One Day Before The Paris Attack There Was A Large Terror Attack The Media Decided To Ignore



We’ve all heard the news by now of the terror attacks that took place in Paris on Friday, November the 13th. It’s events like these which underscore both the dark side and the bright side of humanity, as many stand to support their brethren around the world. By now, many have also begun to question what is taking place, demanding the full story in the face of intense media coverage of the event.
What many may not know is that another terror attack took place, just one day prior to that in Paris, which got very little to no media attention whatsoever. The attack killed 43 people and wounded 239, and if it weren’t for the heroic sacrifice of Adel Termos (pictured below), hundreds more could have been killed or injured.

ISIS suicide bombers detonated themselves in the southern part of Beirut on Thursday, November 12th. Journalist Tamara Quiblawi describes the aftermath to CNN: “There’s a lot of shattered glass on the street, a lot of blood. . . . And it’s really just a scene of chaos and carnage.”

“He tackled him to the ground, causing the second suicide bomber to detonate,” says Beirut Elie Fares. “There are many many families, hundreds of families probably, who owe their completeness to his sacrifice.

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Very Little Coverage

It would not be surprising if you were unaware of this event. The media did not give it anywhere near as much attention as the France attacks received, and it makes you wonder why.

Indian blogger Karuna Ezara Parikh responded to this with a poem that has since gone viral:

It’s not Paris we should pray for. It is the world.

It is a world in which Beirut, reeling from bombings two days before Paris,

is not covered in the press.

A world in which a bomb goes off

at a funeral in Baghdad,

and not one person’s status update says “Baghdad”,

because not one white person died in that fire. . . .

If you recall, in April of this year 147 were killed in Kenya following a bombing, and in July over one hundred Egyptians were killed by ISIS attacks. Just last month, one hundred more were killed from a bombing in Ankara, Turkey. Why have we heard so little about these equally devastating events? Why does geography determine sympathy?

Look at Facebook’s allowance of French flags over top of people’s profile pictures. We didn’t see this happen during the Kenyan bombings, for example. Many people have been raising questions about this, as you see below:


As The Inquisitir reported and made a great point:

As written by Jeremy Wheeler on Facebook about the Paris and Kenya attacks, some social media users are noting the difference in the tragedies in terms of the outpouring of worldwide sympathy and news coverage.

“Apologists for the terrorists who murdered in Paris are popping up even before the bodies are cold. Back in April when Islamist terrorists attacked a university in Kenya what was the excuse then? Did you even hear about it?”

The Kenya attack on Garissa University College in northeastern Kenya is being brought back to life months later as a means for social media users to raise awareness about other terrorist attacks around the world.

While social media users recognize that both attacks are tragic, Facebook user Ann VanRyan wrote to Facebook, asking about the option for a Kenya flag overlay as Facebook offers the France flag overlay.

“Facebook… Where’s my option to have the Kenya flag overlay on my profile pic? This is equally as horrendous and is happening every day in the poorest parts of our world. ‪#‎LookForTheHelpersJess‬

It just makes you wonder, why is coverage of these events so clearly hand-picked, and who is doing the picking? What narrative is being sold to us?

The Bigger Picture

Following the Paris attacks on Friday, President Obama stated: “This is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share.” While he did not did not make an official statement in response to the Beirut attacks, he does have a point.

These days, the general accusation against people who attempt a rational and honest analysis of what’s going on in the world is that of conspiracy theorist. This belief and habit is being burned into people’s minds by the corporate controlled mainstream media, the ‘spokeschannel’ for the corporate elite who own and control not just the media but most countries in the world.

While many people are awakening to this fact all over the world, at the same time many are decrying these individuals as paranoid or overly pessimistic. The interesting role being played back and forth between those who are starting to understand versus those who stay asleep to the reality is causing an evolution amongst our society which is actually a perfect part of the entire dance. This is all about learning to accept one another, learning to see each other for what we are, and learning to trust to our own knowing and understanding within ourselves. It is not an easy path to stay conscious and aware in a world that pushes you to be so unaware, but that’s the challenge we face and, like it or not, it is helping us grow.

It’s crazy how much ISIS is being talked about these days. The interesting part of it all is that the West (United States) funded and directly contributed to the rise of ISIS. This truth came out in a CIA document, and while it got a tiny bit of media attention, it should have received tons! All of this leads to the point that at the end of the day, much is being done to keep us in fear, to keep us divided, distracted, and disinterested. It is in many people’s best interests to prevent us from figuring out that if we unite and connect with one another in love and understanding, the elite won’t stand to exist. Out of this paradigm shift will come action that can solve many of the challenges we currently face.

This is why I personally do what I do at CE. Because many people know this and are looking for answers. They’ve come to figure out that the world isn’t what we thought and are tired of listening to the propaganda the media spits. It’s all about helping to create a space to shift consciousness.





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