrapnel wounds. A lung and kidney were hit. His nose and an eye were ripped open. His broken bones included his right leg and ankle. A right arm was nearly severed.

        Jenkins said the Germans decided that anyone who could miraculously survive deserved “real special attention.”

        With the German doctors’ help, Magee fully recovered. Jenkins said Magee later hiked and backpacked and “led a pretty good life.”

        Two of his crewmen also survived. In all, 75 airmen died, seven U.S. planes were destroyed and 47 were damaged that day, he said.

        Magee was a prisoner of war until May 1945. He received the Air Medal for meritorious conduct and the Purple Heart.

        Falling from the sky – with the remote possibility of trees, sloping ground, deep snow or sand etc on impact – offers pretty much the best last dash for life’s closing door, as opposed to say, flying into a mountainside where the massive deceleration makes survival nigh impossible, not to mention trauma damage.
        Having said that though, there is the Cali air crash (Controlled Flight Into Terrain) of American Airlines Flight 965 just before Christmas 1995. Somehow, four passengers survived this non survivable crash down to pilot error.
        In those days, the GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System) was not that advanced and only gave a 10 second warning of terrain ahead. The ‘Escape Manoeuvre’ entailed applying maximum power with the aircraft quickly configured for maximum lift. Nowadays, much more notice is available due to global mapping and the GPWS having access to it. CFIT though is still a cause of some air accidents.

        [HD] American 965 -Air Crash Investigation- (Lost) -FS2004 (3:01)
        Russian BASE jump, Wile E Coyote style crash (0:35)

  2. Aldous says:

    I’m certain the plane was downed and 224 innocents murdered by the usual suspects. I’m also certain it won’t go unpunished by the Russian Federation.
    Not that I would anyway but I certainly wouldn’t go anywhere near an El Al plane in the foreseeable future.

    • sovereigntea says:

      I would bet on it however none of us can yet be certain given the contradictory media reports which we are forced to rely upon.
      The plane concerned bashed its tail a couple of years ago “tailstrike” which may have led to a catastrophic mechanical failure.

      We will have to wait until the Ruskis investigate & publish the results. This presents the Ruskis with an opportunity to shame the sloth like Dutch investigators of MH17 with a timely and candid report. The Dutch are yet to produce the MH17 cockpit voice recordings held in London … have they something to hide ?

  3. ian says:

    It certainly matches what happens. Play by our rules or we’ll crash your planes. I’d buy nothing from them and I wouldn’t show them even a birds nest. Horrible people.

  4. Truth will prevail says:

    “Russian Airbus ‘crash’. The usual culprits”

    “…Play by our rules or we’ll crash your planes. (…) Horrible people” (ian)

    Certainly they are – most horrible – the (secret service) terrorists who commit such crimes killing lots of innocent people to blackmail governments.

    Why can’t the Evil Ones leave us (humanity) alone and live in peace? We know the answers; terrorists don’t want peace, they need terror.

    Today I’ve asked a Jewish rabbi if he could explain the most important teachings of the Thorah, orthodox Judaism and Babylonian Judaism to me; his answer: Why can’t you( the Christians) not leave us (the Jews) alone? He denied the Babylonian Talmud, was very evasive (“Babylonian Talmud denial”)

    I finished the conversation and kept myself from asking: Isn’t it rather the other way round? Why do you (Zionist Jews) not leave us alone? Why don’t you leave Germany alone?
    Why do Zionist Jews want to destroy Germany all over again – by flooding the country with false refugees and terrorists from your wars?

    No chance to ask the necessary questions; impossible to talk to him (a case of serious denial)

    The Muslim Imam I’ve talked to recently was more open-minded.
    It’s a very strange world we live in; especially here in Germany.

    Prof Dr Ursula Haverbeck is on trial again for “holocaust denial”; she is being accused of denying “the holocaust” (the alleged deliberate extermination of Jews by gassing and burning them on ovens) by stating that Auschwitz was a labour camp; she didn’t say “extermination camp” (Panorama interview)

    • sovereigntea says:

      All of the available evidence supports the hypothesis that Auschwitz was a forced labour / internment camp. There is no credible evidence supporting gassing / burning.

