Psychopath Cameron’s invented a 70,000 strong non-existent army to stop his bombing vote from bombing


There are a significant number of doubters amongst Tory MPs about the wisdom of air strikes in Syria. Julian Lewis defence committee chairman reacted with incredulity when thePrime Minister’s put his case for military in the Commons.

“Air strikes alone will not be effective, they have to be in co-ordination with credible ground forces.” said Lewis. He disputed David Cameron’s assertion that such a credible force existed. “The suggestion there are 70,000 non-Islamist, moderate, credible ground forces, I have to say, is a revelation to me and I suspect most other MPs in this House.”

Former minister Peter Lilley challenged Cameron “to convince me that what you refer to as the Free Syrian Army actually exists rather than is a label we apply to a rag-bag group of clans and tribal forces with no coherent force.” And John Baron said: “Having just returned from the Middle East, regional powers and allies believe that in the absence of a realistic long-term strategy and proper local knowledge, we risk repeating the errors we made in Iraq, Afghanistan post-2006 and Libya.

He said key questions remain unanswered and without these answers, air strikes will only reinforce the west’s failure in the region generally at a time when already there are too many aircraft chasing too few targets.”

It’s the existence of these Tory doubters which means that Cameron – at the head of a nominally majority government – needs support from Labour MPs to get his way.

And the issue been slotted quickly into the ongoing narrative about Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

One of the Corbyn’s problems, I believe, he is not a doubter. He is a conviction politician, which is central to his appeal. It is barely conceivable that he would ever vote for the kind of action being proposed.

The effect of that is that people wrestling with doubts are likely to discount what he says. They are more likely to be influenced by the shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn, who had rejected air strikes because of the lack of a coherent strategy from the government, now says the case made by the Prime Minister is compelling.

For what it’s worth I am personally unconvinced. I share the misgivings of the Independent’s Steve Richards who says “Labour MPs who despair of Corbyn must think very carefully whether they have heard enough from the PM to justify air strikes.”

One thing I am sure of is that the campaign of pressure on MPs being organised byMomentum , the pressure group based on the Corbyn leadership campaign will be counterproductive. It will increase not diminish the number of Labour MPs who support David Cameron.

Once again – Jeremy Corbyn needs saving from his friends.

From Donald Brind writing on 27th November 2015.


3 Responses to “Psychopath Cameron’s invented a 70,000 strong non-existent army to stop his bombing vote from bombing”

  1. Psychopath yes.
    Look at how he goes on. Talk about compartmentalisation
    Is he a psycho because of being trauma mkultrad as an illuminati child?
    Even if he is.thid doesnt get.him and.his.ilk off the.hook.
    What about Sam? My feeling is, more of a.f*cking psycho than him. Shes so slick, butter wouldnt melt. Too f*cking slick. How can a mother conduct herself this way happily in public life? After what gordon logan has told us about ivan
    Unless shes.mkultrad too?
    Still doesnt get her off the hook, if true
    To treat a disabled palsied child as a piece of trash. After a decade when surely attachment would be there.between parent and child
    Im astounded
    And im someone whos read.thecolemanexperience , and im astounded tonight
    Hang on, wasnt Sam in Manhattan on 911?
    Is she in Malta valetta tonight?

    Before i took the red pill. Now i reflect.back. back at 2010 election. I gad no awareness then on.virtually any matter. Watching the news then.i sensed even then, she came across as a.fake, false. Her interest in ibiza and dance music etc. Whether she actually does or not im not sure. But the flash impulse feling was, this womans a fake. But i couldnt put my.finger on why in 2010. It goes to show. Our gut.instincts, Higher Self, is a valuable guide if we can tune out the Xfactor

    I hope there are many more gordon logans active and working deep.within our security apparatus tonight. White hats. Who knows some might part of some white magic secret societies. Just as appalled as we all are about ivan

    Gordon browns baby died in hospital. I wonder if we can trust the MSM account what went down there? Tap?

  2. NPP says:

    Great photo. Oink oink!
    Some great posts recently TAP.

  3. Lynn says:

    We do not want another fake illegal war… Cameron is both deaf and dumb. Remove this terrorist before he inflicts murder on all of us…

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