“Earth Has Shifted” Inuit Elders Issue Warning To Humanity



Global Climate Change: The Earth Has Shifted, Say Inuit Elders

A new warning has come to NASA from the Inuits. They are warning that the change in climate is not due to global warming but rather, because of the Earth shifting a bit.

The Inuits are local people that live in the Arctic regions of Canada, the United States and Greenland. They are excellent weather forecasters and so were their ancestors. Presently they are warning NASA that the cause of change in weather, earthquakes etc, are not due to global warming as the world thinks. They also report that

They state that the earth has shifted or “wobbled”. “Their sky has changed!”

The elders declare that the sun rises at a different position now, not where it used to previously. They also have longer daylight to hunt now, the sun is much higher than earlier, and it gets warmer much quickly. Other elders across the north also confirmed the same thing about the sky changing when interviewed.


They also alleged that the position of sun, moon and stars have all changed causing changes in the temperature. This has also affected the wind and it is very difficult to predict the weather now and according to them predicting weather is necessary on Arctic.

All the elders confirmed that the Earth has shifted, wobbled or tilted toward the North. This information provided by the Inuit Elders has caused a great concern in the NASA scientists.




sources:nasa.govwww.whitewolfpack.comArticle: http://worldtruth.tv/earth-has-shifted-inuit-elders-issue-warning-to-nasa-humanity/


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  1. This inuit article, which ive seen on dublinmick a few weeks ago, has potential to make me seriously fret and worry. Yet ill put those feelings aside for now. It might not mean the wiping out ofhumanity at all. Just enough of a change reshuffling, disruption, that our Khazar Satanist elite Snuff friends, Jesuits, etc, to lose power where their bullshit lies are exposed to one and all.

    One boy, ten fingers, a huge massive dyke, with 100 holes in. The cabal is the boy. My point here is we need decentralised free energy.technologies in our own hands.urgently.
    It neednt be the.most exotic. There appear to be 101 methods technoogies to generate overunity zeropoint energy. The Nassikas superconductor thruster patent Paul LAViolette discusses on etheric.com, is one exwmple.
    My point is, the boy only has 10 fingers. We need small engineers to reproduce the Nassikas and other things urgently. Soon the cabal will have lost a major point of leverage over us, if many of us become.energy.independent anyway, offgrid
    I think this could be part of the.cabal urgemncy, they know free energys coming, so they want it to be where.they still have control

  2. Dublinmick says:

    Inuit Elders Say Their Sky Has Changed And The Earth Has Tilted-BBC Inadvertently Shows Kalki Beside The Morning Sun-NASA Worried By Inuit Information


  3. ian says:

    Given that every celestial object has an exact location relative to us, which is recorded in declination and right ascension, I feel that it would have been obvious to all the observatories worldwide, also the tide times and lighting up times etc would have been affected. Either they have and it’s being kept quiet for political purposes, which to me me seems unlikely given the number of people it would involve, or this article is flawed. Please don’t regard this as being awkward, if you think I’m wrong please explain why, as I found this a fascinating article.

  4. Gordon says:

    Those who know me know that I’m acutely aware of my natural surroundings, that I don’t miss much and question everything. With this, coupled with the fact that I have lived in the same house for the past forty years time has allowed me to observe and study the seasons, the stars, the animals, the fish and the birds of the air and how all take their course through the seasons and years in a grand procession which most are oblivious to.

    Are the Inuit right is the question? I believe so for three reasons.

    What would it profit the Inuit by telling the lie. Nothing!

    The Inuit are a people which have to keep an eye on nature and their natural surroundings as their very life depends on it. Thus they are observant.

    And lastly, two years ago even though the sky was clear I noticed that the sun did not enter my westerly window at its appointed time, being annually 14th of February at precisely 16:50pm. This year, 2015, the same phenomenon occurred. What’s more, I believe the sun to be setting 2 or 3 degrees further round to the north at mid-summer but to prove everything to myself I need favorable conditions and photographic evidence at set times, dates and stations.

