One Person Dead After Explosion in the Building that Houses Russia’s Largest Supercomputer

by Melissa Dykes




It is being reported in Russian press that a freon tank exploded at the Russian Academy of Sciences, leaving one person dead.

The tank reportedly exploded in the Joint supercomputer center (JSCC) — the building which houses the most powerful supercomputer center in all of Russia — killing a contractor who was working there. The computer itself is located underground, while the explosion happened on the 8th floor in a garage area where a contractor was working.

This supercomputer is reportedly not currently under the control of the RAS, but the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations — the Russian government.

While initial reports attempt to make this seem like a mere contractor accident or “technical error,” considering where this “accident” happened, it seems highly suspicious to say the least. At the very least, it’s coming at a highly suspicious time.

And in other news, the U.S. Navy decided to send submarines out to “test” not one but two trident missiles off the coast of California this weekend without warning the general public first (it’s classified), one in the San Francisco Bay and one off Los Angeles.


This unarmed Trident II (D5) missile from the Kentucky, an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine, was widely caught on film and people speculated what it could be all weekend as the light from the test could be seen in California, Arizona, and Nevada.

You know, just the American military doing a routine submarine missile test like the ones we see them do all the time every week…

Makes you wonder who that grand show of force was really for, considering people in countries thousands of miles away would only “see” it on satellite, not in real life like the Americans living on the West Coast would.

And in other news, Putin has put the Russian army on high alert…

And in other news, the Yuan moves to topple the dollar was on the top of Drudge this morning…

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