Food For Thought: The Found Passport

The “found passport” worked for them for 9/11. It worked again for Charlie Hebdo. So now they have used it a third time. They know that Americans are total dumbshits and can be told anything. No matter how preposterous, the dumbshits will believe it. But Americans are not capable of believing truth. They have been brainwashed that truth is “conspiracy theory.” A population this stupid has no future.

Remember, on 9/11 an exercise simulating the day’s real events was being conducted. Again, we hear the same thing about the Paris attacks. What an unusual coincidence! But the dumbshit Western populations are not capable of noticing. Apparently neither are the Russians.

The articles below show that there is a lot of room for a lot of suspicion. But blinded eyes cannot see.




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  1. Lynn says:

    I beg to differ here. The people are faced with the most evil race of mad butchers history has ever seen. That is how they have got this far. No one can believe the madness that is taking place. They are medievil monsters hiding behind a world of bend over governments. All with filthy secrets to hide. This is incomprehensible to the normal and civilised world. Only the people asking why are realising just how depraved and nasty this is.

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