Eva Braun still alive in 2012

Hitler’s Hidden
Estate in Patagonia
Secret German
Nuclear Laboratory
Secret German
Training Facility
German Hotel with Plastic
Surgery Clinic into the 1960’s

Hitler in Argentina

How many were taught that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide in the Führerbunker on 30 April 1945?  All of us were taught that and we believed it.  Why not?  Our government would never lie to us…..would they?

Damned right they would – and they did!

Adolf Hitler did not shoot himself as we are told.  He lived until 1963 in Argentina.

Eva Braun/Hitler did not take poison in the Führerbunker.  She was definitely alive in Argentina in 2002 at age 90 and we have indications that she was alive in 2012 in an assisted living facility in Argentina.

These two history smashing books tell the entire story.  Our best selling book “Hitler in Argentina” tells with absolute fact, that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun did indeed escape the crumbling Reich, fled from Berlin and settled in a plush estate in a faraway corner of Argentina some 700 miles southwest of Buenos Aires.

Even today, that area is very remote but in the years 1945 through at least the end of the 1960’s, San Carlos di Bariloche may as well have been on the dark side of the moon – it was that remote and removed from prying eyes.

Open your eyes – forget the fairy tales you were taught in school and in today’s media.  Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun did not commit suicide.

Harry Cooper, the world’s foremost source on the escape of Hitler, Eva Braun and thousands of the crumbled Third Reich explains all.

This site is just now under construction and more will be added tomorrow, but for much more information on the escape of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and thousands of others, go to www.sharkhunters.com   Click on the image of the books above for the description of the book, for comparisons to other such books, for honest reviews and for comments.

Of course, if you still want to believe the fairy tales the governments push at you, that is your right………don’t forget the fat guy in the red suit who will come down your chimney on Christmas Eve with a bag full of toys.

Sad indeed is he who knows not……….but sadder still
…………..is he who knows not that he knows not.

The world is full of sheeple – we educate them – DON’T BE a sheeple.



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  1. Truth will prevail says:

    CIA – MI-6 – Mossad – Tavistock “think tank” fairy tales



    Hitler: “Israel has not yet learnt how to be multicultural…”


    Barbara Lerner-Spectre: “Europe has not yet learnt how to be multicultural…”

    Don’t do to others….

  2. Lynn says:

    The very opposite of all we were told.. Sick perverted monstrous Traitors. Playing on our good nature of giving and never taking. Fleecing us of our hard labour. Liars and filth who mock us and mean us harm. They have hated and loathed us forever. Greedy and cunning as they steal our existence.

  3. Dogman says:

    If the following was done for Bormann, why not Hitler and Braun?
    In response to investigations that revealed Bormann’s escape and postwar activities, the German government arranged for a DNA testing of the remains—supposedly of Bormann—that were found in Berlin in the 1970’s. The DNA tests were never independently verified and the remains that were supposed to be Bormann’s were disposed of in a secret location, precluding the possibility of future verification of the test.
    The corpses placed in the ruins of Berlin were, in fact, concentration camp inmates whose dental work was meticulously altered under the supervision of Dr. Hugo Blaschke, Hitler and Bormann’s personal dentist. The inmates’ dental work was made identical to Bormann’s, right down to the wear and aging of the oral architecture.
    The inmates were then killed, and their remains buried in the rubble of Berlin. These corpses were the remains found—and tested—by the German government to “verify” Bormann’s supposed death in World War II!

    ” . . . A deception plan for Bormann had been completed by Mueller in Berlin. Tops in police work and crafty beyond imagining, he provided for a matching skeleton and skull, complete with identical dental work, for future forensic experts to ponder over and to reach conclusions that suited his purpose. . . . When Heinrich Mueller visited Sachsenhausen he walked through the engraving, printing, and document areas looking for any inmates who might resemble Bormann.
    In one, he noticed two individuals who did bear a resemblance in stature and facial structure to the Reichsleiter. He had them placed in separate confinement. Thereupon a special dental room was made ready for “treatment” of the two men. A party dentist was brought in to work over and over again on the mouth of each man, until his teeth, real and artificial, matched precisely the Reichsleiter’s. In April 1945, upon completion of these alterations, the two victimized men were brought to the Kurfuerstenstrasse building to be held until needed.
    Dr. Blaschke had advised Mueller to use live inmates to insure a believable aging process for dentures and gums; hence the need for several months of preparation. Exact dental fidelity was to play a major part in the identification of Hitler’s body by the invading Russians. It was to be of significance in Frankfurt twenty-eight years later, when the West German government staged a press conference to declare that they had ‘found Bormann’s skeleton proving he had died in Berlin’s freight yards May 1–2, 1945.’ Dr. Hugo Blaschke was the dentist who had served both Hitler and Bormann