    It may take a few years for me to gather the information and compare like with like with previous years sunset photos giving that Geoengineered skies hinder the process.

    • I think Gordon with the Inuit, plus yours and no doubt many others observations. We have here an undeniable chink in the matrix veil of lies. An Achilles heel the UN Satanists cant hide, which we must go for aggressively now and keep smashing

      Im certainly going to step up my efforts, getting it thru peoples skulls, what the Inuit are noticing

      We have here fantastic ammunition to hammer home to people the DISTINCTION between

      – the inuit solar system truth that is affecting Earth
      – the Communist UN Helen Clark sexually deviant satanist NWO elitist MANMADE climate change LIE

      This is essential we point this out

    • ian says:

      Certainly worth paying attention to Gordon. I’ll pay attention to it now. I was thinking more, but probably a degree or two wouldn’t affect the tides too much. It would account for the additional seismic events as everything realigned itself with the centre and the moon’s pull. Interesting.


      More evidence, similar to the cannonball experiment is found in helicopters and airplanes. If the Earth were spinning several hundred miles per hour beneath our feet, helicopter pilots and hot-air balloonists should be able to simply ascend straight up, hover, and wait for their lateral destinations to reach them!

      Since such a thing has never happened in the history of aeronautics, however, haughty heliocentrists must once again rely on Newton’s magical atmospheric-velcro, claiming the lower atmosphere (up to an undetermined height, somewhere above the reach of helicopters, hot-air balloons, and anything not built by NASA) is pulled perfectly along with the rotating Earth rendering such experiments moot.

      Granting heliocentrists their atmospheric-glue supposition helps them dismiss the results of vertically-fired cannonball experiments, but does not and cannot help them explain away the results of horizontal cardinally-fired cannonballs.

      Similarly, granting them their magic-velcro helps dismiss the results of hovering helicopter and hot-air balloon experiments, but does not and cannot explain away the results of airplanes flying in cardinal directions. For instance, if both the Earth and its lower atmosphere are supposedly rotating together Eastwards 1,038 miles per hour at the equator, then airplane pilots would need to make an extra 1,038 mph compensation acceleration when flying Westwards!

      North and South-bound pilots would by necessity have to set diagonal courses to compensate! Since no such compensations are ever necessary except in the imaginations of astronomers, it follows that the Earth does not move.



    • Published on Dec 24, 2014

      Check out this excellent amateur balloon footage of our flat, motionless Earth! You can clearly see the Sun is NOT 93 million miles away as we’re told. This is evidenced by the hot-spot seen on the clouds directly underneath the Sun as it moves over the Earth. Over 20 miles high and the horizon remains perfectly flat and rises to the eye-level of the observer all the way up. If the Earth were a ball, no matter how big, the horizon could not rise with the observer like this. On a ball-Earth the horizon would stay where it was and you would have to look DOWN to the horizon further and further the higher you rose.

      Hello Gordon theres a comment to moderate in examining recent rise of flat earth movement thanks

      • ian says:

        I watched about a third of the video Adam. It proves nothing. They claim that because as we rise up and the horizon rises too that it can’t be a ball, well bollocks. It depends on the size of the ball.

  5. Lynn says:

    So much coming into focus… Why again being our biggest question… And answers so interesting. Keep asking why… We are on a truly amazing journey. Thank you Gordon.

  6. Dublinmick says:

    The beaches in Florida are no longer there. I could walk out perhaps 100 yards at St. Augustine beach when I was a child. Now days they stack up layers of rock to keep beach houses from washing away and they can no longer be insured.

    At Daytona Beach the ocean is almost at the doors of ocean front hotels.

    In Fort Lauderdale the roads are washing away right in front of luxury ocean front property. The governor of Florida has told state employees they are not to mention climate change.

    • ian says:

      Could be tectonic plate movement due to altered polar alignment, as opposed to climate change.

