Politician telling truth forced to recant and apologise

A stunning intervention into the realm of geopolitics from the Green Party, whose conspiracy theorist foreign affairs spokesman has told the BBC that ISIS are funded by the Rothschilds. Loony ex-Labour MP Tony Clarke told 5Live:

“There are British oil companies such as Genel Energy, run by Nathaniel Rothschild, one of George Osborne’s friends, who are making money, who are buying oil from ISIS, who are putting money into the pot, allowing ISIS therefore to fuel their evil across the world.”

That’s right, apparently it was “the Jews” all along.

City AM report that the Green Party have been forced to retract their official spokesman’s statement and apologise:

“The Green Party and Tony Clarke apologise to Genel Energy for this false statement, which they have withdrawn and have undertaken not to repeat. The Green Party and Tony Clarke wish to publicly retract this statement and accept it to be untrue and without foundation. Genel Energy… is not, and never has been, a purchaser of oil from anyone.”

The BBC have also had to edit the programme on iPlayer to get rid of his defamatory comments. If the Greens do the decent thing and boot Clarke out, he can always rejoin Labour…

Official Green Party Spokesman: ISIS Funded By Rothschilds


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  1. dkblue says:

    Sorry, off topic but has anyone else been locked out of their gmail account?
    My password is no longer working…

    • Forgot to add, it might be something that’s infected your laptop, and therefore gmail, see if anything on your laptops not working too

    • beLIEve says:

      I have been locked out of my ebay account.
      My landline phone has been u/s for about 9 months.
      A Royal Mail ‘Next Day Delivery’, took 4 days to arrive. The Main PO screenshot saying my local Post Office had it but, the local PO saying/lieing ? it had not been received.
      It turned up when another branch of the PO got involved.
      My computer “fried” a few years ago.
      AND, finally I am experiencing difficulties in connecting with TAP blog.
      I am getting a lot of …ERROR MESSAGES.

      Your crime …dkblue…may be that you are disseminating financial sedition ! !

      That is said…tongue in cheek.

      You posted the link…..
      This could encourage people to give a …….TWO FINGERED SALUTE……to the …THIEVING…..State……RATs-child Bankers….and the Corporations.

      It might be, you have been….CHOSEN….to experience an “administrative inconvenience”.

      Congratulations, many of us also feel we are also ……CHOSENITES !

      • dkblue says:

        Visited by inconvenience indeed! I had to reset gmail acc password.
        Overnight my monthly donation to a truth telling website via paypal also failed and couple of days ago had to reset password for Tapblog…
        Curiouser and curiouser

  2. Hello Dkblue, ive checked my gmail, its ok
    Could your gmail one have been set to expire after a set time I wonder. Or could your caps button have been on
    It is strange that you cant get into it, I hope it gets fixed soon
    I will reply to your interesting comment from yesterday soon, when I can

    • dkblue says:

      Thanks Adam, fixed for now but few odd things happening online recently. Probably because we have reached midnight…

      • Hi Abi hope youre ok

        heres todays Oracle report. I have a good feeling about this woman, Laura Walker. Call it some kind of Higher Self intuition. The way she speaks about the NWO. eg their 911 project and all the fear loaded into the NE USA leyline. This woman knows what shes talking about.
        Often stuff she says is eerily bang on with my little life at the micro level. And , in my view, shes making astute comments at the macro level, with our Satanist child murdering friends and their moves. Laura Walker gives no indication to me at all, feeling, we are going to be wiped out or suffer horribly with horrible earth changes

        Saturday, November 21 – Sunday, November 22, 2015

        First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action

        Moon in Pisces/Aries (10:12 am ET/3:12 pm UT)

        Goddess of Wisdom: Kamala, Goddess of the Lotus

        God of Will/Desire: Elias, God of the West, God of Transformation

        Skill: be a “mentalist”

        True Alignments: following rhythms, discussing philosophies, strategy, seeing things ahead of their time, abstractions, recombinant, evolving, crystallization, ideas brought to life or brought to completion, heightened creativity, best representations, shared experiences and challenges

        Catalysts for Change: justifying hurtful behavior, loss (is it temporary?), minimizing others and their abilities, not letting go of the past, falling for tricks, over-analysis, needles in haystacks, habitual dissatisfaction and seeking elsewhere, jealousy, overblown ego

        Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway”

        Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

        The Sun leaves the sign of Scorpio and enters Sagittarius this weekend. When the Sun moves into the next sign, the change in energetics is noticeable. Scorpio is a water sign (emotions) and Sagittarius is a fire sign (action). Elementally, the transformation of our emotions over the past thirty days now flows into transformation of what we do in life and where we spend our energy.

        Sagittarius is characterized by its love of the quest — the search, and its love of the conquest — the solution. At the lowest octave, Sagittarius energy is never satisfied and must prove. At the highest octave, Sagittarius energy sees that the true quest is the inner quest and that what is truly sought is not found in the external.