  4. Truth will prevail says:

    “The claim that Hitler consciously planned his escape implies that he was a mere political opportunist and a charlatan. That contravenes everything we know about his life’s work. This is a man who came very close to shooting himself in the head after the failed Munich Putsch, with only a woman he adored, Mrs. Hanftstangel, actively persuading him that his life was essential for the survival of the ideals they mutually cherished. She removed the gun from his hand, the only time I have ever heard of Hitler’s immutable will bending to the appeal of another.
    To assert that this most dynamic of Leaders wiled away his time complacently in bucolic splendor is not merely indignant but just plain silly! Indeed, everything about his activity’s shows subservience to a “Do or Die” ideal. Call him a megalomaniac if you must demean what others are coming to realize was truly the Avatar Against Time, but at least respect the fact of his sincerity as witnessed by his compatriots and evidenced by all his speech’s and writings. Hitler brought us the philosophic gift of the quality of blood, the importance of brotherhood, the spiritual and practical threat of Zionism to western culture, and the superb exemplar of absolute commitment. Napoleon once said that his life was like a Novel. Hitler’s life was a prayer in service to an epiphany. When it could not be realized, he took away from his enemy’s the prospect of exploiting his existence for political purposes. He could have done nothing else. He died as he lived, in gallantry.” (Matt Crawford) “I agree that the “Hitler escaped” story is an attempt to make Hitler look like he was really a deceitful coward after all. In a way, this is one of the most malicious lies about him. What could be lower than taking potshots like this at him?” (Trevor)

    More heinous lies to try to “debunk” forensic evidence… what else could you expect from Zionist British “intelligence”?

    Conclusion: Hitler’s well known dental issues and his custom bridge work were positively identified by his dentist and the dental assistant. The jaw bones found in the Kremlin archives combined with the X-Rays from the Post-Mortem report, which matched these with other images known to be that of Hitler, plus the eye-witness testimony of those who were there prove that Adolf Hitler died in 1945


    • Dogman says:

      The “Diario Illustrado” of Santiago, Chile, 18 January 1948 issue, said:

      “On 30 April 1945 Berlin was in dissolution but little of that dissolution was evident at Tempelhof Airfield. At 4:15 p.m. a JU52 landed and S.S. troops directly from Rechlin for the defense of Berlin disembarked, all of them young, not older than 18 years.

      “The gunner in the particular plane was an engineer by the name of B… whom I had known for a number of years and for whom I had endeavored to get exemption from military service. He sought to tank up and leave Berlin as quickly as possible. During this re-fueling interval Mr. B… was suddenly elbowed in the ribs by his radio operator with a nod to look in a certain direction.

      “At about 100-120 meters he saw a sleek Messerschmitt Jet Model 332 [an editorial comment says this should be an ARADO 234]. Mr. B.. and the radio operator saw, and WITHOUT ANY DOUBT WHATSOEVER, standing in front of the jet, their Commander in Chief, Adolf Hitler, dressed in field-grey uniform and gesticulating animatedly with some Party functionaries, who were obviously seeing him off.

      “For about ten minutes whilst their plane was being refueled the two men observed this scene and around 4:30 p.m. they took to the air again. They were extremely astonished to hear during the midnight military news bulletin, some seven and a half hours later, that Hitler had committed suicide.”

