Cannabis has 5000 to 10000 phytochemicals recognisable to your genes

Turmeric, garlic and cannabis are the three most medicinally important plants.  Hemp seed is an economic/effective way to absorb cannabis…have a hemp seed brownie for breakfast.  Cannabis will slow the progress of Alzheimers.  Many other health benefits which big pharma doesn’t want you to get hold of.

Dr. James Duke on the potential of cannabis medicine

Jim Duke – “Better Living Through Phytochemistry” – with Potentilla recta, Cinquefoil – The Green Farmacy Garden’s legal representative of Cannabis sativa as displayed in the Glaucoma plot of his garden.

If this is your first exposure to Dr. Duke, we strongly recommend you take some time to dig deeper into his work and career.

More more information:

A short bio of Dr. Duke

Dr. Duke’s most popular book: The Green Pharmacy


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Surely The Daily Mail can’t be wrong ? LOL

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