    • Changing subject. But still highly relevant to everything, everything that matters
      There is something, as we all know, magical and metaphysical when seeing a beautiful woman and falling in love (hopefully having it returned)
      My point here is, the highly painful part of it. Thats also magical.
      Is the magic spell i fall under
      It becomes impossible to understand, there are just as liveloy wonderful exciting women elsewhere.
      Ive realised DM this is because, what takes it alk to a Divine, other level. Is falling in love with the unique traits of the woman. This is interesting to reflect on andobserve in myself.
      Its like a spiritual latching on
      I have a strong feeling, intuition what i speak about here, is to do with, overlapping on, Magic, occultism

      I wonder if falling in love and a man desiring a woman so exclusively, and intensely, and wonderfully, producing a child. Is the ultimate highest form of White Magic, breaking all the black magic in this world, spells.
      I think the husband wife bond is God/Christos/Om, and this is why the nwo satanists talmud readers seek to destroy and erode this.

      On a personal level i reflect on all this, how ive felt about a certain woman. Then snapping out of it, like being relesed from a spell

    • If the Earth truly were a spinning ball orbiting the Sun, there are several tests and experiments which could be, and have been, conducted to prove or disprove the veracity of such a claim. For example, Danish Astronomer Tycho Brahe famously argued against the heliocentric theory in his time, positing that if the Earth revolved in an orbit round the Sun, the change in relative position of the stars after 6 months of orbital motion could not fail to be seen. He argued that the stars should seem to separate as we approach and come together as we recede. In actual fact, however, after almost two hundred million miles of supposed orbit around the Sun, not a single inch of parallax can be detected in the stars!

      “If the earth is at a given point in space on say January 1st, and according to present-day science, at a distance of 190,000,000 miles from that point six months afterwards, it follows that the relative position and directions of the stars will have greatly changed, however small the angle of parallax may be. THAT THIS GREAT CHANGE IS NOWHERE APPARENT, AND HAS NEVER BEEN OBSERVED, incontestably proves that the earth is at rest – that it does not move in an orbit round the sun.” -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (67)

      I have a feeling this is something major Dublinmick. It makes me want to set off to the ‘south pole’ and investigate. I wonder what could lie beyond the….ice wall the elites are so keen to prevent us knowing. Could there be a ‘dome’ around us.
      Could Yellow Rose for Texas, The Lie Nasa Told, be correct?

      Why do I think about the film, Logans Run for some reason. when he escaped, the kind of world that lay beyond

      This topic has deeply shaken me because I have sensed, Eric Dubay is a legitimate guy making very valid points and the shills have been sent in as controlled opposition. Please investigate DM! Thanks

    • ” December 11, 2014 at 9:14 AM

      Eric Dubay said…
      Hey Johnny, you’re misquoting me about Planet X, I didn’t say it was “made up by NASA,” I had replied to you previously that:

      Planet X does not exist, Earth is the only material plane in existence. Samuel Rowbotham proved this in the 1800s and recorded all his experiments in the excellent book: “Earth Not a Globe! An Experimental Inquiry into the True Figure of the Earth: Proving it a Plane, Without Axial or Orbital Motion; and the Only Material World in the Universe!” The South Pole does not exist and the Earth is not a ball, so you do NOT have to worry about those fear-mongering “pole shift” people. The North Pole is the immovable magnetic center of the universe, right beneath Polaris, the central polar star around which everything in the heavens revolves.

      The stars revolve around the sky dome like in a planetarium, all the fixed stars maintain their relative positions and the constellations follow a 26,000 year procession. This is all movement of the stars, however, NOT a “wobble” from the “ball-Earth.” The position of Polaris has been said to move very slightly over long periods of time, but it always remains right above the North Pole and all the other stars revolve around it as seen in star trail time lapses.

