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  1. bluefeather says:

    Listening to Michael Tsarion giving a lecture on illuminati women, lead me to Abeldanger site, writing about the Crown Agents and the Crown Agent Sisters. Scroll down and you will see the list of women and their status. He also said in a you tube video about the alleged implication of crown agents in 9/11. An interesting journey of discovery, that links to many issues. We often hear of men involved, rarely do we hear of women. There are the publicly seen illuminati mk ultra mind controlled, serving the nwo agenda and adhering to the protocols of the learned elders of Zion – Beyoncé, miley Cyrus, Madonna et al. Corrupting the minds of the young and being diabolical in their behaviour.

    • This abeldanger link, is a chilling intriguing article
      Ive heard the name abel danger many times, but never visited the site.
      So its a site to be trusted?
      Not like sorcha faal (which ive also never visited, but seen snippets here on Tap), ive seen people say SF is a disinfo site

      This abeldanger article is very troubling, and intriguing , it looks to be hacking at some real truths. I suppose women make a very effective cover, to facilitate what they need to be arranged.
      The KSM I don’t know what that means? Im hoping its some kind of white hat non satanic force for Good totally opposed to the Crown agents sisters

    • Just to add, the puffed up self righteous hiding in plain sight fighting for the taxpayer commons select committee for…financial affiars or whatever. Dame Hodge
      Coleman tells us what she also does. This ties into the abel danger article , yet another woman. Slightly changing subject, I forget where I read it.
      But in the much bigger scheme of things, running the planet, using witchcraft or whatever, are actually women illuminati, I read this somewhere

      In the bigger scheme of things BF I wonder…..whether some galactic weather, or positional change of the solar system, that’s been long prophecised. I wonder if that inevitability, of huge disruptive change. Is making the cabal, actually put out coleman and abel danger stories, which may well be true.

      I hope im wrong.
      And I also hope and I hope Im finding and reporting decent evidence for, a future where we are all not going to be wiped out, or have hellish futures. Im convinced technologies exist that will help us to buffer coming changes. Esp if theyre in the hands of white hat groups like these KSM agents

    • I know SamCam was in Manhattan on 911, on a shopping trip of course
      Unless shes a High Priestess?
      And if ground zero was one point on the manhattan map, of a pentagram. And if at other points, in Manhattan, rituals were being held at precise times , with sacrifices, on 911?
      I wonder who else was in NYC that day. On shopping trips and sightseeing of course

  2. Lynn says:

    The women present in NYC on 911 were Fergie and Sam Cam nee (Snowie) for her white powdered nose habit. These are all arranged marriages. Loveless and a front. The husbands are Gaylord’s. Fact..

    • I think various military and business types will have been. On UN business of course and the accidentally got caught up in the trouble
      Sir Faul I understand was on the airport tarmac witnessing 911. Yet who knows if this is wholly right. Sir Faul was in manhattan that day. maybe he did his ritual early and then left


      Btw, maybe one point on the pentagram map over Manhattan might have been JFK or another closeby airport? Maybe Sir Faul did his ritual there in the VIP lounge or an airport?

      BTW, I must add. Im not Abrahamically educated with religion. And I feel better for it, no disrespect to rabbit and men scryfa. My minds open, my senses are open. Im not a dupe going down a new age path. I sense and realise many Deceptions are happening. This is an Age of Deception.
      But I sense enough, humility, not engaging in the occult , and not having arrogance, and vanity etc. I suppose whats laid out in the 10 ( or as Lawrence Wilson now puts it 12) Commandments.
      Im sensing theres some truth and wonderful beauty, in Father Energy from the Universe, and the Holy Spirit energy which apparently Lynn, comes right down into our head, the pineal gland, via a very very fine silver cord from the dimensions above.

      So in a sense what im saying is I accept Him, His energy, I prostrate myself. And I certainly do not agree with the Satanists ‘ Do what thou Wilt’ Alasteir Crowley stuff

      That said im very intrigued about the serpent rising up the spine, the chakras, and I don’t thinke this needs to be in opposition, cancelling out, loving the holy spirit/christos energy/god/blood of jesus Christ. I really don’t think so.

      I think what we need to be vigilent, and scrupulous, and forensic, picking apart. Is the Satanists ans Satanic Deceptions of the Abrahamic religions these last 2000 years which have clearly been some kind of control. maybe they started out meaning well. But the Satanists infiltrated. And ill make a very uneducated statement here, maybe the KJV bible was the Satanists infiltrating further.

      Anyway I hope we are all going to be alright. I think we have a fighting chance at least, coming out of this largely ok. Hopefully a beautiful pleasant future awaits

    • The Pharisees. Originating in Babylon, branched off from the jews, genuine refugees. The Pharisees were evil, and continual attempts to corrupt change the Bible in favour of the Pharissee narrative. So I gather
      I think it is a mistake to totally condemn all jews as being Talmud Satanists. I think we must make a distinction between the innocent ones. And the Satanists, the Deceivers, who study the Talmud, which I gather completely condemns Jesus Christ.

      Put it this way Lynn. If I putmyself in the enemys shoes. What would I do. I would need to be covert, deceptive, because what I am is so evil and horrendous, any good decent people would stone and hang me.
      Therefore I need a good cover , like jimmy savile and Margaret hodge

      Therefore Lynn, it certainly appears, the Khazars, and Pharisees, took on the IDENTITY and LEGITIMACY of the jews. But wernt jews

      And I think we can see this happening in subsequent centuries, of virus like covert infiltration into many organistaions, even freemasons. And sadly, in 20th century via Rothschild, infiltration octopus like into all levels of government and royalty

      Quite depressing as I type this

      I just hope there are strong, positive, spiritual forces and people on this plane, helping us and assisting us. I feel there are. Prayer, genuine prayer, I feel I tap into their help

  3. bluefeather says:

    Brilliant video, thank you.
    Dr John Coleman mentions several times about the NAFTA treaty, North American Free Trade Agreement. Upon researching, NAFTA seems to be mentioned often. And yet by opening the doors to Free Trade,it caused 50,000 job losses in 1980’s in the US steel industry. NAFTA has been mentioned in dispatches, in political articles, and in articles concerning the uk steel industry. The New World Order plan, with the Club of Rome ( Club of Madrid, Club of Budapest) as its main change agent, is apparently pushing for treaties such as NAFTA and TTP (transatlantic trade partnership) that are in effect piracy. Free trade agreements, as stated in John Colemans discourse, is piracy, founded by Adam Smith and the British East India Company ( amassing great wealth through the opium trade, the profits of which were distributed to committee of 300 members) This committee of 300 own many banking institutions, insurance companies, mining conglomerates and corporations. The Royal Institute for International Affairs,(RIIA)a powerful organisation, alongside Council of Foreign Relations,(CFR), Club of Rome, Order of St John, Illuminati, Tavistock, MI6, Global 2000 and many other secret societies ( Crown Agents ) are guilty of perpetrating crimes against humanity that are seditious and treasonous. They are conspiring, colluding, complicit and criminal in their activities of implementing their new world order plan. Their genocidal, depopulation programme filters through governmental directives and initiatives, cloaked by green policies of saving the earth and humanity, by means of agenda 21 and vision 2030. Critical mass awakening and consciousness has already been achieved however, and now that their plan is in the open, and people know who the architects are – when do the arrests start? When will they be held accountable for their actions?

  4. Lynn says:

    They are known…they will be brought to book. Too many people now to shut up. Lock down in Paris being a giveaway of paranoia. They know we know…Tick tock.

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