      On a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation program called “As It Happens,” 17 September 1974 at 7:15 p.m., a Prof. Dr. Ryder Saguenay, oral surgeon from the Dental Faculty of the University of California at Los Angeles, said that Hitler had ordered a special plane to leave from Berlin with all medical and dental records, especially X-rays, of all top Nazis for an unknown destination. He said that the dental records used to identify Hitler’s body were drawn from MEMORY by a dental assistant, who disappeared and was never found.

      An editorial in “Zig Zag,” Santiago, Chile, 16 January 1948, states that on 30 April 1945, Flight Captain Peter Baumgart took Adolf Hitler, his wife Eva Braun, as well as a few loyal friends by plane from Tempelhof Airport to Tondern in Denmark [still German controlled]. From Tondern, they took another plane to Kristiansund in Norway [also German controlled]. From there they joined a Submarine convoy.

      The Jewish writer Michael Bar-Zohar in “The Avengers,” said: ” In 1943 Admiral Dönitz had declared: ‘The German U-boat fleet is proud to have made an earthly paradise, an impregnable fortress for the Führer, somewhere in the world.’ He did not say in what part of the world it existed, but fairly obviously it was in South America.”

      The German writer Mattern said that Admiral Dönitz told a graduating class of naval cadets in Kiel in 1944: “The German Navy has still a great role to play in the future. The German Navy knows all hiding places for the Navy to take the Führer to, should the need arise. There he can prepare his last measures in complete quiet.”

      • Dogman says:

        There is no acceptable evidence that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun died in the huge, squat air-raid shelter which the Führer had built for himself in Berlin. There is no physical evidence that their bodies were cremated in the garden of the Berlin Chancellery. I [Louis C. S. Mansfield] make these statements in contradiction of the official theory of British Intelligence and I make them on the result of months of detailed work in Germany; work in which I suffered under the inevitable limitations of a one-man unofficial investigator, but in which, none the less, I was able to carry out in a reasonably complete form the vital tests and experiments on which I base my opening statement.
        As a result of the evidence Louis C. S. Mansfield discovered, Colonel Heimlich, of the American Intelligence (G2), reopened the Hitler case offering him the full facilities of their organization in their zone, and General Smirnov, Russian Commander of Berlin, gave him carte blanche to carry out any investigations he wished in the Russian sector. His discoveries were deemed so important that British, American and Russian Intelligence officers requested full copies of his investigational field notes.
        Col. W. F. Heimlich, former Chief of U.S. Intelligence, Berlin, found no evidence that Hitler actually died or that his body was cremated
        Same source as the above post.

        ‘Hitler Still Alive!’ – National Police Gazette – September 1965


  5. Dublinmick says:

    As I have been saying for a long time.


    There is enough information available now that anyone who can read and process information knows Hitler was a Rothschild. If not they are playing a double game in my opinion.

    “Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.” -Frantz Fanon”

  6. Dublinmick says:

    And by the way twist prevails, yeah I feel most justified in saying that as you referred to me as doublemick.

    I think you are phony. justice4germans won’t arrive at much justice as they are a shill site, the object is to keep the guilt complex going, the reparations to isreal.

    Say hello to Kaminski, Beulahman, Deanna Spingola, Carolyn Yeager and others who are shilling.

    Hitler was a Rothschild


  7. Truth will prevail says:

    Hitler’s “final solution of the Jew problem” was not extermination but expellation

    See Protocols of Elders of Zion, Babylonian Talmud and/or Communist Manifesto and you will understand how evil freemasons, Zionists and satanists are – Rothschilds and ilk.

    Freemasonry etc explains the motives of the western allied (Freemason, pro-Zionist) leaders. These leaders were anti-nationalist and since WW II there has been a long string of anti-nationalist politicians in these governments (GB, US, F). Hitler was a nationalist, he never wanted war with GB or America, as is well documented. He had no intention to destroy strong white nations as the Zionist (Rothschild) internationalists do. Hitler didn’t want “world domination” as the Zionist “Jewish” internationalists /globalists do.

    Central ideas of communism such as international egalitarianism, anti-traditionalism, anti-religiosity, destructive feminism etc are alive and active on most western college campuses and pop culture outlets today subverting white “goyim” societies.

