Islam explained to non-Moslems by a Moslem

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Aynaz Cyrus answers her viewers’ questions in twelve minutes.

What is Islam? is the essence.

Her answers are interesting, in that not all people living in Islamic countries believe inwardly in what they are forced to express outwardly.

True belief means –

Kill’em.  Rape’em.  Beat’em.  Control’em.

Many in Moslem countries are pretending to keep going with the religion, and hide their non-belief.  These are good Moslems.  Those who really believe are not good people, she says.

Don’t talk about freedom of religion.  The belief of Islam is to kill all non-Moslems.



4 Responses to “Islam explained to non-Moslems by a Moslem”

  1. freebornman says:

    She was reading the answers straight off ‘BareNakedIslam’ or some similar. Not convinced this girl is Muslim OR Iranian.

  2. Dublinmick says:

    I was wondering if you would do me a favor, and post a couple from Buffalohair the devil’s advocate. I have just run into him and he is very good. He is a native American. His site has about 2 million hits and he is very popular in many countries. When you read these you will see why.–thoughts-about-the-serious-news/buffalohair-hitchhiking-on-the-spirit-world-super-highway–thoughts-about-the-serious-news/buffalohair-clueless-in-the-age-of-prophecy

  3. Dublinmick says:

    I think your site hits a much larger audience than mine.

  4. ian says:

    Well if Voltaire was correct, the Muslims sure as hell don’t rule us, because it’s open season on them. “To find who rules over you, ask who you cannot criticise”.
    Get them in in their droves, courtesy of Soros., then stir up the hatred and let it rip. Traditional divide and conquer tactics.
    I wonder who rules over us then??

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