      The first postwar signpost at Auschwitz declared 4million dead the latest a mere 1 million. Do the maths 6 million minus three is a total of 3 million.

      Merkel betrays the German people when she publicly supports the zionist holocaust mantra and fraudulent reparations to the dreadful few.

      If not Germany then what Euro Fuhrer Merkel ?

      Wenn nicht , dann was für Deutschland Euro Fuhrer Merkel ?

      See how Merkel casts away the German flag whilst inviting in NATO’s refugee hoards to provoke tensions and conflict in Europe.

      Angela Merkel visibly disgusted by German flag – Throws it away during celebration

      David Irving dug up a mistakenly declassified document, where the psyops group had ordered their field people to break all links and destroy all their paperwork, as the “gas chambers thing was getting out of hand”. Irving became a marked man for his unrelenting exposures like this.

  5. Aldous says:

    This is ‘hot’:

    (There is a further update in this screenshot)

  6. Lynn says:

    Sickening to think these plane’s are brought down full of innocent people to blackmail governments. Then portrayed in the media as accidents. This could kick off as Jennifer has said. They are desperate now that Putin has raised the stakes. They have everything to lose now. All those hundreds of millions murdered to gain the controllers more control. Someone needs to let these people know they are on a hiding to no -where. People need to be rounding on a the PM and tell him we are not aiding and abetting their flavour of Democracy any longer.

  7. Aldous says:

    Earlier this year, mainstream media was told to prepare for the death of a senior royal. Of course, the ‘said senior royal’ has likely been dead for some time but such deaths nowadays are never wasted on a pointless moment in time but instead, used at a time of maximum benefit to the usual suspects.
    They say Mandela was dead for quite a while before his death was officially announced to the world.

    What’s going to get this Russian Airbus story and Syrian issues off the front pages in short shrift?

  8. beLIEve says:

    Says the “crash” is a hoax.

    Some parts of the damaged plane, are in too good a condition to have dropped out of the sky from 30,000,000 feet, from a plane whose fuel tanks were almost full.

    nodisinfo is saying the “plane” is a junk yard wreck positioned, in an attempt to mimic crash wreckage.

    Crisis actors filmed receiving “grief acting” instructions.

    What is the point of staging such a LIE if, it is a lie ?
    I haven’t got a clue.

    Saturday was Halloween and ..”lucy-fur”…likes his “stooges” to make sacrifice ?
    BUT if, the thing was STAGED, these are not authentic sacrifice ?

    I am wondering if, the …PARASITIC “ar-cons” need to feast off the… negative energy… that flows from …NEWS REPORTS…of multiple deaths.

    The “ar-cons” can feed until we wake up to the HOAX.

    • Aldous says:

      beLlEve, you might find these links useful:

      Web Sites Which Publish Fake News and Other Hoaxes [The comments are well worth reading – the main reason I’m posting the link – and throw suspicion and serious doubt on Fort Liberty itself] – Review: This site has some negative feedback

      Facts You Should Know About The Site

    • downbutnotout says:

      “The ar-cons” can feed until we wake up to the hoax”.

      My impression is that there’s more scepticism around than fear. I hope they have a good supply of indigestion tablets.

      • beLIEve says:

        I agree there is a considerable amount of scepticism around.

        In fact, it is understandable why so many people avoid the news.

        Maybe the dwindling numbers of news viewers means the “ar-cons” are going hungry so, the HOAX DISASTERS need to be ramped up ?

      • downbutnotout says:

        ‘Maybe the dwindling numbers of news viewers means the “ar-cons” are going hungry so, the HOAX DISASTERS need to be ramped up ?’

        Yes, that could be the case … although ‘ramped up’ doesn’t necessary equate with ‘more fear’ being generated for them to guzzle … could generate more scepticism instead. Ouch. Pass the Rennies.

        Still, they could do with losing some weight.

  9. Dogman says:

    From Jim Stone:
    RT has reported the plane had tourists aboard, but in addition to this the plane had only Russians aboard, which strongly indicates this was a very important aircraft flown out of Egypt for a purpose with important people aboard. Most likely they were either important to Russia’s government and/or Russian defense or business, this is the only probable way both the passengers and crew were entirely Russian. If the plane was not flown for a specific official purpose, the passengers would have most likely been of mixed origin.

