Message to France-sympathising Facebook suckers


Don’t be false flag patsies.  The French are attacking Syria, not ISIS.  They’re destroying Syria’s oil infrastructure just as Syria is on the point of retaking it all from ISIS.  Don’t put the French flag on your facebook ID.  Flags are for war.  If you want to get involved in warfare, shoot down French planes.  Sink French ships.  Get control of SYria back in the hands of Assad.  Support Putin’s efforts to destroy ISIS.  Get it yet?  Thought not.



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  1. Tom74 says:

    Yes, just been watching CNN – one spook after another pretending to be journalists or independent experts. Meanwhile, it’s the usual set-up of patsies with tenuous links to Islam covering up for what us surely an extension of Operation Gladio. The answer, of course, is to hit the lying mainstream media where it hurts – don’t give them a penny of your money.

  2. NPP says:

    “May the entire universe be filled with peace, love and light.
    May everyone, especially the ones that hurt us, be filled with peace and joy, love and light.
    Victory to that light.”

    Ole Dammegard’s yoga teacher; yoga for the mind.

  3. beLIEve says:

    Paris….FALSE FLAG……Theatre “massacre”………..

    An ambulance man says………..
    ‘…….Blood that has left the bodies of victims has usually begun de-oxygenating and turning dark.
    Two hours after the event the blood should be almost black…….’

    Not the Horus eye…. “floor mop red arrangement”…. we are presented with.

    It has occurred to me that the “dummies” may be “cr-ISIS” actors….playing dead.

  4. Lynn says:

    If this was staged to sway public opinion..then massive fail. More bombing of innocent people under the pretence of revenge is disgusting. Isis are a bogey man set up as a proxy army. They are truly busted now.

  5. sovereigntea says:

    “Treat every Frenchman as if he was the devil himself.”
    Horatio Nelson

    You may safely rely that I never trust a Corsican or a Frenchman
    Horatio Nelson

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