Israel vents their fury with France after parliament votes to recognize Palestine as a state

  • The vote was approved with 339 votes to 151, and is non-binding
  • Instead the move is seen as a symbolic boost for the Palestinians
  • Move has been condemned in a statement by the Israeli embassy in Paris
  • It said ‘It will reduce possibility of a deal between Israel and Palestinians’

By Amanda Williams



Gordon says: Netanyahu called the French vote a ‘grave mistake‘.

It was only ever a matter of time before Israel took revenge on France.



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  1. salty says:

    Israel slams French plan to recognise Palestine

    Published: 31 Jan 2016.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday criticised France’s threat to recognise a Palestinian state if plans to renew peace efforts fail, arguing that it gives Palestinians no incentive to compromise.

    “This will be an incentive for the Palestinians to come and not compromise,” Netanyahu said at the start of a cabinet meeting on Sunday.

    “The substance of negotiations is compromise and the French initiative, as it has been reported, in effect gives the Palestinians in advance reasons not to do so.”

    French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Friday that his country was working to quickly revive plans for an international conference to work toward a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    Should efforts to breathe life into the moribund peace process fail, France would move to unilaterally recognise Palestine as a state, Fabius said.

    Netanyahu said “I believe that we will see a sobering up on this issue. In any case, we will work to bring this about and our position is very clear: We are prepared to enter into direct negotiations without preconditions and without dictated conditions.”

    Palestinian officials have welcomed the French initiative, having long argued for an international process to end the Israeli occupation and bring about the two-state solution.

    Peace talks collapsed in April 2014 and the situation has since deteriorated, with the prospects of fresh dialogue appearing increasingly remote.

  2. salty says:

    Brazil opens a Palestine embassy in Brasilia

    News Desk – 06/02/2016.

    Palestinian Authority has inaugurated its first diplomatic mission in the Western Hemisphere in Brazil as diplomatic tensions escalate between Israel and the South American state.
    Palestinian Ambassador Ibrahim Alzeben led the opening ceremony in the Brazilian capital city of Brasilia.

    The event was attended by Brazilian government officials, representatives of Arab countries and members of the local Arab community.

    “This is the conclusion of a dream of mine that was also a dream of colleagues that came before me in this mission in the last four decades,” Alzeben said.

    He further expressed hope that the development will be “the beginning of a new phase in relations between Brazil and Palestine, that they can be closer and more diversified.”

  3. salty says:

    After France, Belgium Were Next In Line To Recognise Palestine

    Posted on March 23, 2016.

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