    1939 Evian Conference: Hitler was turned down. They didn’t want to take Jews. The Zionists needed the numbers to assert the “Holocaust 6 million” If all the Jews had left Germany (as Hitler wanted them to) there could have been no profitable holyhoax industry and that was in the card deck since at least 1900….

    Hitler stood up to the Rothschild scum elites

  8. Truth will prevail says:

    Hitler had established the Reichsmark bloc against the British Sterling bloc….

    which means he defied the Rothschild money power. Hitler was NOT their man, NOT under their control (how much British Zionist Rothschild “intelligence” might have wanted him to)

  9. Dogman says:

    In 1952, Dwight D. Eisenhower said: “We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler’s death. Many people believe that Hitler escaped from Berlin.” When President Truman asked Josef Stalin at the Potsdam conference in 1945 whether or not Hitler was dead, Stalin replied bluntly, ‘No.’ Stalin’s top army officer, Marshall Gregory Zhukov, whose troops were the ones to occupy Berlin, flatly stated after a long thorough investigation in 1945: “We have found no corpse that could be Hitler’s.” The chief of the U.S. trial counsel at Nuremberg, Thomas J. Dodd, said: “No one can say he is dead.” Major General Floyd Parks, who was commanding general of the U.S. sector in Berlin, stated for publication that he had been present when Marshall Zhukov described his entrance to Berlin, and Zhukov stated he believed Hitler might have escaped. Lt. Gen. Bedell Smith, Chief of Staff to Gen. Eisenhower in the European invasion and later Director of the CIA, stated publicly on Oct. 12, 1945, “No human being can say conclusively that Hitler is dead.” Col. W.J. Heimlich, former Chief, United States Intelligence, at Berlin, stated for publication that he was in charge of determining what had happened to Hitler and after a thorough investigation his report was: “There was no evidence beyond that of HEARSAY to support the THEORY of Hitler’s suicide.” He also stated, “On the basis of present evidence, no insurance company in America would pay a claim on Adolph Hitler.”

  10. Truth will prevail says:

    “Testemonies”, forgeries, hate propaganda by war criminals, mass murderers, freemasons, Zionists, enemies of Germany – as were Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Trueman, Churchill, Stalin et al – the Director of the CIA – “thorough investigations” (oh yeah – that’s a good one!) Don’t we know their lies by now? Their “The ends justify ANY means” attitude? The “Nuremberg Trials” did not rely on any reliable evidence but on forgeries, forced “confession” and lying “witnesses”. Blatant LIES and detortion. That’s all they resort to until today.
    There is forensic evidence and there were reliable witnesses to corroborate Hitler’s death in 1945.

    Anybody who chooses to believe differently must have strong motives for doing so.

  11. Dogman says:

    Hitler’s jawbone and a fragment of his skull had been sent to the Kremlin. The rest of the remains were kept at the Soviet compound in Magdeburg until it was decided to hand the barracks to the East German military.

    General Khristoforov insisted that the FSB had no reason to question the authenticity of the skull fragments in its possession. In September professors at the University of Connecticut had claimed that DNA samples showed the skull to have come from a woman aged up to 40.

    General Khristoforov said: “Hitler’s jaw is at the FSB archives, the fragment of skull at the State Archive. These materials are the only documentary evidence of Hitler’s death.” He did not offer DNA proof. The jaw has never been seen in public.

    Acknowledgements: http://www.timesonline.co.nz

  12. Dogman says:

    Prof. Dr. Blaschke didn’t identify Hitler’s jawbone – because he was being held by the Americans at the time!

    He was asked to recreate his dental records by them, and to create a model of the jaw – but he was never asked to inspect the remains.

    It was his assistant Kaethe Heusemann who was…but she had some major inconsistencies in her story, which didn’t help her situation in Berlin or endear her to her Soviet interrogators (she was sent to the Gulag for ten years in 1951)

    “Hitler’s” body was autopsied on the 8th of May 1945 – and the SMERSH team came to Blaschke’s office on the 9th…only to find that all Hitler’s dental records had disappeared…never ever to be found.