      Just take a close look at the star trail photos shown in the article. For those to happen on a spinning ball-Earth, the Earth would have to be doing 360 degree loop-de-loops! If the ball-Earth is simply spinning on its axis, star trail photos should show all the stars moving fairly horizontally across the sky. For them to be filmed making perfect circles around Polaris at varying latitudes all over the Earth proves conclusively that it is the stars moving around the fixed Earth, and not the Earth spinning on an axis. Michelson-Morley, Michelson-Gale, Airy, Sagnac and Kantor’s experiments also proved it is the stars moving relative to us and not the other way around. Their experiments are not debated or denied anywhere, simply suppressed and ignored. See the videos towards the end of the article. Peace

    • Announcement to Tapblog

      I think over the past year, I might have unknowingly been promoting NWO alien lies.

      I hesitate and stop short saying secret ‘space’ (whatever space actually is) programmes, are total nonsense.

      I say this cautiously because
      – Are all UFOs simply hologram projections? Surely not
      – is T Townsend Browns electrogravitics flying superfast discs in the 1950s, is this a hoax? Therefore is Paul Laviolette also a hoaxer? This cannot be
      – Is Free Energy, the ether theory, etheric energy, Qi. Is this a hoax? Nikola Tesla? This cannot be

      My worlds been shaken and turned upside down. I am sensing a humungous lie in our midst, a 500 yr old lie. I therefore say lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater yet

      Even if the earth is flat. And appears to be the centre of the universe which bends my mind and Eric Dubays articles and comments are blowing my mind. he elegantly explains how this knowledge had to be kept from us 500 yrs ago. Because the Nortth Pole being the centre of the universe, directly under polaris star. Is explosive , it indicates intelligent design, it indicates that human beings are very very special.

      Dubay makes this point well, and I can see how the Satanists on this planet , their motivation to hide this knowledge from us all. it is exploisive knowledge. If its true.

      Does this mean other civilisations don’t exist elsewhere? Does this mean. There aren’t other flat planed planets around other ‘stars’ (whatever stars actually are)

      Does it mean in fact, we are all there is, andsome \Divine Higher Intelligence has set this whole thing up, for us?

      Does it mean everything NASA is showing us , Mars, the Ceres lights, aren’t real?

      I am going to sit on the fence and prceed very cautiously, but retain an open mind. Now more than ever I feel the spiritual war is real


      ” Almost every movie or TV show you have ever seen about aliens or the Moon came from a Freemasonic director! All of these were made by Masons: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET, Taken, Alien 1-4, Independence Day, 2001: Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Star Trek, Men In Black, From the Earth to the Moon, Apollo 13, War of the Worlds, and the X-Files.

      Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek was a 33rd Degree Scottish-Rite Freemason. This is why we have “Scotty,” Spock’s Kabalistic/Masonic “V” hand gesture, pyramid-shaped communicators, and other Masonic symbols. The name Captain “Kirk” comes from “Circe” and means “church” in Scottish. So the church (Captain Kirk) is the head of the starship Enterprise. What enterprise? Whose enterprise do you think? Take note that the Vatican actually funds and controls every astronomical telescope and observatory in the world. All findings run through the Vatican before both the public and the scientific communities. What does this tell us? Meanwhile, the Masonic movie/music industries give us Stars, Superstars, Devas, Celebrities, Models, and Idols to worship.

      George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars also floods his movies with Masonic symbology. Yoda is the name of a Masonic teacher. The Djed-eye (Jedi) comes from the ancient Egyptian as noted earlier. The idea of Jedi Knights and a round table comes from the Knights Templar. Skywalker is the name of the 13th Tzolkien in the Mayan calendar, the symbol of which looks just like the top of Luke’s flight helmet. Anakin comes from Anakim or the Sons of Anak in the Bible and Darth Vader no doubt comes from the “Da’ath” black sephiroth of the Jewish Kabbalah. These occult interpretations of Hollywood movies and TV programs are well understood by initiates, but purposely meant to bewilder the public.

