New Chinese advanced 7,000 mph weapon.

 – from S.E.I.G. Agent MARCO POLO:
Dear Harry,
Have you ever heard of the acronym “HGV”? It stands for “Hypersonic Glide Vehicle”. In short, this is a new delivery vehicle for nuclear warheads, specifically to avoid enemy interception of traditional nuclear missiles.  All the three nuclear powers — the United States, Russia and China — are now working feverishly on this, but strangely little is said about the efforts. I will give you what I know.
   The “Hypersonic Glide Vehicle” is a space glider with nuclear warheads, so to speak. It is shot up into the space with an ICBM rocket far above the earth. How high? I don’t know exactly. Then it swoops down onto the earth’s surface with tremendous speed at over ten times the speed of sound — more than 7,000 miles per hour.
   It is not only so fast but also so maneuverable, with its trajectory so unpredictable, that no known anti-ballistic missile interceptor, such as Aegis, Thaad, Pac-3, etc.etc., may work effectively against this new weapon.  The U.S. Defense Department’s effort in this field is called “Prompt Global Strike”, and the vehicle is called “AHW” (Advanced Hypersonic Weapon). Reportedly, the U.S. shot up a prototype in a test in late 2014, but it exploded seconds after the launch. It is not known if they have tried again.
   The Russians call the vehicle “Yu-71”. The project name is “Program 4202”. Over the past several years, the Russians have made several test launches. Most recently, the test was successful on February 26 of this year. The vehicle attained the speed of 12,359 kilometers per hour. The rocket for the ICBM SS-19 was used on this occasion.
   The Chinese are also making test launches. Their vehicle is called “Wu-14”. The vehicle flew successfully on January 9, 2014. Since then, they have made four successful tests. The speed of Mach 10 was achieved.
Best wishes,
Marco Polo

3 Responses to “New Chinese advanced 7,000 mph weapon.”

  1. Lynn says:

    Well the faster the better. We will know nothing when they hit us. Boys toys will always take priority over the needs of humanity. This is where it all went wrong. The world has never been in such peril. Who wins this is welcome to live with the fallout. This planet is finished.

  2. Tapestry says:

    If the elite of one power bloc can threaten the elite of another power bloc with extinction, then the weapon could deter aggression. China is being attacked with nuclear weapons.

  3. Lynn says:

    In the wrong hands Tap and who knows where this is going. Deterrents obviously do not work. Or only buy us time.
    Life is getting very miserable for a whole lot of humans now. And goodness knows where this is all leading. It is a very evil and wcked world. The Elites will never allow peace.

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