  13. Dublinmick says:

    “Hitler’s “final solution of the Jew problem” was not extermination but expellation”

    You say this because you did not read the link I left. It does not say they were not expelled. In fact they wen to Palestine. In fact there is a rabbi, Marin Antelman who says the same thing. They were trained in the camps to learn how to live in the kibbutz in Palestine.

    What Hitler did was take money from Rothschild and Bush and gold from soon to be pope Pacelli. That was his mentor, he met with him periodically once a week before he rose in the nazi party. That is from Pacelli’s house keeper.

    He was trained at Tavistock along with Stalin. Are you saying the book by Bridget Hitler is wrong? She was his relative and says Paddy Hitler always threatened tried to brive Hitler for money and tell people he was the son of a rich jewish banker. That is his relative, you are not his relative. You are fishing up stories because that is the intel party line. The reparations must continue.

    Do you really realize how absurd this story is you want people to believe. That for once in history the Rothschilds had nothing to do with a big war? They financed all of them and they financed this one. They had banks, companies, mansions, intel people, hitmen, (they are the vatican banker) every heard of vatican assassins? Somehow not one little hair on the Austrian paper hanger’s head was harmed. This is an absured fairy tale you wish people to believe.

    Anybody pushing the Hitler created a great army to go against the soviet union by the barter system, built some roads, and put a chicken in every pot delusion is intel are extremely thick in my opiinion. Who could honestly believe such a story?

    Der Fuhrer’s could not be left around, they don’t want DNA from it. It would be nice to have it, and then hava Angela Merkel take the pee test.

    There is the question of which body also as Hitler had 6 body doubles. That is from blackraiser.com which by the way that article has been top ten in google many times. Have any of your research ever made the top ten of google before?

    Wherer is your research by the way, I would like to read it, instead one paragraph responses that try and refute entire books on the subject.

    • Dogman says:

      In 1919, at the age of 19, Himmler decided to become a Jesuit priest enrolling at the Munich Technische Hochschule during the troubles of the brief Bavarian Soviet State and subsequent street battles. It is during this time that Himmler through his influential Catholic family would have come in close contact with Archbishop Pacelli (Pope Pius XII), the Papal Nuncio in Munich.
      While the ban on the NSDAP continued until 1927, incredibly Hitler was released on December 20, 1924 after senior Catholic intervention — having served less than 12 months of the serious (often capital crime) of treason. Of all the great revolutionary leaders of the early-mid 20th century, only Fr Joseph Stalin S.J. is recorded as being so lucky as Hitler with having escaped possible execution and extraordinarily light punishment.

      Upon his release, Hitler focused his attention to publicity and the launch of “his” new book Mein Kampf “My Life”. Contrary to deliberate revisionist history, neither the NSDAP, nor the Schutzstaffel (a single German word for “Squadron”) existed until May 1927 –after the ban on the party had been officially lifted. Hitler was surrounded by a powerful and small group of indivduals each providing key skills
      The first election of the reformed NDSAP in May 1928 was a disaster. It was during this period that Fr. Heinrich Himmler S.J entered to be immediately appointed the deputy of Erhard Heiden, commander of the Schutzstaffel. Within a few months, Erhard Heiden resigned and Fr. Himmler S.J. was appointed as commander of the Schutzstaffel. It is a remarkable and rarely considered event occurred- in 1929, a 29 year old rank outsider with dubious military experience, but impeccible Catholic and Jesuit connections is suddenly appointed Reichführer-SS – the 280 most elite security personnel and bodyguards of Hitler himself. There can be absolutely no question that Himmler was a direct Vatican appointment via the support of Jesuits as there is no way Hitler would have accepted such an appointment of such a person into a critical role unless it came from the very highest authority.
      Prior to its use by Himmler, the symbols SS were most frequently and officially used as the abbreviation of Sedes Sacrorum or the legal name of the Vatican being the “Holy See” (Latin Sedes = seat/see and Sacrorum = Holy/Sacred) since the 16th Century as a sign of imprimatur over official Vatican documents. It is either an extraordinary coincidence that Himmler and his elite began wearing the SS symbol as Reichführer immediately after the signing of the Reich Concordat in 1933 with the SS- the Sedes Sacrorum, the Holy See.
      Source is one-evil.org

  14. Dublinmick says:

    Sorry about the grammatical errors in my response, I was in a hurry.