      “Since the 1970’s, Spielberg has directed or produced seven of the top twenty grossing films of all time. Throughout his career we see an obsession with the alien/UFO/space theme. From the 1977 Close Encounters of the Third Kind to ET in 1982, to Deep Impact in 1998. All depict an invasion from outer space. Even the movie Jaws is littered with shooting stars and strange lights in the sky. Spielberg was also executive producer for the July 2002 release Men in Black 2, a movie where a shadow government ‘protects’ the people of the world from an alien threat. In February 1997 a leading light in the British film industry leaked the story that Spielberg and executives of his company DreamWorks had secretly met with senior Pentagon officials in Los Angeles. The officials told Spielberg to ‘stop everything’ and produce a movie whose subject matter involved meteors and/or comets.

      Steven Spielberg is known to have attended Bilderberg in 1999 and perhaps in other years. There are also allegations that the infamous “Alien Autopsy” and “Alien Interview” footage were Spielberg productions. The Rockefellers funded/supported Erick Von Daniken (who was caught with fake “artifacts”) and many other early “UFOlogists” and “ancient astronaut” theorists. Why do you suppose this is?Remember the poster for Steven Spielberg’s ET that replaced the finger of God in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel with the finger of an alien? This is the Psy-Op.”

  7. Dublinmick says:

    It is a pretty complicated issue. In Norfolk Virginia, where the ocean is coming up over some roads near the beach, they attribute it to both sea rise and the land sinking at the same time.

    Of course if the entire universe is heating up as the Russian scientists suggest, it would then cause more volcanic activity.

    If enough volcanoes go off, especially a strato volcano, that in turn would lead to cooling, perhaps another ice age.

    It is much more complicated than some we see on the net who simply attribute all of this to Al Gore is trying to trick us.

    There is also a live volcano under the antarctic ice cap which is generating heat. If that one blows, look out, it is deluge of Noah time.

    The Sumerian clay tablets describe what happened the last time the southern ice cap became so large it turned the base into mush and slide off.

    It is described as the southern sky turned black, the wind began to howl and men could not see each other as the tidal wave moved toward the land of the two rivers.

    “Though the Nefilim were prepared for the Deluge, its coming was a frightening experience: “The noise of the Deluge… set the gods trembling.

    “The moon disappeared. The appearance of the weather changed. The rains roared in the clouds. The winds became savage, the deluge set out. It’s might came upon the people like a battle. One person did not see another, they were not recognizable in the destruction. The deluge bellowed like a bull. The winds whinnied like a wild ass. The darkness was dense. The sun could not be seen.”

    “….the biblical and earlier Mesopotamian texts make clear that – the catastrophe began with a rush of wind from the south followed by a watery wave from the south. The source of the waters were the “fountains of the Great Deep” – a term that referred to the great and deep oceanic waters beyond Africa. The avalanche of water “submerged the dams of the dry land” – the coastal continental barriers. As the ice over Antarctica slipped into the Indian Ocean it caused an immense tidal wave. Gushing forth across the ocean northward, the wall of water overwhelmed the continental coastline of Arabia and rushed up the Persian Gulf. Then it reached the funnel of The Land Between the Rivers, engulfing all the lands.:

    • ian says:

      Doesn’t sound too bad then Dublin.

    • I will say this Dublinmick, i know this deep in my.bones.
      Whatever earth changes are coming due to solar system positional shifts, that have been prophecised.
      I KNOW that somewhere, someone, some faction/group/civilisation even, have the advanced mindblowing technogies to buffer and dampen whatever the Universe throws at us. I know this technology exists

      If its true, starshipearth bigpicture blog a few months ago, posted how UFOs were hovering over a volcano. Seeming to dampen its energy. Also ufos vacuuming up chemtrails over arizona.
      These could be exqmples of what im going on about
      Typing from a phone i cantget into what id like to. But i really think thetes a.much.bigger, bigger picture situation going on, and we.have help. From many sources
      Surely we must?
      If we didnt, then the snuff satanists sickos would.have transformed this world into.their wall to wall total evil kingdom. This hasnt happened yet. Beauty still exists, people are still falling in love. Life goes on. Tapblog exists
      Technologies are certainly needed to buffer whats coming
      Also, and i know Cobra is highly nwo suspicious. But he and various others say the intergalactic confederation of civilisations have quarqntined the solar system, and planet sized.motherships are in the solar ststem now, buffering chaotic.incoming space weather.