        One of my favorite things about the archetypal energy of Sagittarius is that it “rules” (in astrology, everything is “ruled by” or “under the domain of” a specific planet; I recommend The Rulership Book by Rex Bills for reference, although astrology is an art as much as it is a math/science, so personal experience is equally valid), the hero’s journey. The hero’s journey is our journey.

        Given that we have already been on a heavy-duty hero’s journey of sorts since the New Moon (with the mission of “parting two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway”), the Sun’s entry into Sagittarius will take the journey to the next level. The terrain changes. We’ve followed the trail along water so far this month; now we follow the trail that has been blazed by fire.

        What’s igniting for you?

        To discover it, things become very mental for us now. Mercury (which rules our thought processes) is still very close to the Sun, so the Sun’s entry into the lofty mental realm of Sagittarius amplifies our cognitive abilities. Mental giants, we are. Thus, the skill to practice this weekend is that of the “mentalist” because we create reality based on what we think, and what we think about is based on what we believe.

        That’s the overall picture for the weekend, but here are a few other things:

        Venus (which is being amplified with solar activity) moves to the middle of Libra this weekend with the associated energies of “circular paths” and “after a storm, a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction.” The “boat landing” energy was strongly reinforced by Mercury’s retrograde a couple of months ago. Situations or habits or patterns of behavior from the past may recur within relationships. People, places, and things from the past return. Feelings of loss can be keen. The mentalist energy of the weekend helps us to understand these situations in a new way or see them in a different light. We can do things a different way.

        The potential for hijinks and tricks remains higher on Saturday with the Sun disseminating the energy of “children in Halloween costumes indulging in various pranks,” where Mercury was on Friday.

        On Sunday, the Sun moves to the familiar “retired army veterans gather to reawaken old memories,” which was the Sabian symbol of the Sagittarius New Moon last year. This energy brings reunion and union of like-minded people. But it can take us too far into the past, where we can get lost. At the core, the energy sparks or ignites things that need to come to life or come back to life. Of course, we note the potential (especially given the combination of the trickery and service to a cause) for a repeat of terror attacks.

        One final thing, the energy that Mercury is activating this weekend (“the ocean covered with whitecaps” and “two men playing chess”) is energy that is “behind the scenes.” You never really know what you are getting when the “ocean covered with whitecaps” degree is activated because so much is hidden beneath the surface. It is harder to get to the truth. The Sun will activate this energy on Monday, so if the Sabian symbols call you to understand them, watch how Mercury plays out this degree over the weekend with the theme of what’s hidden and then watch how the Sun does it Monday.

        This weekend, we focus on the belief of Second Renaissance that is unfolding, understanding that it is happening at the same time that sanity seems to have been lost. Energy goes where attention flows, right? Let’s practice being mental giants.

        Thank you for supporting The Oracle Report!

      • I find my attention span and focus to research ‘conspiracies’ is getting less. I think its a matter of conserving energy, and only so many hours in the day.
        I feel like im skirting on top of the white waves of the sea. And then connecting dots
        That can still be useful
        And Tapblogs certainly a great help and enabler for someone like me
        I seem to be saving my energy for this, that , and the other. Always
        Money too
        However what I sense is supremely important, is channeling my energies into alternative health research and putting it into practice, which is what im doing aib, in small ways, spa detoxification strategies done cheaply at home. This is where it starts
        Im ininterested in it to help myself, but a major force in me, is I want to help my parents. Theyre not interested and that’s fine. But in time, as they get older, and I appear established and respectable enough in their eyes on these matters, they will come to me for help and maybe I can save them from the big pharma conveyor belt.
        But every month and week I try and make loads of small chips away at their brainwashed monolith minds, and I think headways being made. Dublinmicks ginger article helps this crusade

      • Other quick thoughts
        If I ever get round to, some kind of tower garden, hydroponic thing. taking it seriously.
        Then there are two crops I sense are very important, perhaps even financially if were not then in a post Babylonian financial world, and in a new Nikola Tesla world where over a 7 yr or so controlled period, the transition to a free energy economy is possible and it explodes. Bad for the shell BP Exxon child murdering Satanist elites of course

        Anyway my point is there are 2 crops I sense, are very important, There may be more
        Wasabi roots
        And watercress, I hear theres purple watercress, or just the organic conventional type. Organic watercress in my local supermarket is much better, bigger leaves, darkrer green, than the I presume, hydroponic mass produced type.

