“Coming up after the break, more mind control. Stay with us.”


by Jon Rappoport

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“What is as yet uncreated in the imagination of The Individual is the most potent force in this or any other universe. And to make things even clearer, the failure to understand that fact constitutes the most potent form of mind control in existence.” (The Magician Awakes, Jon Rappoport)

If an elite news anchor delivered the same “vital information” from a cheap motel room, with one camera, no field reporters, no graphics, no music, and if he wore street clothes instead of an expensive suit, who would believe him? Who would believe his information if they didn’t know who he was?

“I swear, I’m the national CBS news anchor. I swear it. I am.”

“Sure, pal. And I’m Cary Grant, after I’ve had a few drinks.”

Television News.

What does the viewer want?

The viewer wants Story. Beginning, middle, end.

It’s such a deep mind program, few people question it. “Why would I want anything else? That’s what a Story is. Beginning, middle, end. What else is there?”

However, it turns out that television news does not cover events in that fashion. Rarely is a story wrapped up. Rarely are things taken to a conclusion.

Rather, it is the news broadcast itself that is the story. It is the show that has a beginning, middle, and end. Six o’clock to 6:30. Eleven to 11:30.

This is quite an accomplishment. Networks make their own broadcasts the central story.

Viewer: “Well, tonight they covered about 10 different things. When I think about it, they left me hanging on at least eight of those. But I do know the news started at six and it ended at 6:30. That’s good. I got my daily fill.”

Every night: the illusion of beginning, middle, and end.

The role of the anchor is to impart the impression that everything he’s talking about is important. It doesn’t matter whether it is. It doesn’t matter whether a particular story is covered to a conclusion. It doesn’t matter in what order the little stories are presented. It doesn’t matter how many lies are embedded in the broadcast.

It only matters that the anchor can deliver the impression of importance.

Viewer: “I watched the news tonight. It was important.”

An interesting thing happened during the most recent Republican Presidential debate: the candidates turned against the network moderators (“anchors”). The candidates assailed the moderators for asking ridiculous questions. They broke the spell.

This was not supposed to happen.

Or was it?

The overall impression of the debate was chaos, as if the event were nothing more than a cheap argument in a bar.

The cheesy display was promoted by moderator questions. Absurd questions. “Tell us your biggest weakness, in thirty seconds.” That was the first question of the night. Apparently, the moderators were trying to revive encounter groups of the 1970s, or were fronting for Chinese-style self-criticism campaigns.

And then the candidates were asked to discuss problems connected with burgeoning fantasy football betting sites. I’m surprised nothing came up about deflated footballs or who favored the Broncos over the Packers.

It was either a major display of idiocy and incompetence, or an effort by the CNBC people to cast all the Republican candidates in a decidedly unfavorable light.

Something else is happening, as well. With the rise of alt. news sites on the Web, enormous bottom-up pressure is building, and mainstream news is feeling the effects. Their con game isn’t working so well anymore. So they’re grasping at straws, any straws, trying to hold on to their audience. Their financial bottom lines are sinking. They’re decades-long hypnosis program is falling apart.

For example, untold millions of people now know that the upcoming climate summit in Paris is going to be the occasion for forcing global energy cutbacks—but of course the major media aren’t covering this with any vigor. Neither are they covering exactly how Obama intends to eliminate Congress’ role in approving such an international agreement.

The television viewer is expected to sit still for the mind programming of the news. But that egg is showing cracks.

However, the viewer still has a vested interest in fake network news. It allows him to do: nothing. In other words, if he knew how absurd and insane the news really was, he would feel an unbidden urge to take action—and then he would really feel lost.

Why? Because he would see himself as just one person up against the gigantic machine, system, establishment.

What I’ve pointing out in one fashion or another for the last several years is: THIS IS A FALSE CONSTRUCT.

It’s not “one person up against the whole system.”

It’s one person who has yet to deploy his imagination.


That’s right.

This is something to ponder deeply. A human being has no idea what he is capable of as long as he is cut off from his own imagination. And, being cut off from his own (unlimited) imagination is THE DEEPEST FORM OF MIND CONTROL ON THE PLANET.

I repeat: a single human being has no idea what he is capable of, when he is cut off from his own imagination. He has no idea what he is capable of creating.

He will, instead, see himself, like a tiny cipher, arrayed against the power of The State and its allies.

He will not be able to see things any other way.

Thus, he will prefer to accept whatever lies the news dispenses, in order to maintain the fantasy that things are basically all right and under control.

This deplorable situation also applies to many people who have seen through lies and false realities and recognize something about how the planet is being run:

They see themselves as very, very small, when it comes to “confronting the powers-that-be.” They too have not connected with their own imaginations; and they too would disparage any attempt to encourage that connection.

So be it.

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  1. salty says:

    Psychological warfare:

    Society for Psychotherapy Research shills for Israeli occupation

    March 11, 2016.


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