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  1. Yes but what are we to make of Lambremont Webres involvement here? Hes a Jesuit, hes one of them


    Does this mean the PTB are deliberately orchestrating the exposures of their own horrendous crimes against children, some sick inverted counterintuitive Psyop?

    Ive wondered this, because, David Icke cant be trusted, despite lots of valuable interesting truths. Icke gives out loads of damning satanic/CSA/Establishment stories, joins loads of dots
    – Could the colemanexperience also , bizarre I know. Could it too be part of this?
    – Could the ‘elites’ be using their own disgusting crimes as catalysts to cause absolute chaos in society, at the right times, letting it all build?

    – Could this be why Lambremont Webre seems right in the thick of this story above?

    – And of course I could be wrong. Maybe instead these stories really are a threatening genie out the bottle to the PTB. And maybe Webres been sent in to take control of the direction of things, controlled opposition

  2. Nicky says:

    My heart goes out to Ella and Abe.
    It is crystal clear to me who is on the side of righteousness.
    The current controllers of justice with there maritime Law is not one of those.
    I would encourage any tools of the controlled opposition to do some research into near death experiences and rethink there course in this world.
    What awaits them at there moment of transition from this life to the next.
    Choose wisely. Life is short here, And you cant take your ill gotten gains with you.

    • Profound insightful comment Nicky
      We can all chat about and go off on (relevant) tangents, discussing the fiat banking system, maritime law (I remember from school Churchill was high up in the Admiralty, and he was a Satanist). And theres 1000 other things going on in this world
      But yes, NDEs, they should do their research, what awaits. I think many of them are arrogant thinking they’ve got this aspect of reality nailed.
      I have been very moved by the NDEs on youtube, that are in no way selling any book
      Tap a while back said, and I think he has a point, Eben Alexander was trying to indert some kind of deception in all our minds. Hes been on Oprah for example. I was very excited and taken in by eben alexander. I thought he seemed an honest decent guy. Maybe he is and Taps wrong
      yet, knowing the amount of deception by bullshitters in this world. Its very possible eben alexander inserted some kind of satanic deception, but im not sure what. Incredible descriptions though, of what he saw and experienced. But maybe a New Age deception in some way, since Nicky ive read in the etheric spiritual planes, bad forces exist looking to derail and deceive us.

      Ill end by saying on youtube this really moved me, this 10 min clip. This guys not selling any book. Popping out his blody, existing in the hospital room in the spiritual dimension, all the colours and senses way more vivid. And there being no sense of linear time. This mans testimony blew me away. Also, the black horrible presence he woudnt wish on his worst enemy, he encountered
      That made him realise he was being selfish and not an active fighter for good in his life. This NDE opened my eyes

      • Nicky says:

        Thank you Adam.
        From watching your link I came across this beatiful life.
        It is very uplifting, About the Artist Akiane Kramerik.
        At 12.50 mins in there is a picture of her.
        the resemblance to little Alisa is astonishing.
        Have declared my loss of faith for all semite religions in comments recently.
        After watching this I have apologised to Jesus and God for this.
        Had tastes of NDE type experiences myself whilst meditating in the Patanjali dome in Fairfield, Iowa in 2007. That feeling of being home resonates with experiences others report in NDE,s.
        I believe it is called Samadhi in yogic terminology. Basically TM is a way to achieve stillnes whilst living. Be still and know that I am (God) Is the Bibles teaching on this. God Made it easy for us. Just be still. Something many share on learning the technique was how it was so simple, Could not be made any simpler.
        As Maharishi has pointed out, There are common denominators in all the great religions that are the cor truths, The being still one was one of those he brought to light.
        All credit to Maharishi And Guru Dev for any wisdom herein.

  3. RabbiT says:

    Hi Adam,

    Good post. Have looked into Mickey Robinson and seems genuine but he has written a book. His position on hell being irreversible eternal separation is my take on such. His account of heaven likewise accords with my knowledge and other accounts although heaven and hell are preceded by Hades though I have no problem with different individuals having different experiences in near death as the Almighty should choose to determine:


    Will reply to your earlier question shortly.

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