    RT has reported that the crew complained of engine problems before takeoff, and that they requested to land in Cairo, HOWEVER, the crash characteristics match a missile strike and not engine problems for the following reason – obvious complete structural failure of the airframe caused the plane to drop like a rock IN FLAMES after it hit cruising altitude at 30,000 feet. A plane cannot just fall out of the sky from 30,000 feet like this one did unless the wings are missing, if this was an engine failure it would have taken this aircraft a half hour to crash from that altitude, with full dialog from the pilots all the way down.

    Instead, radar tracked this plane falling like a rock, with no communication from the pilots while it did so, until it vanished from radar at 5,000 feet and fell in the mountains.

    • beLIEve says:


      Interesting link.

      It is a “LLUNATI” numbers game.

      On Halloween 1999, there was a similar HOAX crash in Egypt that killed the same number of people.

  10. Gordon says:

    Isn’t strange that we only hear of small and large passenger plane crashes (accidents) on a fairly regular basis but never hear of a cargo plane crash. I’d dearly like to see those chemplanes downed.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Look harder –

      Alpha to Omega = Beginning to End Omega is the final letter in the Greek alphabet.

      See Youtube

      Israel 747 cargo plane 1862 crash in Holland 1992 (part 1 of 5)


        Wednesday, November 11, 2015

        New Moon Phase: 12:45 pm ET/5:45 pm UT – initiate, intend

        Moon in Scorpio

        Goddess of Wisdom: Kamala – Goddess of the Lotus, Goddess Who Transcends Limitations

        God of Will/Desire: Elias – God of the West, God of Transformation

        Skill: open up

        Catalysts for Change: rigid, insincere, superficial show, two-faced, sinister thoughts, overly-dependent on others, looking for an excuse, missed opportunities, limitations, going too fast, impermanence

        True Alignments: fluid, genuine, heightened intuition, playing nicely with others, longevity, messages, looking in the background, faith, courage, curiosity, willing to relate, knowing one is not alone

        Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway”

        Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

        The Sabian symbols of the degrees of the planets at the time of the New Moon today tell us a story about what the next month has in store for us:

        Wisps of clouds, like wings, stream across the sky over a group of young people sitting around a campfire. A girl’s face breaks into a smile. She recognizes the sign.

        At the same time, followers of long-forgotten teachings, hear a call in the distance. They recognize the sign.

        They all race to the place they are guided, where seemingly out of nowhere, a woman draws aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway.

        Lining up like a grand parade, they take the Sacred Road, the Flight with Spirit.

        Welcome to the New Moon in Scorpio — the Lunar Month of Scorpio — which seems rather mysterious, but is really, rather simply, opening us more fully to the Divine. When that happens, the world changes.

        The entire astrological year is about evolving (re-tuning, re-calibrating) human consciousness to be in accordance with what is in integrity, harmony, and the value of life. So all things that fall along that side are being empowered and supported. The power of all things that fall along the other side, the side of dominance, control, and deception, are unsupported and are dissolving away.

        Another road opens for us this month, one that takes us along the path of creating the unfolding Second Renaissance, the Rebirth of Wisdom. It’s also the “return of sanity” which is synonymous with “ending of archontic control.”

        The past month was the indicator or assessment of the new world order’s (unnatural world order’s) power level. The juxtaposition of the Sabian symbol for that month and the fact that it came at the time of solar year that is like a month-long Full Moon, with the fullest potential to manifest anything, but especially anything that was intended during the Aries Lunar Month (April 18 – May 17, 2015), was highly significant.

        It’s not looking good for them because the only (with respect to those who were lost) “active ritual” the illuminati minions could perform was the downing of the Russian jet to incite the next world war. Clearly, this is not panning out the way it was hoped.

        If the cabal couldn’t get something big done during the last lunar month, it was curtains for them.

        And now, the dark curtains are being drawn aside by a mystery woman, opening what was previously closed or hidden. This path is sacred.

