Corbyn on Marr – you don’t bring about peace through bombing civilians

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This morning I was on the Andrew Marr Show, discussing my position on Britain extending bombing from Iraq to Syria.

It is the conflicts in Syria and Iraq which created the conditions for Isis to thrive and spread its murderous rule. And it is through political agreement to end the civil war – negotiated with all the external powers, backed by the United Nations and with Syrians in control of their own country – that Isis will be isolated and defeated.

As the US president Barack Obama said recently, Isis “grew out of our invasion of Iraq” and is one of its “unintended consequences”. We must not keep making the same mistake – again and again. Labour will always stand up to any threat to this country and our people. We will never leave Britain unprotected, but we need a different approach to foreign policy that puts peace, justice and real security first.

Pic shows: Andrew Marr Show BBC Jeremy Corbyn speaks about his opposition to bombing Syria Picture by Pixel8000 07917221968

Pic shows: Andrew Marr Show BBC
Jeremy Corbyn speaks about his opposition to bombing Syria
Picture by Pixel8000 07917221968


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  1. Smosher says:

    IMO Corbyn is right, but I wonder…Has Tom Watson been ‘got at’ by the establishment? Or has he just submitted to public and media pressure? Could be! After his initial defiant stance and speech to parliament re the pursuit of paedophile rings within Westminster, he seems to have ‘gone soft’. Now he has apparently taken a stance against Corbyn re support for air strikes on ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State/whatever
    At best, we can assume he is climbing the ‘greasy pole’ of political power and looking for the top job himself by knifing his leader in the back. At worst and, IMHO, more realistically he has been brought (and possibly bought) into line by the powers that be.

    • There is an envelope somewhere, with stuff on Tom Watson. DVD digital video evidence too I am sure. Tom Watsons controlled opposition in this subtle game they play
      Tom Watson will have either been an active participant, or an excited observer, clearly seen on camera. That’s stored away in vaults. That means Tom Watson will do whatever hes told. BTW multiply what ive just said out to most of parliament, and Westminster
      See Tapblogs post today Israel controls French Intelligence.
      CRead Colemanexperience. You will soon join the dots, if you haven’t already. What EVIL is going on

  2. Hi. I don’t believe for a moment. Andrew Marr top bbc anchor for MSM news shows. Had a ‘stroke’ and was out for months last year.
    Its said he was doing the mercola type recommendations, HIIT or P or whatever it is, high intensity short bursts of exercise , and Marr then had a ‘stroke’

    And was out of action for months

    I don’t buy this at all. Instead I buy, due to his MSM position, he was taken aside for further briefings, training, holiday even, bcoz I think hes an MI5 or MI6 agent

    I have similar suspicions of Dermot murnaghan sky. Huw Edwards. Especially Simon McCoy who I find very suspicious, Colemanlike, someone I really don’t like. I think there are various INS|DERS presenting the MSM news. Theres one, a very aristocratic type on the sky papers, I see late at night when I come in from work. Hes a freemason thru and thru and his attitude, arrogance, and steering of whatevers discussed back on topic for the benefits of skyviewers. I see that man for what he is, totally. Cant remember his name

    I only watch the MSM for a few minutes when I return from work. By and large I watch no tv at all. But it can be helpful, to see what the enemys upto

  3. Gordon Logan says:

    Former Director of the CIA William Colby famously said the the ‘pickles factory’ owned the vast majority of journalists. I had an interesting experience with a British journalist (who was subsequently made journalist of the year). I had gone off on holiday and MI6 tried to kill me. I survived and when I got back there were two messages on my answering machine. They were time stamped on the day that I left. One was from a nervous KGB agent that I had known at the end of the cold war. She was trying to give me a tip off. The other was from the journalist, who wanted to know the source of the info for my story on the Saudi bombings that later got MI6 DG Dickie D fired. They were desperate to find out where the leaks had been coming from and the journo was tasked to find out before I died. Another time they got at my medicine while I was out at work. Another time I nearly died in hospital. Never a dull mpment!

  4. Lynn says:

    They are hired assassins Gordon. We know how this works and it is maffia through and through. They are thugs and racketeers,pirates and highwaymen. Scared of any opposition to the agenda they seek. Well times are a changing and these people are becoming infamous now. No longer hiding in the dark. They will taste their own medicine now. All of them.

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