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  1. I cant view videos with my internet connections situation
    Id be grateful if anyone whos watched it could put a comment of a few bullet points summing upthe jist of the above, thanks
    I am aware it probably has to do with the idea Paul died in 1965 or whenever. And was replaced by some other guy ‘Faul McCartney’ instead.

    Have there been some new developments in this case, intriguing evidence? I read somewhere John Lennon and other Beatles naturally, knew of this deception, and John was going to tell the world about it. but this may be disinfo

    Exposure of this huge deception into the minds of the world would break the hypnosis programming of many people and cause trauma and distress im sure, that such a lie could have been pulled

    The alive 1986 Challenger astronauts is another example. I cant work out still, what the cabal intention/motivation is for that one. Having Michael J Smith teaching at Wisconsin uni, the same face, appropriate age, in 2015 today. Shows the cabal are leaving bizarre bits of evidence in some Psyop I don’t understand

  2. Lynn says:

    Paul has written a biography Adam…he wants the truth to be known. He isn’t young anymore. He is preparing the fans.

    • Seriously? The fake Paul, has written a book hinting that hes a fake?

      This will surely upset the cabal Lynn
      Unless his handlers have told him to. For what aim? Could it be yet another strategy of the cabal to upset society generally
      -The Ceres electric lights from the dawn probe (Yes if its real and not a hoax, I know)
      – More CSA SRA revelations
      – More and more ufo sightings exposures and now in Daily Express and DM, the carved stone mayan type faces on Mars, as well as other things, its now becoming a joke, Whether planted there by the cabal, or genuine ancient artefacts from advanced assurian etc civilisations that were once on Mars
      – The alive 1986 Challenger astronauts, Judith Reznick teaching law at yale, etc
      – ever stronger hints at secret space programmes and suppressed technologies

      Im sure theres applecart upsetting stuff ive missed.

      And now if Faul McCartney has written a book hinting he is a fake replacement? Bloody hell

  3. ian says:

    Could Nick Kollerstrum have been nobbled. David Shaler, ex MI5 was very vocal on 9/11 and 7/7 now dresses up in womens clothes and likes being called Delores. Maud Dib auther of 7/7 Ripple effect now thinks he is a reincarnation of Jesus. Nick Kollerstrum has written about the Holocaust, 7/7 and other events very articulately and plausibly. Now they want us to believe that Paul McCartney was killed, and they found a bloke that was the right age and looked so exactly like him that no-one noticed the difference. He could play base guitar left handed, could write music and sing exactly the same as his dead predecessor. In my opinion the chances of this being fact are too astronomical to be feasible, and will be ridiculed as an Elvis lives in Blackpool type of story. I’m suggesting that Nick has been given an ultimatum. Do this to allow yourself to be discredited or we’ll stop you doing anything. Think also of George Galloway on BB. They like a lever on you.

  4. Dee says:

    I can’t buy this one. P McCartney’s head/face shape, eyebrows, ears but mostly his eyes are so distinctive…the Beatles loved to joke around. I think it’s a hoax at this point in time.

  5. jay says:

    who knows!
    But i do find the bands cryptic comments over time,interesting/intriguing .

    Phil Ackrill research needs to be done!
    (where did he go after the Diplomats?)
    where are the rest of the old band?

  6. Jennifer says:

    Ian, I really have great respect for Dr Kollerstrom’s research on the Holohoax, and 7/7, and also on Woolwich where he was the first to investigate, although he is rarely given the credit; others have taken that. It may well be that his obvious affinity with the Beatles is a weak point to attack, and discredit him.
    I’ve followed various strands of this and really don’t know – the band/handlers do seem to be leaving clues to something, but what…..?
    Even more interesting is the Rolling Stones connection to the infamous Aldebarran family – I forget which site I read that on – Unhived Mind, I think.

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