    I am very happy to see the John Kaminski article disappear. Yeah John hits some very telling points on the position we find ourselves in.

    He also however refuses to even research the fact that Der Fuhrer was a Rothschild.

    John pushes the narrative that Hitler created a formidable German army using the barter system. You know, our boy Adolf, built some roads, came up with the Volkswagon, put a chicken in every pot. No he engineered moves for Germany that were guaranteed they would be defeated and be bombed to the stone age.

    John thinks he Hitler was the real deal, in fact he and Carolyn Yeager, Deanna Spingola, justice4Germans, Beulahman and others want another one. They are shills in my opinion. Yeah we need a another Rothschild plant running the show right?

    John can be very cryptic as far as criticism. He calls me a psycho. I don’t think much better of him.

    • ” In my opinion it is important to realize that Nazis, NASA, Disney, Freemasons, the US government, the Federal Reserve, Billionaires, Judeo-Christianity, the United Nations and other entities that are trying to control the world do not own 33.

      33 is a number that belongs to everyone.

      Perhaps the reason all the aforementioned parties ritualistically use 33 is because they understand what it is all about. 33 is part of us, and part of the architecture of the universe. They hijack this sacred knowledge and use it in plain sight in order to control and manipulate.

      The Human Spine
      There are 33 vertebrae in the spinal column if you count the fused bones in the lower spine individually. ”

    • ”b) Point 2 is Madison Wisconsin, the site of the largest protest in the US in recent memory. We’ll let the reasons behind it rest for the moment, but note that it was a seminal test and one that fully succeeded in dividing the US along public/private and govt./people fault lines.”

      I think Veterans Today have a strong presence at Wisconsin university, their PhD people. I think Nasa do too. And the confusing situation of the alive Challenger astronauts, Michael Smith I think his name is, whos now 70, is alove and well teaching at Madison Wisconsin, lecturer.
      But maybe just because VT operates from a uni on the 33rd parallel, might not be reason think VT is all the agenda of the elites? Perhaps im grasping at straws but 33s power is owned by no one and maybe white hats have moved into Wisconisn uni
      Although im probably wrong. Also Dick Scobee another ‘dead’ astronaut whos alive and well, his son is high u; in NORAD. And NORAD conveniently looked the other way on 911 with its responsiveness.
      But then again what do I know? Maybe due to so many false ‘drills’ and deliberate layered confusion by cheney et al, maybe NORAD meant well but was just manipulated that day
      But it shows how everythings a linked web one way or another
      Id love to believe theres an active white hat anti cabal network functioning, that practices white magic, but not much evidence for this I don’t think

      It is amazing how the general public and media haven’t been aroused by Judith Reznick, Dick Scobee, and Michael Smith, working, prominent with same names and faces and ages.

      This is very bizarre Dublinmick. Even when I explain to people in person and attempt to show them the website and the photos. And Michael Smith and Dick Scobee are the most damning. People don’t care or want to know!!! Talk about trance states

      I still haven’t figured out the reason/significance of why these dead astronauts are being deliberately shown alive like this.
      Some kind of Scottish Rite/Nazi psyop to confuse or demoralise?
      Some kind of way to introduce the reality of cloning technology to the public when the times right?
      Or some kind of way to introduce concepts of….portals in dimensions and possible time travel. If it exists. All the implications of the free energy antigravity tesla physics I think means the secret govt are tampering with these kinds of things

      I don’t think aadivaahan mentions a bomb causing the 311 earthquake disaster on the sea floor. Unless the bomb talk was a VT psyop?

    • Amazing links for extensive study thanks DM
      eg on vortex points
      ”According to Dr. Clark, the point at the center of the “bowtie” becomes a magnetic null zone of zero gravity when appropriately triggered by the right geometric positions of the Sun, Moon and Planets to the Earth. In those moments of conjunction, there is a “hyperdimensional bleed-through,” and we then get time dilations. ”

      I think the more detailed maps of leylines running through each country and town an street will be locked away in freemason Vatican vaults

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