      I cannot believe we are all doomed, this is unacceptable

      Btw, if you get time, please do a turmeric cancer email,.just like the.ginger one today
      Thanks adam


      December 11, 2014 at 12:39 PM

      Eric Dubay said…
      Oz10, the biggest lie possible is to deceive people about the very Earth under their feet, everything in the sky over their heads, and the entire cosmology / cosmogeny of creation. Once you have convinced people they are living on a spinning ball-Earth hurtling around the Sun through infinite space, and only your “expert” astro-nots get to confirm this, you have a deluded gullible public whom you can mold to your desire. Their desire is to convince us that we are only one of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets reeling through infinite space, that we were a Big Bang cosmic accident, life is meaningless, purposeless, and non-spiritual. They want you to believe extra-terrestrials exist and are your creators! The deception has been going on for 500 years now so it’s much more advanced than just flat vs. round. Originally they chose a sphere instead of some other shape to lie about simply because it fits their fake model better than say a square or a triangle.

      The modern Atheist Big Bang Heliocentric Globe-Earth Chance Evolution paradigm spiritually controls humanity by removing God, or any sort of intelligent design, and replacing purposeful divine creation with haphazard random cosmic coincidence.

      “The heliocentric theory, by putting the sun at the center of the universe … made man appear to be just one of a possible host of wanderers drifting through a cold sky. It seemed less likely that he was born to live gloriously and to attain paradise upon his death. Less likely, too, was it that he was the object of God’s ministrations.” -Morris Kline

      By removing Earth from the motionless center of the Universe, these Masons have moved us physically and metaphysically from a place of supreme importance to one of complete nihilistic indifference. If the Earth is the center of the Universe, then the ideas of God, creation, and a purpose for human existence are resplendent. But if the Earth is just one of billions of planets revolving around billions of stars in billions of galaxies, then the ideas of God, creation, and a specific purpose for Earth and human existence become highly implausible.

      By surreptitiously indoctrinating us into their scientific materialist Sun-worship, not only do we lose faith in anything beyond the material, we gain absolute faith in materiality, superficiality, status, selfishness, hedonism and consumerism. If there is no God, and everyone is just an accident, then all that really matters is me, me, me. They have turned Madonna, the Mother of God, into a material girl living in a material world. Their rich, powerful corporations with slick Sun-cult logos sell us idols to worship, slowly taking over the world while we tacitly believe their “science,” vote for their politicians, buy their products, listen to their music, and watch their movies, sacrificing our souls at the altar of materialism.

      Our eyes and experience tell us the Earth is flat and motionless, and everything in the sky revolves around us. When we cease to believe our own eyes and experience we must prostrate ourselves at the feet of the very pseudo-scientists who blinded us, to treat them as “experts,” astronomical “priests” who have special knowledge only they can access, like the Hubble telescope. By brainwashing us of something so gigantic and fundamental, it makes every other kind of lesser indoctrination a piece of cake!

      Earth being the flat, fixed center of the universe, around which everything in the heavens revolves denotes a special importance and significance not only the Earth, but to us humans, the most intelligent among the intelligent designer’s designs. By turning Earth into a spinning ball thrown around the Sun and shot through infinite space from a Godless Big Bang they turn humanity into a random meaningless, purposeless accident of a blind, dumb universe! It’s trauma-based mind-control! They beat the divinity out of us with their mental manipulations.
      December 11, 2014 at 7:37 PM

      Eric Dubay said…
      Veritopian, the supposed distance to the Sun, Moon and stars as given by the heliocentric establishment has changed and continues to change more regularly than dirty underwear.

