Farage on LBC

Reforming the British political system – The House Of Lords and The House Of Commons, both.

Wage compression.  People on average wages have seen their living standards fall over ten years now.  It’s not a good time to cut tax credits.  They should be cut when the higher minimum wage kicks in.  The incentive for coming off benefits and getting into work are not big enough.

Osborne doubled the national debt.

Tuberculosis increasing in London.  Routine health checks on immigrants needed.  Lots of other checks are normal in other countries.  The free movement of people is not a good idea.  Though you will be called heartless if you raise these topics.


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  1. Aldous says:

    “Reforming the British political system…”

    Is that Orwellian Newspeak for rounding up and executing every last one of the mother (expletive deleted) ers who corrupt and infest the UK’s Rep’s and Senate? You don’t reform such a stinking Houses of Cesspit – you TAKE IT OUT. End of.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Does the NWO need Britain out of the EU? Are we more use to them as a separate political entity, where the main power blocs can be manipulated from?

    • Aldous says:

      Tap, Farage is about as ‘controlled opposition’ as it is possible to get. Common sense (should) tells us that NOTHING can ever come of this man’s presence on the political landscape. He is THERE for the sole purpose of leading the unwitting into a political dead end.

      There is NO peaceful solution to the dire straits the West finds itself in. The West has EARNED its catastrophe and one can only weep for the children who deserved better parents than the out and out bastards that they were dealt.

      I’ve lived a long life and have started to look forward to the Rain/Reign of Hell that these White, X Factored waste of spaces have brought upon themselves – a pity about the kids but **it happens.

      I’ve tried saving such morons from the cancer chemo conveyor only to have it thrown with attitude back in my face. Six months later they’re dead. **ck ’em.

  3. Jennifer says:

    A bit below the belt, but some amusing, yet suggestive info from Popbitch, my fave gossip go-to.

    IDSHC <<
    We're so, so sorry…

    We've often toed the line of
    decency, telling you tales
    about Nigel Farage's "choad-
    like qualities", or how Michael
    Gove likes to narrate a lot of
    what he does, as he does it,
    in the bedroom. Now though,
    we're about to barrel-roll
    right over it.

    Are you ready?

    According to someone who caught
    a sneak peek while getting
    changed in the gym, Iain Duncan
    Smith has a wang that was
    described not only as "huge",
    but "freakishly huge".

    (All the better for fucking
    the poor with, right kids?)

    [What can Popbitch mean?]

  4. Lynn says:

    The whole vipers nest needs fumigating. We have a deseased house. Vaccinate the lot of them.

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