Putin approves economic sanctions against Turkey following downing of Russian warplane

Russian President Vladimir Putin © Mikhail Klimentyev
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree imposing a package of economic sanctions against Turkey following its downing of a Russian Su-24 bomber in Syria. The measures include banning several Turkish organizations and the import of certain goods.

A decree on “measures providing the national security of the Russian Federation and the protection of its citizens against criminal and other unlawful acts, and on imposing special economic measures in relation to Turkish Republic” was signed on Saturday, the Kremlin press service said.

Under the decree, the import of certain products originating from Turkey will be temporarily banned or restricted.

A number of Turkish organizations operating in Russia will also be restricted.

Employers in Russia will be prohibited from hiring Turkish nationals for work starting January 1, 2016.

The ban will touch upon only new workers, the decree said, adding that employees who already officially hired as of December 31, 2015 will not fall subject to the sanctions.

The president has directed the government to introduce a ban on charter flights between Russia and Turkey. Russian travel agencies have been advised to stop selling tours to Turkey, the Kremlin announced.

The government has also been tasked with enhancing security control at Russian ports in the Sea of Azov and Black Sea. The illegal presence and movement of Turkish vessels near to the sea ports must be prevented, the decree said.

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Bringing Turkish products into Russia for personal use will not be restricted, the decree said.

The visa-free regime for Turkish nationals traveling to Russia will be suspended starting from 2016, the decree signed by the Russian leader says.

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It will not affect those who have residence permits, as well as Turkish diplomats working in Turkish embassies and consulates on the territory of Russia, and their families.

A list of contracts not to be affected by the new economic measures will be compiled by the Cabinet, the Kremlin said in its Saturday statement.

The cooling of relations between the two countries was prompted by the downing of a Russian Su-24 bomber jet by a Turkish F-16 fighter at the Syrian border on Tuesday. As the plane was hit and went down in Syria, the two pilots ejected, but only one pilot was later rescued by the Russian forces. Another serviceman, Captain Sergey Rumyantsev was killed, with a rebel Turkmen brigade claiming they shot him to death while he was still parachuting.

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Relations between Moscow and Ankara have been in decline ever since. On Saturday, the Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement advising its citizens against all non-urgent travel to Russia. Meanwhile, many businesses in Turkey have expressed fears Russian sanctions might badly hit the Turkish economy, affecting its trade and tourism industries. According to Russian Minister of Economic Development Aleksey Ulyukaev, the Turkish Stream project to deliver Russian natural gas to Turkey, and the construction of a nuclear power plant in the country could also be canceled.



8 Responses to “Putin approves economic sanctions against Turkey following downing of Russian warplane”

  1. RabbiT says:

    As to the BIG question:

    Is it staged?

    WW3 Here we come…

    • Unles hes had various facial fillers and even cheekbone implants etc. part of me says that isn’t the same man I remember in 2000 at the time of the Kursk disaster. he doesn’t seem the same
      I could be wrong

      • beLIEve says:

        Totally agree Adam.

        I assumed there were a number of Putins, possibly three, simply to lessen the threat of assassination.

        Those with evil intent would not know, which Putin was which.

        However many there are, all have the power of rational speech.
        The Russian agenda also seems a bit more wholesome than that …UNLAWFULLY…imposed on us by the lunatic khazars.

        Time will tell if my thinking is correct !

  2. RabbiT says:

    Could be Adam, could be…

  3. Dee says:

    If you google images of Putin and study them, it looks likely that there are at least three Putins and one of them has definitely had some plastic surgery and or botox. The original Putin from way back seems to have disappeared – just my own thoughts.

  4. Lynn says:

    According to certain sources it is all staged..what a bloody nightmare this is turning into. However they spin this we are in serious danger. If not war then martial law is coming. Either way life isn’t going to be easy for anyone.

    • Dee says:

      I know what you are saying Lynn, I’m just hoping against hope that Putin really is a good guy and he’s managed to hoodwink them all. There has to be ONE decent human amongst all the psychopaths doesn’t there……? *sigh*

  5. ian says:

    I don’t agree that there is more than one Putin, and the fiasco in Syria could have been escalated far easier without all this palava if they’d wanted it. This is still at the pushing and shoving and name calling stage. I’m still hoping it could de-escalate. If I’m wrong then so be it, but I’m hoping.

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