      For instance, in his time Copernicus calculated the Sun’s distance from Earth to be 3,391,200 miles. The next century Johannes Kepler decided it was actually 12,376,800 miles away. Issac Newton once said, “It matters not whether we reckon it 28 or 54 million miles distant for either would do just as well!” How scientific!? Benjamin Martin calculated between 81 and 82 million miles, Thomas Dilworth claimed 93,

      ”There are a myriad of conspiracies concerning “Hollow Earth”. Some people contend that the earth is really hollow inside and that there are 1400 mile diameter entrances at the north and south poles. Both of these entrances are said to be usually covered in clouds and the airspace is restricted by law. The earth’s crust is supposedly 800 or so miles thick and then after that you reach inner Earth.

      In mythology the name given to this inner Earth is Agartha. There is said to be a sun in the center and there are vast civilizations with great technology and natural resources. There are also said to be many extinct animals such as dinosaurs and mammoths that exist there. ”

  8. Dogman says:

    I’ve been digging thru old emails as I recall saying to a friend that pole shift would obviously alter the tides and climate. Here it is:
    It all begins on a runway in Tampa, where airport officials recently closed that runway in order to change the numeric designators painted there. Why are those numeric designators being changed? Because the Earth’s magnetic poles are shifting and the numbers previously painted on the runway no longer match up with the magnetic measurements of sensitive airplane instruments (http://www.physorg.com/news/2011-01-tampa-ai…).
    The Earth’s magnetic field is extremely important for protecting the planet from so-called “solar wind” and other electromagnetic influences from space. The magnetosphere, which is driven by the Earth’s magnetic field, serves as a kind of electromagnetic barrier to prevent dangerous rays from reaching the surface of the planet.

    You can see a picture of that here: http://www.theozonehole.com/magnetic.htm

    The Earth’s magnetic field “flips” (or reverses polarity) every few thousand years. This is called a geomagnetic reversal

    In between these flips, the magnetic field can become quite weak and chaotic, causing “turbulence” in the field, which can effectively cause weaker gaps in the magnetosphere.

    More here -http://www.naturalnews.com/030996_bird_deaths_pole_shift.html

    • ”When Tycho Brahe demonstrated that after 190,000,000 miles of supposed orbit around the Sun, not a single inch of parallax could be detected, desperate heliocentrists, instead of conceding, doubled-down claiming the stars were all actually trillions upon trillions of miles away from us, so distant that no appreciable parallax could ever be detected! This convenient explanation, which heliocentrists have clung to for centuries, has proven satisfactory to silence the uninquisitive minds of the masses, but still fails to adequately address many observable phenomena such as our wildly implausible synchronization with Polaris and other improbabilities which will be addressed later. ”

      ” “The idea that the Earth, if it were a globe, could possibly move in an orbit of hundreds of millions of miles with such exactitude that the cross-hairs in a telescope fixed on its surface would appear to glide gently over a star ‘millions of millions’ of miles away is simply monstrous; whereas, with a FIXED telescope, it matters not the distance of the stars, though we suppose them to be as far off as the astronomer supposes them to be; for, as Mr. Richard Proctor himself says, ‘the further away they are, the less they will seem to shift.’

      Why, in the name of common sense, should observers have to fix their telescopes on solid stone bases so that they should not move a hair’s-breadth, – if the Earth on which they fix them moves at the rate of nineteen miles in a second?

