Jim Stone Adds a Few Nuggets to Russian Airbus



A few mails – Anonymous wrote:

Impressive explanation as usual, this time of the Russian airliner event. The only deductions of yours that I can’t accept are the defeatist ones that spell doom for humanity by the Cabal. You can’t really square that with your own views of just how crazy these terrorists are in their actions; meaning that they are their own worst enemy, and this is just another example of it.

Who but an imbecile would do this, if only for the inevitable blow-back (literally) from Russia. It is like they consider themselves to be gods and beyond reach of mere mortals. It will be their undoing since they (the Rothschild Zio-Con Cabal) just started a military war between themselves and Russia (who knows their Bolshevik M.O.). With the CIA ISIS Army now trashed in Syria, remaining American Forces under General Dunford will not defend them (Ash Carter be damned). Other treacheries that you fear from them will vanish with their military defeat and war crime trials. My response: I agree that doing this was as rock stupid as it gets, and it took a lot of arrogance. Though I have concluded it was a missile, do you know what I really hope for? For Russia to be able to trace the explosive used, find out it was a bomb on board made with explosives only Israel makes, and for Israeli security to be in charge at the airport the plane took off from. That would be priceless, far better than a missile strike. Hoping . . . . .

Here is an interesting little tidbit:
Anonymous wrote:

In Russia, many citizens are denied boarding airplanes to travel overseas. When a Russian citizen buys a ticket, somehow the Russian Banks know about it. (All Russian banks including central bank are Jewish owned.) If the passenger owes money to a bank (loans/mortgage) the passenger will be denied ticket or if ticket was issued will be denied boarding. The banks do not want passengers to skip the country without paying off their loans. This is Government approved process. By the way all Russian airlines companies (Aeroflot and small operators) are Jew owned.

Another nice little tidbit:

Anonymous wrote:

In the olden days, every country used to print their own passports. They all looked different. Then US required all countries to make their passports using American/Israeli equipment, if they want their citizens to be allowed into US/Europe. Now passports of every country in the world look identical except for the wordings and color. These passport equipments have backdoors and code to transmit information on all passports printed on it, to a website in Israel. They have to be regularly serviced by manufacturer. All the passport info may be retained inside for retrieval by service personnel. Now it is easy for Mossad to make fake passports of any person for clandestine operations like the murder in Dubai.

My response: The most counterfeit least legitimate highly questionable passport in the world is the U.S. passport, more people travel fake U.S. than any other brand.

And on that note, Americans are now so broke that anyone carrying a U.S. passport should be heavily scrutinized, after all, how many Americans can actually afford to travel now?

Russian jets banned?
Anonymous wrote:

Airplanes and Airlines

Russia used to fly Russian made TU planes. But now all Russian companies have ditched TU planes and use Boeing or Airbus. I asked the question to a charter company CEO. I was told that if they did not use an aircraft from an approved manufacturer, that airplane and the airplanes from that company will be deemed unsafe and will not be allowed to enter Europen/US airspace. The FAA approved aircrafts are Boeing and Airbus. When Russia built their Sukhoi Superjet, they used American engines and controls. The Chinese airplanes are fitted with American engines as well. Still they are not approved for European / US airspace.

So, everybody in the world has to use Boeing/Airbus. Boeing and Airbus aircraft need to be regularly serviced by their personnel in their own shops. These facilities are invariably Israeli owned. There are no facilities in Russia to service Boeing or Airbus. CIA/Mossad can fit any of these aircraft with whatever they want, including remote controls and spying equipment, during scheduled maintenance. So, if you see an Airbus or Boeing disappear or go straight down, don’t be surprised.

My response: The Sukhoi superjet is actually superior in it’s segment to Boeing and Airbus. The crash was totally inexplicable, and I managed to trace it down to a remote control crash that happened via a PC terminal in the Philippines. Maybe I will dig up that report, it was all verified.

Anyway, a great way to crush Russia in the commuter air sector is by just arbitrarily banning their planes, I guess that would be a tactic. But that won’t stop Sukhoi from kicking the F-35 in the behind on the battlefield, where reality actually plays out and that particular rattle trap dies against Russia.

BINGO: An Israeli security firm DID handle security where this plane took off, and most likely they planted the bomb if it was a bomb:
Anonymous wrote:

Airplane disaster.

I traveled through Russia two months back. In Moscow SVO, the check-in counter personnel asked a man if the passport of every passenger is OK for check in. he scanned the passport into his notebook computer and physically checked verified it and then gave OK. I asked who is this person. Answer: He is the airlines security. I asked about his badge. I was told that he works for a Russian security company. I said his accent is not Russian. He works for a Russian company that is a branch of a European company. I said he does not look or talks like a European. He is an Israeli who works for a Russian Security company which is a branch of a European company with headquarters in Israel. I said, yes, that makes sense because Israelis provide best security. They agreed and told me that the passenger document scans, body searches, luggage searches, food security, airplane cleaning, garbage collection, and airplane and airport security are all handled by Israeli company. In Moscow Vnukovo and in St. Petersburg and in Kazan and in Novosibirsk, Israelis provided all security. I asked an airline executive why is that a big country like Russia can’t provide its own security? He explained that, if Russian airlines and airports do not use one of the approved security firms, the airplanes from Russia will be deemed unsafe and will not be allowed to travel to Europe/US. All the security companies in the list approved by FAA are Israeli owned.

Then I noticed all airports all around the world, including Asia, Middle East (even Dubai and Mecca where Israeli citizens are not allowed to enter the country), Egypt, and China use local Security companies, which are branches of European/American companies with headquarters in Israel. (Iran and North Korea are exceptions. But they don’t fly outside.) US is forcing them to use Israeli companies or be banned from Europe and US. Israeli companies decide who gets on an airplane and what bags/items are loaded onto the plane, anywhere in this world. If any bombs explode on any airplane anywhere, you know who placed it there.

Recently a truther British reporter was murdered in Istanbul airport. She was detained by security screening personnel until her plane left without her. Then she was found hanging in the bathroom. The security cameras malfunctioned at that moment so nobody knows how that happened. Istanbul airport security is 100% run by Israeli companies.
My response: That fits. Like a glove. Anonymous wrote:

Before anybody thought about it, in the very beginning you said the refugee problem was deliberately created to destabilize Europe. you said, the poor Syrians cannot afford to travel to and through Europe. you said somebody is financing it. now, pm of hungary is saying this whole thing was orchestrated and financed by Soros. Another kudos to you.

You said right away the plane was brought down by Israeli missile. That is what the head of airlines is saying. But Russia will quietly blame it on mechanical failure. US wants to bring Russia o fight on multiple fronts and lose focus on Syria. That is why they did it. Israel is something Russia cannot win. It is their (communist) baby. Plus Israel/US could crush Russia into powder if they go against Israel. That is what the U.S. is hoping for. If you noticed, us/Israel/europe did not express shock or sorrow or condolence or condemnation on this issue. nobody can touch Israel. soon there will be new elections and Putin is retiring and he does not want to start a new front which he can’t win and his successors can’t handle. His successor is expected to be Jew Medvedev.


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  1. Lynn says:

    I hope the last paragraphs are wrong… !!

  2. Nicky says:

    And Medvedev will kick off the war with US?
    Or… ?

  3. Lynn says:

    This is a dire warning to Russia. Get out of the ME or else. They are not happy about the power shift…..t

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