‘Cannabis Cafe’ Set To Open in Manchester


Cannabis campaigner is planning to open a shop in Manchester to sell hemp oil for its ‘medicinal’ qualities

Colin has teamed up with a businessman in Holland to sell medical marijuana in the form of an oil containing CBD (cannabidiol) which is legal in the UK and said to help people with medical conditions like epilepsy.

The oil does not contain the extract called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the part of the plant that makes people ‘high’ in large doses.

“It’s legal, it’s good stuff and it works,” Colin said promising that the oil he sells will not get people stoned.

Yahoo reports: It contains ‘cannabidiol’ (CBD), a chemical from cannabis which campaigners claim helps with diseases including cancer and Crohn’s disease

Crucially, the oil doesn’t contain any THC, the chemical in cannabis which causes the high.

Davies said, ‘‘It’s legal, it’s good stuff and it works.

‘The oil is extracted from an industrial plant in Germany. We have people filling it into bottles, branding it and bringing it over. We’ve already sold quite a bit in England.’

‘You’re not going to get high on it. It’s medicinal.

‘It helps with all kinds of things likes epilepsy, cancer and Crohn’s disease.’

Earlier this year a Kent and London-based company, UK CBD,  become the first to sell Charlotte’s web cannabis oil in Britain since it was made legal in July this year.

The product has been the subject of medical and political debate since its emergence in America and is considered by a lot of people as an alternative treatment for conditions like epilepsy.

Charlotte’s Web was named after Charlotte Figi, who experienced a drastic reduction in her epileptic seizures after her first dose of medical marijuana at five years of age.

Source: http://yournewswire.com/cannabis-cafe-set-to-open-in-manchester/


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  1. freebornman says:

    Talking with a friend recently that I haven’t seen in a while, he told me of a friend of his who had been diagnosed with seven different cancers, and been given a couple of months to live at best. He refused CON-ventional treatment, and treated himself with the oil mentioned in the article. His doctor was staggered to declare him in full remission a year later.
    It makes my blood boil to know that my dad was probably murdered by morphine OD in terminal stage of cancer.
    When instead, he could possibly have been healed, with a simple plant-based remedy.
    Modern medicine is little more than a ‘stupid tax’ collected by the usual suspects.

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