        Here are the Sabian symbols for the locations of the planets with today’s New Moon, and as such, the energy that will unfold all month long:

        SUN/MOON: “a woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway” – Darkness parts, sparks are ignited or re-ignited, the Animating Spirit of Liberty inspires. New opportunities, direction, and potentials emerge. Faith is what overcomes any fears about “the new.” Things that have been elusive or hard to comprehend are revealed. Our personal “worlds” or “spheres” become larger by the end of the month.

        EARTH: “wisps of clouds, like wings, are streaming across the sky” – This energetic always carries us forward. It will drag us if it has to. A “fleeting-ness” accompanies this, as in fleeting opportunities or paths. It also helps us “see what is in the wind” or what is impending.

        MERCURY: “a girl’s face breaking into a smile” – What made her smile? What made her happy? What makes you happy? This symbol is about recognizing what is genuine and then choosing it. The CHOICE between happiness and unhappiness is always implied with this symbol.

        VENUS: “a group of young people sitting in spiritual communion around a campfire” – This is the energy for PIONEERING with like-minded people. As opportunities open this month, it will be sourced in the resonance between people. This symbol brings people together. And fire transforms.

        MARS: “having an urgent task to complete, a man doesn’t look to any distractions” – We don’t want to be distracted while taking the Sacred Path and following our hearts. It is easier to be lured, seduced, or tempted into thinking negatively about ourselves or to buy into other’s beliefs about us with this energy. We stay the course.

        JUPITER: “a swimming race” – We are enticed to compete, but would this distract us from the path? Scorpio energy is naturally competitive, and detests losing, so this energy is best used to strengthen the inner athlete – the spiritual warrior – in each of us.

        CHIRON: “an Easter parade” – In astrology, Chiron is closely related to the Christ energy. Pisces is also. But with Chiron, the “sacrifice” element is stronger. The wounding of self-sacrifice is addressed this month. The other octave of the energy brings people together to celebrate what they share, particularly shared ideals.

        SATURN: “a game of cricket” – Games continue, but only the players with integrity find success, given the dynamics of the planets’ energies this month. This symbol helps us close gaps and protects us from intrusion and interference.

        NEPTUNE: “a girl blowing a bugle” – She is still blowing that horn, still sounding a call within us, still stirring us to action and to living life fully. Are you listening to what is resounding inside of you? At the macro-level of humanity as a whole, people are waking up en masse. Neptune will soon station direct, and will bring action from this call.

        URANUS: “an empty hammock” – Rest and a certain amount of “detaching” may be needed this month, more than usual.

        PLUTO: “an ancient bas-relief carved in stone, stands witness to a long-forgotten culture” – Pluto has been on and off this degree for a while, bringing permanence and wisdom. The ancient wisdom is returning and it is forming solid foundations and structures.

        BLACK MOON: “three old masters hanging in a special room in an art gallery” – Truth is always revealed with this, so another month of people, places, and things showing true continues. This is certainly showing people’s true nature, and is demonstrated on the stage of political theatre.

        Gaia Sophia is drawing back the darkness to reveal a new way for us. Where will she lead you? It is not a great mystery – she is leading us to the Divine. It should make for quite a nice journey, though.

        Happy New Moon!

        Thank you for supporting The Oracle Report!

      • Random thought dkblue: could black magic casting of spells be using the mind to create quantum entanglement between particles?

        And could white magic, where they break spells, hexes, be the severing breaking of the quantum entanglement bond created between particles for the spell?

        something to ponder

  11. dkblue says:

    Hi Adam, probably as histerically accurate as anything….

    • Very good Dkblue thanks
      And it could be accurate, I think anything goes, anythings possible now

    • ”Today, wise owls are “white doves flying over troubled waters.” This means we take ourselves above situations that are troubling us. We give our troubles to a higher power. Elias, the emissary of the aeon Thelete, fulfills his function when we want to transform and release our pain because, as the God of Alchemy, he transmutes it into something else. When this happens, those waters that were troubling become calm.
      Find your inner calm. If something or someone is “startin to damage your calm” rise above it. Take the high road. See it for what it is worth.”
      Friday, November 13, 2015

      [helpful advice I really need to take on board today]

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