Expansion of Corporate Power

Comment in response to http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineering-watch-global-alert-news-november-21-2015/?inf_contact_key=a2613aedb2b9bab82a82d109fd7e78c7a2d24c19f25748341dcaac871149e54d


by Michael

I won’t ask you to post this, because it’s not directly related to geoengineering and I’m not trying to hijack your platform, but it is definitely related to the core group of power you speak of.  Incidentally, I have never in my entire life participated in any form of activism, but I  was in Washington exactly one week ago to protest  some of the sources of that power.  I was part of a peaceful protest objecting to expansion of corporate power.  I appear in the  video which accompanies the article though I personally never set foot in Morgan Stanley.

Morgan Stanley spent huge amounts in support of these secretive so called trade agreements which in some areas will usurp US laws and sovereignty, and if signed will actually become US law. We also marched to the building of another familiar foe – Monsanto,  though it is incorrectly referred to as HQ), who has spent a great deal of $ buying political favor from politicians.

In today’s ‘trade’ the Baltic dry index may not matter as much at least to the US, as it used to.  We do export quite a bit of food, but Monsanto, Cargill and others in that industry have their wish lists within TPP, TTIP and, TISA.

I refer to those three as the unholy trinity.  The beast, the antichrist, and the false prophet.

To be blunt, we are at a point today where geoengineering can be too easily denied.   Not so for TPP at least, it is to be voted on and then followed by the others.  I read exhaustively before deciding to travel to DC and one thing is certain in my mind, if TPP passes it will facilitate censorship on the internet, the type that could shut down your website.  The entity known as the individual has never before been under such threat in the USA as it is with these Trojan horses.

These agreements were intended to be passed in secret and not to be revealed to American citizens until after they became law.  They are not law yet, but too few people seem to know about it and how much power these pacts grant to corporations to exercise their will at the expense of workers and citizens.  I find it disgusting that there are politicians who actually claim that this is good.  If you want a concrete example of how the power structure is manipulating things then look no further than TPP, TTIP and TISA.

There is still a chance to fight this.  Some politicians such as O. Hatch are against it, because it didn’t give big pharma as much as they wanted.  Conservative R’s and liberal D’s are both against this, but the rest who are in the pockets of the corporations are for it, regardless of whether they be R or D.

No need to take my word on this either.  Read for yourself.
follow the link within that document for a more detailed bullet point analysis of what’s in the TPP and how bad it really is.

Rather not read, no problem.

The interviewee in this 25 min  video organized the protest I attended, and a longer 57 min video of a  panel discussion here.
This is very real, it  is happening now and will erode our power and even that of our government, anyone inclined to speak up should use some of their energy in stopping the power grab which corporations are attempting.

Here is one current example which previews the type of damage that comes from these trade agreement which seek remedies not through the US court system but instead through tribunals.  TPP and the other trade agreements expand the use of tribunals to favor corporate interest over environmental protections and anything else that is not in their interest.





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