Don’t Bomb Syria: London Comes Out in Force to Oppose Cameron’s Imperialist Aims


by Stuart Hooper, 21st Century Wire

On Saturday 28th November 2015, a number of events were taking place throughout the UK opposing PM David Cameron’s march to war in Syria.

In London, thousands of people came out in Westminster and held a rally directly outside of the PM’s residence in Downing Street. It was organised by British based Stop The War Coalition and featured numerous speakers including George Galloway and Labour MP Diane Abbott. People of all ages and backgrounds were in attendance, and felt it was necessary to speak out against Britain’s march to war.

Cameron wants to join the self-described Western ‘coalition’ that claims it has been attacking ISIS for just over a year now. Yet, Russia has managed to achieve far more in the fight against ISIS in just a few months, which brings the West’s real motive into question.

Not only that, but Russia is doing so in a legal manner, with the full backing and approval of the sovereign Syrian government. This is the drastic difference between the Western and Russian missions, as Cameron has absolutely no authority to bomb Syrian territory. Moreover, let us not forget that the British have been training the so-called ‘moderate’ rebels that became ISIS.

Watch what happened at the protest here, where you will hear interviews with attendees and hear the powerful words that the speakers had to say on stage:



2 Responses to “Don’t Bomb Syria: London Comes Out in Force to Oppose Cameron’s Imperialist Aims”

  1. maverick says:

    A Mother’s Question

    Who wants to send their child to war?  I don’t. 
    Who wants to hear great guns roar?  I don’t. 
    Who wants to see men laid in state? 
    See men laid in state, is something I’d hate!

    Who wants to see boots on the ground?  I don’t. 
    See crushed faces, deaf to the sound?  I don’t. 
    Who wants to see men in black suits
    Crying reptilian tears of disrepute? 
    I don’t,  ’cause all I want is life.

    Who wants to see broken bodies everywhere?  I don’t. 
    To feel the pain of death and despair?  I don’t. 
    Who wants to see ugly men get rich?
    Ugly men get rich?  The idea is a bitch!

    They say they won the war before,  Oh yey,
    Millions of our men walked through death’s door,  Oh yey,
    Do you want them to do it all again?
    I don’t, ’cause all I want is life.

    Who writes the rules of the game? I don’t.
    Who says it’s OK to kill and maim? I don’t. 
    Innocent infants,  mothers,  daughters,  sons, 
    All the people with no guns. 
    I don’t,  ’cause all I want is peace.

    Who wants to see the worst of hell? I don’t. 
    To see thrashed limbs emitting death’s smell, I don’t. 
    Who wants to sing a hymn for their dead
    With medals galore,  praises by the score?
    I don’t,  ’cause all I want is life.

    Who wants to hear lies from their lips? I don’t. 
    “We are so proud,  they were so brave, 
    Here, have a medal, for their grave.
    They died, so that ‘we’ may be saved”.
    I don’t,  ’cause all I want is life.

    So long as they make money for their banks, Oh yey.
    Counting dead men’s bodies, lined up in ranks, Oh yey.
    Who wants to see manufacturers of murdering machines, 
    Gloating with glee as hell rains down on humanity? 
    I don’t,  ’cause all I want is peace.

    Who wants to see grown men cry? I don’t.
    Who wants to see angels in the sky?  I don’t. 
    Who wants to wait at Heaven’s gate? 
    To wait at Heaven’s gate?  I’d rather be late!
    ‘Cause all I want is life.

    It’s not their children who will be dead or maimed, 
    No, they’re tucked away,  safely out of aim.
    It’s ours who are the pieces for their game
    “‘Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori’ they say,
    Do your duty kids,  so that ‘we’ may be saved.’

    It’s all for greed and manufacturers of hate, 
    To control our resources, our freedom, our fate. 
    To make us slaves of their just one state.
    They want to take away our hearts and souls, 
    Leaving us alone to, just vegetate.

    Who wants to hold their child’s hand, I do. 

    Who wants them to know and understand?  I do, 
    What love is,  isn’t fear,  nor hate,  nor war. 
    Remember we read about it all before? 
    I do, ’cause all I want is love.

    Who wants to dream again?  I do.
    Who wants to see the sky a clear blue?  I do. 
    Remember they lied to us before,  I do. 

    Are we going to walk through the same door? 
    Not I. But it’s down to me and you.
    All I want is truth.


    Who wants to send their child to war? I don’t, 
    To a war not worth fighting for. 
    To kill and maim innocent infants, 
    Mothers, daughters, sons, 
    All the people with no guns? I don’t. 
    I say now, ‘never again!’
    Non consent to war is my aim.

    I woke up with this poem in my head with the terrible thought that my children could be sent to war.
    With acknowledgement to Wilfred Owen and his poem ‘”Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori” and inspired by the music tune/words of ”Who wants to be a Millionaire’ by Cole Porter.

  2. Lynn says:

    They know we are against this..they are ignoring us..they are baying for blood.
    Putin is destroying their game and hitting them where it hurts. He has hit them in the wallett now. Let’s see him embarrass the lot of them.
    Laughing at this nonsense and the Nonces who have set this up. The world is watching them unravelling and starting to add 2 & 2 together. It is quite fitting to see a true statesman who can play them at their own game. A real army of patriots. Not a ragtag bunch of mercenaries looking for a few dollars. NATO is evil..who will honestly fight for this shower now.

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