Osborne slashes welfare, injects £1.9bn into cybersecurity to counter ISIS hackers

Britain's Chancellor George Osborne speaks at the Bank of England's Open Forum 2015 conference on financial regulation, in London, Britain November 11, 2015. © Suzanne Plunkett


Islamic State terrorists could launch cyberattacks on power stations, the National Grid and hospitals, Chancellor George Osborne warned in a speech outlining his commitment to spending an additional £1.9 billion on cybersecurity.

In a speech at GCHQ Cheltenham on Tuesday, Osborne announced Britain will double its cybersecurity budget by 2020, and will create a ‘National Cyber Centre’ to respond to major attacks on Britain.



The chancellor said the attacks on Paris underline the need for Britain to improve its defenses against cyberattacks.

ISIL [Islamic State or IS, also formerly ISIS] are already using the internet for hideous propaganda purposes; for radicalization, for operational planning too,” he told an audience at the security service headquarters.

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British Prime Minister David Cameron © Rob Stothard

They have not been able to use it to kill people yet by attacking our infrastructure through cyberattacks. But we know they want it and are doing their best to build it.”

Osborne announced the injection of cash into the security system as he prepares to unveil a fresh round of cuts on welfare and public services next week as he attempts to push Britain back into a budget surplus.

It is right that we choose to invest in our cyber defenses even at a time when we must cut other budgets,” he said.

The internet represents a critical axis of potential vulnerability.”

Osborne said the decision to bolster cybersecurity spending had been made before the Paris attacks on Friday.

The stakes could hardly be higher – if our electricity supply, or our air traffic control, or our hospitals were successfully attacked online, the impact could be measured not just in terms of economic damage but of lives lost.

The bolstered cybersecurity plans also include cooperation with internet service providers to fend off attacks and block malware, as well as a new institute to train more coders.

Osborne’s pledge comes after Prime Minister David Cameron announced on Monday the UK’s intelligence staff would be increased by 15 percent.

The terror threat rating in the UK remains “severe.

It has emerged around 3,000 extremists are being monitored in Britain, with one arrest made each day.

On Monday, Cameron said seven major terror plots have been foiled in the past year. One of these attacks had been “disrupted” by MI5 during the past two weeks.

Cameron said the “poison” of IS is akin to Nazism, and urged Brits to confront the threat with Blitz spirt.

In October, internet provider TalkTalk suffered a cyberattack which affected 157,000 customers.

Following the attack, British and US authorities carried out a drill to test responses to an attack on the financial sector.


Source: https://www.rt.com/uk/322410-osborne-budget-spy-cyberattack/?utm_source=browser&utm_medium=aplication_chrome&utm_campaign=chrome


10 Responses to “Osborne slashes welfare, injects £1.9bn into cybersecurity to counter ISIS hackers”

  1. beLIEve says:

    Khazar Cameroon says ……….

    “…the ‘poison’ of IS is akin to Nazism….”

    Spot on “HAM”eroon……….
    IS & Nazism….are both out of the …..SAME khazar “STABLE”.

    IS……..is…. ISRAELI STATE…………..
    Hosting/housing ….MOSSAD & MERCENARIES…..i.e. RZM

    NAZISM…….derives from the …..AskeNAZI “joos” ……the khazars.

    So Brits are to confront the ………khazar NAZI IS …. “israeli state” RKM ….with the blitz spirit ?
    The ….BLITZ….being another….KHAZAR TERROR EVENT ?

    SCREW you …khazar …ILLEGAL ALIEN…Cameroon.

    You khazars can stuff your age old…..KEEP THE PEOPLE IN FEAR AGENDA.

    £2 billion boost in Military spending ?

    SAS ISIS……


    £2 billion military spending on …..IS outfits for the SAS ?

    Or, is this simply more …..UNLAWFUL THEFT…of ….REVENUE….by the …..ILLEGAL ALIEN khazars ?

    As for British Intelligence…..IT DOES NOT EXIST.
    M I5 & M I6 are….ILLEGAL ALIEN RKM……RATs-child khazar MAFIA.
    UNLAWFULLY funded with monies …STOLEN….from Indigenous British Sovereigns.

    I do not Consent. CONSENT DENIED.
    I …COMMAND…the return of….EVERYTHING…..stolen from me and my own by the SCUM-BAG…ILLEGAL ALIEN … khazars.


  2. bluefeather says:

    what would happen if thousands or millions even, signed up to WeRe bank, and used their cheques to pay all their bills to the corporations ?
    Just a thought…

  3. Lynn says:

    This idiot who has the brain of a gnat got to be in charge of the economy. Towel folding ignoramus outdone by children. He is dumb as a box of rocks. Ask his daddy.

  4. bluefeather says:

    Happy days ahead, head off the snake that’s destroying humanity
    WeRe have teamed with Keshe in this liberation of money and energy

  5. Dogman says:

    Ca -moron & Osborne are both of the school of though that “one in the hand is worth two in the bush,” so don’t expect them to balance our economy. I agree with bluefeather and it would make a difference if enough did it. Too many talk the talk, but won’t walk the walk.

    Lots of people now know that the best way to defeat terrorism is to stop bloody funding it!

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