German Town Of 100 Gets Enriched By 750 Migrants


by Blake Neff

German government officials have compelled a small town with just 102 people to take in approximately 750 migrants from Syria and other countries, The New York Times wrote Saturday.

Sumte, a small town at the western fringe of the former East Germany, was informed earlier this month by its municipal government that it had been assigned to accept over a thousand of the asylum seekers that have poured into Germany over the course of 2015. The number was so high that mayor Christian Fabel first thought it was a joke, but after a storm of local protest, the figure was lowered to 750, not out of sympathy but because it was believed a thousand would overwhelm the town’s sewage system.

 The municipal government plans to house migrants inside an abandoned office building, but other than that, services for them will be scarce. Sumte has no school, no shops, and extremely limited public transportation options. Residents have expressed fears that the migrants, who are disproportionately young men, will bring a crime wave that will make it unsafe to go outside. Officials have responded by saying it will still be perfectly safe to go out at night, because the town’s streetlights will stay lit.
 The Times’ write-up, by reporter Andrew Higgins, suggests the biggest problem for Sumte isn’t crime or other issues that could potentially arrive with the refugees, but rather the possibility that their arrival could make locals question the wisdom of nearly limitless immigration. The migrants, he says, have proved to be political boon for Holger Niemann, a member of the local council described as a neo-Nazi who seeks to preserve Germany’s “genetic heritage.”

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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Strategic Engineered Migration as Weapon of War
    Leonid SAVIN 26.10.2015 00:00

    After reading the title, you may think it is describing the phenomenon that Europe has recently been facing: the hundreds of thousands of refugees, both victims of the hardships of civil wars and opportunists, who are invading the Balkans by land and by sea and then making their way further, trying to reach richer countries like Germany, France and Scandinavia by any means possible.

    It would seem that this stream of refugees has objective reasons: armed conflicts and wars have been going on in Libya, Syria and Iraq for many years, while the situation is also turbulent in Palestine and Afghanistan. In Tunisia and Egypt, meanwhile, both of which experienced the Arab Spring, the situation also leaves much to be desired. Hardly anybody is taking notice of Bahrain, where opposition protests have been brutally suppressed for years, while in Yemen, air strikes are even being carried out on wedding processions. The location of these two states is not very convenient, however – there is simply nowhere to flee. There is also another important detail: camps are being built for Muslim refugees in Saudi Arabia, but nobody is going there for some reason. As a last resort, they stay in Jordan and Turkey.

    Is there also some general reason for their frantic desire to flee so far from their homeland? Wealthy relatives who have already settled in the European Union, perhaps? Or stories about welfare benefits on which they will be able to live comfortably? After all, to make such a journey they have to pay handsomely for the services of smugglers. According to some reports, these smugglers take between $4,000 and $10,000 to transport a single refugee from Syria or Libya to Europe. Even if this person has wealthy relatives abroad, receiving money via bank transfer is impossible in war-torn Syria. Organising transportation on credit clearly involves certain guarantees, especially considering that the boats often sink in the Mediterranean.

    Who is providing guarantees that encourage hundreds of thousands of people to rush from other continents to Europe and why?

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Weapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement, Coercion, and Foreign Policy
    Kelly M. Greenhill
    Series: Cornell Studies in Security Affairs
    Copyright Date: 2010
    Edition: 1

  3. sovereigntea says:


    In defense of their incredibly evil, anti-human system, the RKM has decided to continue to push and guarantee massive illegal and legal immigration in America in order to destroy American borders, language and culture without which no nation can retain its sovereignty.

    And this is exactly why the mercenary terrorists run by the Israeli-American terror Machine have been instructed to mass-murder and rape as many civilians as possible why money is funded to the young men to flee north to Europe. This is to force refugees northward to Europe in order to overwhelm and punish Europeans for supporting the Boycott, Divest, Sanction movement against Israel because of their negative view of Israel’s Apartheid of Palestinians.

    But Israel and the RKM are also angry with the Europeans for not pushing NATO to help fight more proxy wars with America for Israel against Syria and Iran in order to help build the Greater Israel boundaries without sacrificing IDF soldiers, but only American and European Goyim. It has been rumored that many refugees from Syria are young males who have received some travel money. It is now suspected that wealthy RKM Cutouts have been supplying these funds.

    This use of rampant legal and illegal immigration is done to break down the borders, language and culture of the European nations involved and serve as an application of the Cloward-Piven strategy which is the forced over-utilization of a nations resources and services. In this case we have a creation of an ongoing deep recession with an ever growing engineered unemployment due to imposed Free Trade Agreements with a massive influx of immigrants with radically different language and culture. these together can be used to engineer the gross over utilization of existing government support systems and precipitate a major societal chaos followed by a complete collapse of the social and political system.

    The great Phoenix Bird of Greek Mythology that later regenerates and rises to live again from its own ashes. The RKM patterns its long term agenda on Babylonian, Greek, and Roman Gods and Mythology. The Top Policy-Makers of the RKM believe that in order to build a NWO, their NWO, they must first destroy the sovereignty of every nation and then spread war, mass-death and chaos everywhere.

    This is based on the “Order Ab Chaos” model of High Freemasonry which is the use of engineered chaos and societal collapse in order to make away for the emergence of a New World Order, the Phoenix Bird Rising from the ashes of Greek Mythology.

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