        Therefore the questions that arise . Im good at asking questions but not so good at seeking answers
        – In a tower garden hydroponic scenario, I presume we are using tap water? or is it closed loop recycled water?
        – Whatever the type of water, it needs to have all the crap filtered out, if its mains. A nano filter perhaps? And an inline UV blaster too?
        I say all this because it would be extremely unviable to grow ones own organic purple watercress with bought spring water

        – In that case, if the water is OK. Where do the nutrients come from? So that the organic spinach, or watercress, is mineral rich? I apologise for not researching this thing myself. But it seems to me, its very important to have some kind of nutrient rich feed, that doesn’t have lots or toxic metals, or chemicals. Something for hydroponics, that simulates, wonderful nutrient rich soils
        Im wondering too now, does propbiotic bacteria, have a place in hydoionics? Since bacteria certainbly do in our top soils (BTW Monsantos Roundup Glyphosate as you know destroy the soils wonderful bacterial ecosystem)

        Ive just had a flash of insipiration Abi. If nothing else, the water that feeds the hydropnic plants, could be sitting in kefir grains?
        Kefir are voracious, they need to be giv en away they grow so much
        So, Kefir, and some other kind of source, of minerals, could be very good feed so hydroponics produces beautiful delicious mineral phytonutrient rich watercress, maybe even purple leaved watercress which I hear exists and Is healthy

      • I just need to be in a bit of a better financial position, security where im safe, where cabal fluctuations wont affect me. Then believe me Abi
        I will choose the cheapesrt simplest easiest free energy technologies, and ally with certain people and do them.

        – The Nassikas thruster etheric.com, I talked with paul laviolette, thiscould be built for about 4000 euros. Superconductor free energy
        – If Keshe is genuine. Id fastidiously put his blueprints into practice. And share share share it all. Ill do all this. I cannot afford the 800 or so dollars or is it euros kehse advertises on his site, for an order for the Plasma Kleenex box sized hime device. When would it be delivered? Do I risk losing money I cant afford to lose? Is it a scam?
        I sincerely hope not

        However my point is. The burning spirit in my heart, And theres thousands millions like me, with more money than me, will certainly be doing these things. I told paul laviolette when I can afford ill come to him and build a a Nasskias thruster together. Im no scientist, but id be good logistical support and a good problem solver thinking outside the box


    • Abi sorry
      BTW from what i can gather, either drinking spring bottled water is good, plastics not a problem, in the scheme of things.
      Or, if it has to be tap, then get a carbon inline flilter, and change the carbon block as often as you can afford. For various reasons it seems this is the next best thing. Stopnusing fancy water filtering machines that seem to dehydrate the body, and do other subtle damage. eg reverse osmosis

      Not only this. And i really don’t know much about this, i need non disinfo educating. But i know, water, is susceptible, to electromagnetic, etheric, influences lets say. Consciousness, thoughts. Waters a very therapeutic thing but sensitive to being messed about with. Which is why spring or carbon filetered water
      if you live where youd like extra filtering power.
      You could look for the doulton ceramic candle water gravity filter. Goto josef wedloskovski tap post to see Charles drakes comments on this

      of course, this raises much bigger things to think about with water, how its a living thing, and in our bodies. I have a feeling Abi, our emotions and mindset, affect the water in our cells, and especially when we drink new water.

      I am reading from a few places that rife machines aren’t needed, even though you said once water can be programmed with frwquencies from a rife machine. very intruiguing

      But im not in a position to risk spending money on uncertain rife machines. And apparenrtly, we can achieve good health, without rife machines. i cautiously say too, things i read, theyre saying, in 21st century, especially, rife machines are subtly harmsful and not too reliable
      These are very yin times, yin bodies, yin planet
      Apparently, we benefit by being much more yang
      This is macrobirotic classification, not tcm, but dr wilsons nutritional balancing hair analysis science, that’s been going 40 odd years. Im doing the free programme only, not the hair analysis. I think it works, i think the man is genuine. Therefore his comments on rife machines, not being too useful, im willing to go with

      He does say in a few extreme instances they can be handy if you use the right one

      And saying all this abi,
      If dealing with highly resistant difficult loved ones. maybe a rife ttype machine is better than nothing?
      The Russian deta elis updated streamlined App type machines, are certainly seductive.
      Anyway goodnight

  3. HenryNorth says:

    Wouldnt be surprised if it was true, the Rothschilds have this habit of funding both sides.

  4. beLIEve says:

    RATs-childs “Genie” in a …STINKING…bottle.


    Genie Energy Ltd
    Strategic Advisory Board Members:-
    Dick Cheney, Jame Woolsey, Bill Richardson…jay-SLOB RATs-child…Rupert Murdock, Larry Summers, Michael Steinhardt.

    The Golan Heights, owned by Syria…… ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED…. by khazar FAKE “jews”.

    The Israeli Government granted a concession to ‘Genie Oil’ in the …..DISPUTED GOLAN HEIGHTS….in 2013 when the US-led destabilization of the Syrian Assad regime was in full force.

    Needless to say a ….LARGE LIQUID OIL RESERVOIR…..has been discovered in the Golan Heights.

    A reservoir that……RATs-child & Co…..intend to …..STEAL.

    Imho…..THEFT of OIL by RATs-child & Co……is one of the main reasons for the….SYRIAN GENOCIDE……..and US intent to ……TOPPLE ASSAD.

    The elites (SATANIC-i’ll thieve everything SCUM) intend stealing the Oil that rightfully belongs to Syria.
    THEY need a ….PUPPET Syrian PRESIDENT….to facilitate the….THEFT.

  5. Lynn says:

    Oil rules.,Never forget that…the whole western civilised societies live breath and eat oil.

    Money money money…rules the Earth. They know it and now so do we.

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