      Indeed, to believe that Mr. Proctor’s mass of ‘six thousand million million million tons’ is ‘rolling, surging, flying, darting on through space for ever’ with a velocity compared with which a shot from a cannon is a ‘very slow coach,’ with such unerring accuracy that a telescope fixed on granite pillars in an observatory will not enable a lynx-eyed astronomer to detect a variation in its onward motion of the thousandth part of a hair’s-breadth is to conceive a miracle compared with which all the miracles on record put together would sink into utter insignificance. Captain R. J. Morrison, the late compiler of ‘Zadkeil’s Almanac’ says: ‘We declare that this motion is all mere bosh; and that the arguments which uphold it are, when examined with an eye that seeks for truth, mere nonsense, and childish absurdity.” -William Carpenter, “100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe” (98)

      Another experiment repeatedly performed to disprove Earth’s supposed rotation under our feet is firing cannons vertically and horizontally in all cardinal directions. If the Earth were truly spinning Eastwards…..”


  9. ian says:

    Since this topic was discussed, it occurred to me on mulling it over, that there’s precession, I think it’s called I’ll check after posting, as the spell checker doesn’t like my word. The earth on it’s annual orbit round the Sun wobbles like a slow child’s spinning top. This would account for a certain amount of perceivable polar shift.

    • ian says:

      My spelling seems good.

    • ” December 11, 2014 at 7:45 PM

      Eric Dubay said…
      “Regiments of figures are paraded with all the learned jargon for which science is famous, but one might as well look at the changing clouds in the sky and seek for certainty there, as to expect to get it from the propounders of modern astronomy. But is there no means of testing these ever-changing never-stable speculations and bringing them to the scrutiny of the hard logic of fact? Indeed there is.

      The distance of the sun can be measured with much precision, the same way as a tree or a house, or church steeple is measured, by plane triangulation. It is the principle on which a house is built, a table made or a man-of-war constructed …

      The sun is always somewhere between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, a distance admitted to be less than 3,000 miles; how then can the sun if it be so many thousand miles in diameter, squeeze itself into a space of about 3,000 miles only? But look at the distance, say the professors! We have already done that and not one of the wise men we have so often challenged, has ever attempted to refute the principle on which we measure the sun’s distance … If the navigator neglects to apply the sun’s semi-diameter to his observation at sea, he is 16 nautical miles out in calculating the position his ship is in.

      A minute of arc on the sextant represents a nautical mile, and if the semi-diameter be 16 miles, the diameter is of course 32 miles. And as measured by the sextant, the sun’s diameter is 32 minutes of arc, that is 32 nautical miles in diameter. Let him disprove this who can. If ever disproof is attempted, it will be a literary curiosity, well worth framing.” -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (114-120)

      Measuring with sextants and calculating with plane trigonometry both the Sun and Moon figure to be only about 32 miles in diameter and approximately 3,000 miles away. The stars are also only a few thousand miles away, not “trillions upon trillions” of miles away as they tell us. They tell us this because the stars MUST be that far away for their ridiculous theory not to be instantly disproven by our lack of parallax change after 190,000,000 miles of supposed orbit around the Sun.

      Do you know how they “calculate” the distance to stars? The color of light coming from them. They have a little chart with a chromatic scale which matches a color with a distance. How scientific!? And since stars regularly change color (they twinkle, some change color as quickly as a disco ball) and since these “mathematics” also change on astronomer’s whims, the alleged distance to stars is changing constantly.


      December 11, 2014 at 7:45 PM

      Eric Dubay said…
      Johnny, what is your question about the Moon and Sun? I answered your Piri Reis map question already on the last blog if you go back and check it. It has been scientifically confirmed by Michelson-Morley, Michelson-Gale, Airy, Sagnac and Kantor that
      it is the procession of the stars that is slowly “wobbling” and not the Earth. Creation came about due to being created by a creator. Earth is the only material world, clearly designed by an intelligent designer, and humans are clearly the intelligent designer’s most intelligent design! We are the center of the universe and everything revolves around us because we are the most special thing in existence… everything that is was created for us, that is what this deception hides. It makes us feel metaphysically lost like chickens with their heads cut off, thinking we know something about a Godless Big Bang accident that inexplicably created everything

      • ian says:

        I’m still skeptical Adam. I honestly don’t think it is true. I know you find these things fascinating and I don’t mind a scan through them, I think we’ll just have to agree to differ mate.

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